Marik Ishtar crouched down in front of his bedroom door, clutching his bookbag as he listened to the shuffling of his older brother. Eventually, the front door slammed shut, and Marik sighed in relief. Today was the first day of school, and he was practically in heaven at the fact that he had managed to avoid his elder brother, Melvin.

Standing up, he straightened his lavender midriff and smoothed out his black pants. It was one of the only nice outfits he had, and he'd saved it especially for his first day. Clicking open the door, he crept out of the hallway. He saw his father, still naked, clutching a beer bottle. Marik froze in fear, but realized that Hank Ishtar was fast asleep.

Letting himself relax a little, he quick-stepped out of the house, fighting his memrories of last night.

"Scream, come on," his father moaned in his ear, pounding into Marik. He wrapped his hands around his son's hips, digging nails in, trying to make Marik cry out. When he failed, he began hitting Marik.

The blonde looked up through tear-blurred eyes to see Melvin standing in the hallway, staring at his brother with a strange expression on his face. Was that disgust?

"Melvin, please," Marik whimpered, and he recieved a punch.

"Nobody's name but my own, Marik," Hank cackled, and Marik finally did scream as Melvin turned his back on the two people in the living room floor.

Marik shivered at the memories, remembering Melvin's face . . .

He had not wanted to face his brother this morning. Rubbing his forehead, he yelped in surprise when someone came up behind him, tackling him with a hug. He saw fluffy white hair contrasting against his dark skin, as a pale face looked up to him, brown eyes gleaming with joy.

"Oh, Marik!" Ryou Touzouku stood before him, a large smile taking over the boy's thin face. "How was your summer?"

Marik winced, before giving a fake, shaky smile. "It was awesome," he replied in an unconvincing voice. Ryou seemed to notice, as he stared up at his friend, but he decided that it wouldn't do any good to press it.

"That's great," Ryou said instead. "Bakura and I went to see my father in Egypt. They're uncovering a tomb right now. He gave us something, actually!" The whittete looked down at his messenger bag, and began to rifle around in it as he and Marik headed to their school; Domino High.

Marik looked with interest as Ryou extracted something golden and gleaming in the sunlight. He passed it over to Marik, who stared at it. It was a rod of some sort, with a ball on the end. Bat wings appeared to stick out from it, and Marik recognized the Eye of Horus on it. Flipping it over in his palm, he ran his tanned fingers over it, before looking to Ryou.

"It's for you!" Ryou exclaimed, beaming at Marik.

"Wha . . .What?" Marik yelped, staring incredulously at it. "Ryou, your dad got you this, I couldn't take it," Marik said, before trying to shove the rod back to his friend. Ryou denied it though.

"My dad gave me this," Ryou said, before showing Marik a golden rabbit with heiroglyphs written all over it. "Bakura got the Millinium Ring, too. But I wanted to give you the Millinium Rod. My father said that the ancient text written beneath the Millinium Items said that they will give you what you need."

Marik studied the Rod rod, before looking at Ryou, clearly sketpical. "So I just rub it and make a wish?"

"No," Ryou shook his head emphatically. "It isn't a magical lamp, Marik," the boy scolded, before continuing on. "The Millinium Items give you what you need, not what you want. My father made this part perfectly clear. You understand the difference?"

"Yeah, sure Ryou," Marik said, as they walked up the stairs to Domino High. They studied each others schedule, before heading off. Marik was slightly sad that he wouldn't have first period with Ryou, but he knew they had other classes together.

So, with this in mind, he made his way into his first period. Over in the corner, he saw a few members of what Melvin referred to as the Friendship Squad. Yugi Moto, Joey Wheeler, and Tea Gardner all sat in their desks, laughing and talking. Marik felt a slight stab of jealousy. He quickly brushed it away, and sat far away from them.

Someone in front of him turned around though, and Marik saw a huge smirk with canine like teeth, before he realized who it was.

Bakura Touzouku.

Bakura was a lot like his brother, but with crazier, messier hair. He also had scarlet eyes, and a more manly look about him. The twins wore the same outfits usually, the only difference was their jackets. Bakura preferred a black trenchoat, wheras Ryou went for lighter colored jackets. Bakura could often be seen hanging around Melvin, the two usually preforming dastardly deeds around Domino City or in school.

Now that Marik thought about it, that's probably why Melvin had been in such a bad mood all summer. He, like Marik, really only had one friend, since he scared the living bejeebus out of everybody else. The only downside to this was that Bakura was just as crazy as Melvin. Well, actually, a little less so, Marik thought.

