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Summary: Edward Cullen is gifted Isabella Swan as a reward for a job well done. The more time he spends with her, the more he becomes enamored of her. Will he be able to make amends for his behavior and win the girl's heart?

Warning: This story is intended for mature readers only (18 and over). This story contains violence, foul language, forceful sexual behavior, and a dominant, controlling and possessive Edward.

Where She Belongs

Chapter One

"Hmm …. I think I'll take this one." I say as I point at the stunning brunette staring back at me with tear filled eyes.

Father wanted to reward me for a job well done. I had single handedly taken down John Carsova. Carsova was a rival of ours that had tried but failed to hijack one of our shipments.

My reward? My own girl to do with as I please.

At first I wasn't really interested in partaking of this ritual. Yes, it's a ritual in my family. When you make such a successful hit as the one I made you are rewarded with your own girl. You can do anything you desire with her. Fuck her, beat her, use her as a maid or personal slave, marry her, or even kill her. Or all of the above. I just never saw a need for it, but that changed when I laid eyes on her. I had to have her. Besides, if I didn't take her someone else would or she'd just be discarded. So, why not?

The girls that were always chosen for someone's selection were never willing girls. Way back some seventy odd or more years ago when my family started this ritual the men thought it would be more fun to have girls taken from their lives. Their theory was that it was always more fun to break them and obtain obedience. I guess it's my turn to test this theory.

"Ah, my boy, you have chosen well." Aro says as he strokes the girl's beautiful long, mahogany hair. Aro is one of the men my father turns to for things that are needed in a 'delicate' way. Apparently kidnapping beautiful young women falls under one of his specialties. He brought a selection of four girls, all very beautiful, but incomparable to my lovely brunette.

The girl flinches and whimpers at his touch which causes him to yank hard on her hair and knee her in the back. "Watch it, girl."

I don't think I really like him handling my girl. After all, she is mine now. However, I do not want to make a show at this time because it's unclear to me just how often my father uses the varied services Aro seems to offer. So, I begrudgingly bite my tongue.

I can no longer see the girl's big brown eyes as she is looking down. She is kneeling on the floor with her hands tied behind her back which is the exact position Aro had all the girls in when I entered the room. I can see her tears hitting the hardwood floor. She is dressed only in panties and a very tight and thin tank top. She has a very luscious body. I can tell she is trying hard to control her whimpers through the gag in her mouth, probably afraid that Aro will strike her again.

Now I would like to have her shivering for a completely different reason. I can't wait to get my hands on her body.

"I think I would like to take her now. I assume my father has already taken care of payment?" I'm sure he paid him an exorbitant amount, but sweet little brunette seems worth it.

"Yes, he has. I see you are eager to enjoy your gift. Can't say that I blame you. This looks like a fun one to break." He looks at her with lust filled eyes. I just want to knock him out for looking at my property that way, but I hold my tongue for my father's sake.

"Do you have any information on her?" I ask, suddenly wishing to know a little more about her.

"Her name is Isabella. She is sixteen years old and her parents are deceased. She has no siblings or living relatives that we know of. There was a fire in the wing of the orphanage she was at. She is presumed dead."


"Well, we will take our leave. Come along now Isabella."


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