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CMWiki; Hence why I'm giving a good ending

Elemental; Well, it is an alternate Sasuke.

Kithrin; I explained it a while ago, as Vampires are a race that lures their meals to them, they need things to attract said meal. Angler fish have their glowing light, the Snapping Turtle has a worm like tongue, Vampires have big boobs.

Godzillahammer; Actually I got the idea for Itachi to burst into flames from the latest English Naruto Shippuden episode...I at least enjoy the dub

VFSNAKE; Again, each Naruto story makes a different person good. Mysterious Power was Kakashi, Vampiress is Sasuke.

Harliquin; I do believe it was unique

Imagaco; Oh, I have a way to deal with that

Raw666; He he he he he he

Animeman; Well he turns from obsessive hate to obsessive revenge

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Hektols; Sasuke gets so much hate I thought it would be a good thing. I'd actually like to know of a good Naruto Harem story where Sasuke is good as well

Elemental; He will

Reishin; Sasuke's going to feel some CRA fun...sort of

Naruhina; He will have a slight one. Part of the reason he got Kin was to acknowledge fan wishes for Kin to be a vampire

Anyone see that revamp of Thundercats? Eh, I'm half and half; I like the animation better but I'm not much for the new Tygra and Snarf. However, they definitely made things interesting, and not just a repeat

Also, I've been wondering abou using a more demonic angle for the last story, instead of the evil Jiraiya now that I think about it. Perhaps a story with a demonic Kushina returning, with an explanation, and people being affected by said aura and awakening old demonic traits, I don't know I'm still thinking on it.

Spoiler to latest chapter (Relates to Mysterious Power)












Remember that Crow, the one I used to justify the Sharingan I gave Naruto in Mysterious Power? Well, turns out it does do something, it had the Mangekyo of Shishui (How did he and Kakashi get it) from one of his eyes, which had the powerful Genjutsu that Danzo used at the Kage summit (Though its only a once a decade jutsu), which was implanted to cast a 'Protect Konoha' order if the Mangekyo was used. However, it affected Itachi, not the intended Sasuke, and now he's free of Kabuto's control








Spoiler end (Since the last time I did it at the bottom got a lot of negativity, I'm doing it like this again)

Begin (Naruto's POV), Anko's lair

Naruto blinked his eyes as he found himself in a underground room, with catchy curtains and a coffin. He frowned.

How did he get here? He beat Konan, and then collapsed. This was hardly a medical ward...maybe it was the waiting room for heaven or something?

He got up, before noticing who was in the coffin...

It was Konan, but she looked, different. She was a lot taller, and her boobs were...

He shook his head, he was not a pervert, he was not a pervert.

Suddenly, an explosion shook the town.

"What the..." he frowned as the battle above raged...

He teleported above, into a fighting maelstrom...

A hallway in the tower (Ino's POV)

Asuma-Sensei had ordered them to avoid the fighting. Probably one of the few times he had been serious with anything not involving shogi...

However, it was probably smart. Choji was recovering from his fight with Dosu, and Shikamaru was injured from all those senbon. He didn't know about her training with Anko-sama, and she had already moved Naruto to safety...where he'd hopefully stay out of the fight.

However, protecting her friends was what was important now, for this could be the last time she'd see them.

They passed a closet, as Shikamaru stopped.

"Choji, in here" her chubby teammate appeared annoyed.

"But, there's only room for me" Shikamaru looked impatient.

"Yes, but its out of the way. We were given orders to hide, and you should be safe in here. Ino and I will find our own hiding spot" Choji entered the closet quietly as the remaining two genin of team 10 continued to move.

However, as soon as they were out of Choji's hearing distance, Shikamaru stopped. Ino turned around to face him.

"Shikamaru?" the shadow user frowned.

"I want to know, Ino, where did that power come from" he referred to her fight, if you could call it that, with Sakura.

Ino frowned, this was odd of Shikamaru "I train too you know" she said defensively. Shikamaru rose an eyebrow.

"I didn't realize you had access to the legendary Tsunade's training style" he said sarcastically "Also, you've been acting differently; you haven't gone on about Sasuke in a troublesome length of time, you seem to be slightly constrained in your movements, your diet craze hasn't acted up for the same length of time as your abstinence of Sasuke worship, and you've gained a odd taste for dango and ramen" wait, was it that obvious

He then looked straight at her lips "Also, I've noticed something about your teeth, they are sharper, if just slightly, on two of them" he had a serious face, before stating bluntly "Your a vampire"

Ino blinked, before she broke into laughter.

"Oh, that's rich! Me, a vampire, who knew you had a sense of humor, Shikamaru!" he frowned.