"Well, hello, Ishtar," the british twin before him drawled. Marik twitched a little out of annoyance. For some reason, Bakura never called Marik by his name. Always 'Ishtar'. However, Marik supposed it was better then Melvin, who usually just called him 'faggot' or something else derogatory.

"Hello, Touzouku," Marik answered back, ignoring the scowl Bakura gave him.

"I haven't seen Melvin yet today. Is he here?" Bakura questioned. Of course, Marik thought, Bakura wanted to know about Melvin.

Marik offered a shrug. "He left the house this morning. Now, whether he showed up or not is a different story," Marik replied. Bakura smirked, and his scarlet eyes scanned over the Egyptian boy before him.

"You know Ryou wouldn't shut up at all about you while we were in Egypt," the white haired boy chuckled, his eyes calm and calculating. Marik offered no response, he just stared blankly at a brick on the wall. Bakura frowned, and turned his back on Marik.

Their teacher entered then, introduced herself as Miss Linch, and began taking roll.

"Everyone, please stand up and line up against the wall. In this class, you'll be using a partner for everything, so I need to assign you one," Miss Linch ordered, and the class complied. Marik really could've cared less about who he was partnered up with. He didn't know anybody enough to hate or like them, so he just sat there, staring blankly at nothing again.

His memories from last night returned, and he quickly squinted his eyes shut, just as his name was called.

"Marik Ishtar," Miss Linch said, and Marik stepped forward. "You'll be partnered with Bakura Touzouku." Marik felt his stomach grow icy cold as he and that smirking twin made their way back to their seats. Once everybody had partnered up, each pair had to push their desks together.

So there Marik sat with Bakura next to him. He felt incredibly uncomfortable at being pretty much shoulder to shoulder with the psychotic Touzouku.

"What class do you have next, Ishtar?" Bakura asked, still grinning that damned grin as he leaned on his elbow, staring over his shoulder at Marik. The tanned boy didn't even bother using words to reply, he merely pulled his schedule from his backpack, and shoved it in front of Bakura.

He heard a shrill whistle, and took his schedule back from Bakura.

"Every class," the whittete smirked, and Marik felt slightly sick at the thought of having to see that face all day. Bakura seemed to sense his thoughts, and burst into laughter.

"If it pleases you," Bakura smirked, "Ryou has several classes with us."

Marik felt slightly lifted by that. At least he'd get to see his friend soon . . .

And so he did. Though, through all seven periods he had to deal with Bakura, Ryou made it better by being there for at least five of them, plus lunch.

In Gym class, Marik ducked into a stall. He peeled off his clothes, and Ryou entered the stall next to him.

"Y'know, Marik," Ryou said as he was changing, "I'm skinny and weak, so that's why I'm embarrased to change in front of other guys but . . . I honestly don't understand you."

Marik bit his lip at those words as he peeled off his purple shirt. He winced as the cold air hit his back, and he felt the scars burning as he quickly changed into a loose fitting t-shirt. He kicked off his pants, and stared down at his cut up thighs. His father was always sure not to cut where anybody would see the proof. Wincing, he pulled on the blue gym shorts.

Exiting the bathroom stall, he looked over to Ryou, who had already exited. The pale boy was poised in front of the mirror, his hands fists in his hair as he tied it back in a loose ponytail that hung against the back of his neck.

Beaming a smile at him, Ryou led Marik into the gym. Of course, it was the first day, so technically speaking they shouldn't have been having gym class in the first place. However, the coach decided that uniforms would be given out early, and that they would play dodgeball 'just to keep them moving.'

Marik sighed, as he was pelted with red balls from every side. It wouldn't have been as bad, if he didn't keep taking hits for Ryou. The whittete kept harping on him about how he could take the hits, but Marik knew Ryou couldn't.

Not that he'd ever tell his pale friend that.

Throughout gym class, he was constantly aware that Bakura had his eyes trained on him. He was one of the only people not pelting Marik with balls. In fact, Marik noticed, anybody who through a ball at Ryou instantly recieved a ball to the face.

Finally, the school day ended, though, and Marik raced out of the school. He stood at the steps, waiting for Ryou to exit. Not even really thinking about it, Marik pulled the Millinium Rod from its spot in his pocket. He twirled it around in his fingers, until he saw a hand clamp over it.

A pale hand with long fingers.

Bakura stood over him, looking from Rod to Marik.

"I thought this was Ryou's?" Bakura questioned, a deadly look coming over his face. "Why do you have it, Ishtar?"

"Ryou gave it to me!" Marik answered, glaring up at Bakura. He could see the Millinium Ring glinting on the angry twin's chest.

