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Lawrence, Kansas 1983…

"Can I see him?" Dean asked excitedly following his dad through the halls of the hospital.

"Of course you can, buddy," John said pressing one of the arrow buttons, calling an elevator to them. "He's your brother."

"What's his name?" Dean had a feeling his dad already said his little brother's name, but he had been too excited to actually have a brother (he shuddered to think if his mom had had a girl; girls were icky) to really listen.

"Sammy," John replied patiently ushering his son onto the elevator car.

"Can I push the button?" Dean asked looking up at his father.

"Yeah." John picked Dean up, pointing at which button to press. Dean's little finger ghosted over the button and the thing lit up.

"I did it," the four-year-old said happily.

"Yes, you did," John replied setting Dean onto the floor, the doors closing.

"Do you think Sammy will like baseball?" Dean's hands were behind him back and he was bouncing on the balls of his feet.

"I'm sure he will," John responded slowly. "And you can teach him to throw when he's older."

"What about the Impala? You think he'll like riding around in her?" Dean wanted to share his love of the car, and one day show Sammy how to fix it like their dad showed him. "You think he'd want to learn how to fix it?"

"Yeah, I'm sure he will." The doors opened and Dean practically ran out of the elevators. John raced to catch up, steering the four-year-old toward the right room. He opened the door, letting Dean inside first.

"Mommy," Dean said racing toward his mother, stopping short when he saw the bundle of blankets in her arms.

"Is that Sammy?" he whispered hoping not to wake his brother.

"Yeah," Mary said and showed Dean his brother.

"He's so teeny," Dean said watching the sleeping baby, noticing the dark wisp of hair. "And he gots hair like Daddy."

"You want to hold him?" Mary asked smiling.

"Can I?" Dean looked between his parents.

"Go sit in that chair." his mother pointed to a chair against the wall. He hurried toward it, crawling into it. John took Sam from Mary and carried him over to Dean. Carefully, he instructed his oldest on how to hold the baby, stepping back when he was sure Dean wasn't going to drop his brother.

"John," Mary said behind him and he turned, taking the camera from her.

"Dean, look this way," John said holding the camera between his hands. Dean glanced up, smiling, and John snapped the picture…


This was based on the photo Dean looked at when Jenny handed him a box of their pictures in Home. It was a little episode that premiered during season One (And How many of you are shocked at how far the boys have gotten since that season? Because I know I am).

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