"Oh don't try that" he said seriously "My family made its business fighting vampires for centuries before the village of Konohagakure, our shadow jutsu were developed to stop your kinds shadow travel, and we have long suspected a vampire to be in Konoha, though your obviously not the source vampire, far too young" he smirked as he drew a paper with a seal from his pocket.

"We also can tell if someone's using a powerful HENGE!" he slapped the seal to the ground as seal lines began to cover the ground. As they approached Ino, she froze as they touched her foot, as her henge broke. Her real form was exposed as Shikamaru shrugged.


"Troublesome little trick, but detectable. You do look good, Ino" Ino glared at her teammate.

"So what, your going to try to try to kill me? Call me out as a demon?" he frowned.

"Not really, that would just be a troublesome betrayal. That, and it would be hypocritical of me to call someone a demon and attack them on it seeing as Naruto has his furry problem" Ino blinked.

"You know about..."

"I presume your mistress told you about that one, probably part of a coven, or clan as they were called for many years. I deduced Naruto based on his appearance, birth date, those marks, his chakra levels and the fact that so many hate him, and asked Hokage-Sama to confirm it as soon as I was 99% sure of its truthfulness" Shikamaru finished "You can always find answers if you connect all of the troublesome dots"

"However, I'm taking it that both of you will shortly be leaving" Ino blinked, as tears entered her eyes.

"How, do you know" she looked down sadly. He smiled sadly

"I could tell that your destined mate, and thus your coven, is that knucklehead based on how you've been looking at him in a better light recently, with no shows of contempt, annoyance or any other form of emotion of a negative form. As to leaving, you've been trying to hang with me and Choji more deeply than you did than you used to, showing that your trying to make our last time here special. I'm taking that the Coven head is leaving...the proctor with the net suit I'm guessing, based on how she acted with Naruto after the first exam" she nodded sadly

"Yeah...I'm sorry" Shikamaru smiled.

"Hey, its probably for the best. Naruto really deserves something special, and he won't get it here, and I don't want to think of how they'd react to people who are really demons in human form, no offense..." Shikamaru froze, as flute music began to play.

"What?" they looked around, as Ino focused.

"Mind Protection" she clasped her hands together as a veil of chakra formed around her and Shikamaru. The Mind Protection was a technique that the Yamanaka used to block out mind altering Genjutsu. Of course, they could still use genjutsu to freeze limbs or make Shikamaru see her as a enemy, but it helped.

A battle raging above them resulted in a huge dust cloud, that blanked the hall down towards where the flute music had come from. Ino watched it with trepidation as a form appeared in the mist, with a flute in hand.

She was brownish tan robes, with a purple tube belt. A black hat, bordered with bandages, was on top of her untamed red hair. She had dark brown eyes and a smirk.

"Well well, it appears that the legendary Vampires still live" she commented "Orochimaru-Sama will be interested, in a second species to study" Shikamaru frowned at that comment, second?

Something about her also seemed off

"And you'd think I'd go to that pedophile!" Ino growled. The girl frowned.

"Oh don't get your panties in a twist, he only fucks boys" That wasn't any better a thought "Now then, surrender and I won't have to beat the hell out of you" Shikamaru and Ino glared.

"Oh, no then?" the girl frowned "THEN YOU ARE FOOLS!" she tossed a round object at them, which burst into a net that restrained them on the ground.

Several weighted Kunai then formed on the edges, holding the net down.

"URG, NET BOMB!" The girl huffed

"Well, its nice to see that one of Orochimaru's four eyed play things actually has use" Ino dissolved into shadow, as she reappeared next to the net.

"Shadow travel!" Shikamaru smirked.

"Not bad" Ino had a determined look on her face

"I'll get you out of there, Shikamaru, after I take care of red here...WIND RELEASE; SCATTERING FLOWER DANCE!" Flower petals formed around Ino's arm as he directed them at the girl, who jumped out of the way.

"YOU MISSED BITCH!" Ino smirked.

"Oh really?" the petal storm changed direction as the storm turned a full 180, straight into the overconfident girls back. The razor sharp flower petals cut into the girl as she was surrounded. Ino had a smirk on her face, as the storm faded...which she lost

The girl was undamaged by the attack, aside for some really cut cloths and frayed hair. She was as red as her hair now.

"YOU BITCH! YOU RUINED MY HAIR! HOW DARE YOU!" however, it had also destroyed her hat, exposing two short pairs of horns.

Shikamaru gulped "That girl, she had Oni blood" Ino clenched her fist, she now had to fight a foe that seemed to have tough skin, and a demonic nature.

And who knows what else?

Orig moves

Mind Protection

Clan Technique (C)

Description; Blocks out Genjutsu that directly influence the mind