"Are you sure, Ishtar?" Bakura snarled, hitting Marik on the nose with the Rod. "Beacuse if I find out you stole from my brother . . ." Bakura lowered the Rod to Marik's eyes, and his murderous glare said it all.

Marik, feeling anger bubble up inside of him, swatted at the Rod. He watched it tumble from Bakura's hand, and the shaft of the Rod entered the Millinium Ring. The two boys stared at it for a moment, before a giant flash erupted from the two Items.

Nobody at all around them seemed to notice as the two boys recoiled in fear, before stumbling back. Marik felt an odd sensation starting at the tips of his toes, and the tingling ran its course throughout his body, before exploding in his head. Letting out a cry, he felt as if he'd been jerked from his body.

Strangely, he saw Bakura's body rushing to meet him, before he slammed into it. Popping open his eyes, he sat there dumbly for a moment, before looking in front of him, ready to yell angrily at Bakura for headbutting him.

However, he was staring at his own body.

Marik screamed, and he saw his body's eyes pop open in surprise. Lavender orbs stared back at him. Marik's body looked down at itself, and a strangled cry escaped from its mouth. Marik himself looked down, and realized he wasn't in his body.

Pale skin . . . A blue and white shirt . . . A black trenchcoat. . .

Marik screamed again, and Marik's body lurched forward, before clapping its hand over Marik.

"Marik . . . That's you, isn't it?" Marik heard his voice say, and his body was watching him. Marik gave a terrified nod. "Gods . . . It's me, Bakura!"

Marik stared, dumbfounded, at his body. Bakura was inside him? Marik tried to scream again, but all that came out was a muffled noise. Bakura retracted his hand, and stared upwards at Marik. Or, at his body . . . Gods this was confusing!

"Okay, listen well," Bakura snarled, and Marik found himself not liking his voice this way. It didn't sound right. "I am you, and you are me, apparently . . ." Bakura murmurred, crossing his arms. "I just wish I knew how . . ."

Marik could only offer a shrug and a hopeless look.

Ryou came up, then, and looked happily at who he thought was Marik.

"Marik, are you ready to go home?" The whittete enthused, and Bakura looked, astounded, towards his brother. Marik felt cold dread seep into his body. Bakura couldn't go to his house!

"Uh . . ." Bakura's mouth hung open slightly, and Ryou just gave him a confused look, before turning to Marik.

"Oh, yes, Bakura," Ryou said, "Melvin's waiting for you. Something about going to the park. He said there are children there to scare." Ryou gave him a cold look, and Marik found himself not very happy at recieving such a gaze from his friend.

"I . . ." Marik said meekly, before looking to Bakura.

"Ish- . . . I mean, Bakura and I are walking home together today, Ryou," Bakura said in a highly unpleasant voice. Ryou looked slightly hurt, and Marik scowled angrily at Bakura. Bakura didn't respond though, he merely turned his back on Ryou and Marik, and began walking away.

"Oh . . . Okay," Ryou said unhappily, before trudging off. Marik had to fight the urge to run after him.

"Bakura!" Marik hissed, chasing after the man inside of his body. Bakura turned to stare angrily at him.

"What? We can't tell him, anyways, and I don't want him following. We need to talk," Bakura growled. "And why the bloody hell is your body so uncomfortable!" Bakura hissed, shifting his legs a little.

Marik felt his face flush, and Bakura looked even angrier.

"Don't make my face look so dumb," Bakura commanded, and Marik switched from embarrasment to outrage.

"Don't talk to me in such a commanding tone! Now," Marik huffed, crossing his arms and jutting out his hips. "What're we going to do?"

Bakura scowled angrily at the boy's posture, but shook his head savagely. "We're just going to have to pretend to be each other for a little bit." Marik felt his stomach roil in fear.

"No!" Marik yelped, as Bakura started to walk away. He reached out and grabbed Bakura's (well, his own) wrist. It felt wierd, feeling his skin beneath his.

"Why the bloody hell not?" Bakura snarled, and Marik thought he sounded wierd. Bakura was trying to get Marik's normal voice to use British words. It didn't really work.

"Because . . ." Marik fidgeted, and Bakura wrenched out of Marik's grasp.

"You know where my house is, don't you?" Bakura asked angrily. Marik nodded miserably. "And I know where you live, thanks for asking," Bakura snipped, before turning his back on Marik again. He stalked off down the road.

Marik tried to chase after him, but Bakura through a book at him. Marik yelped and ducked, watching the book skitter across the sidewalk. He quickly jumped back to grab it, and when he stood up straight again, Bakura was gone . . .


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