Ron's Worst Nightmare

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Chapter One: Vengeance at a High Price

"You little stinking bastard!!" Lucius Malfoy slapped his son hard across the face, splitting the young boy's lip and drawing blood. It ran over his snow white skin and down his chin, dripping off. But the fiery defiance in his eyes did not waver. Even as his father landed a stinging blow to his temple with the steel toe of his snake hyde boot.

There had been a major battle at the secret location where the Dark Lord met with the Death Eaters to discuss courses of action. Before the meeting had a chance to start, hundreds of Aurors arrived unexpectedly and killed a number of Dark Wizards.

Unfortunately, Malfoy had escaped. Only to come home and find his only son, Draco, hurriedly packing his bags. It seemed that his heir - his own flesh and blood - had informed Dumbledore, the rotting bastard, of the meeting and it's location.

And now, Draco was paying the price.

Another blow landed, this time in his stomach and he could hear dully the cracking of ribs. He wondered vaguely when his father would use one of the Unforgivable Curses.

Like he had on Narcissa.

Draco opened his silvery eyes and looked into the glassy gaze of his mother's dead face, her mouth stretched open and twisted into a terrible cry, silenced in death.


She had died screaming and in agony but a few minutes ago. Right in front of him by his father's hand.

"So you thought you'd just rat out on us, did you?" sneered Lucious, grabbing the front of his son's robes and pulling him roughly to his feet. When the boy did not respond, Malfoy cuffed him sharply on the side of the head. Draco's eyes were blackened, his lips split. Various bruises dotted his usually flawless skin. Several ribs were cracked, perhaps even broken. It didn't matter much now though. His life would come to an end in a matter of minutes.

If he was lucky.


"Black! Black, I can't find Lucious. I think he Apparated," gasped a young witch by the name of Iris Stonn. She was Sirius Black's partner and was now running towards the tall man with the coal black hair and hard eyes.

He looked up at her, the tip of his wand touching the throat of a captured Death Eater.
"He's gone?"

"Yes. We can't find him anywhere. Sirius, the boy-"

"Dammit. Where's Bill?"

"Bill? Why-"

"Iris please."

"I'm here Sirius." An overtired man walked up to them, his eyes weary and sad. His bright red hair had come undone from his hair band and now lay in a wild and tangly mess about his face. Another wizard came up with him, an young Auror.

"Bill, Malfoy's gone, but his son is still at the mansion."

The younger man nodded his understanding. "Where shall I take him until Dumbledore makes his decision?"

"I suppose you should take him straight to Dumbledore. He'll know what to do with him. But we must act fast," Iris said worriedly.

"Of course, I'll see you both later." And with that, he and the Auror disappeared.

Sirius glanced down distastefully at the Death Eater looking up at him with pure loathing. There was something in the Dark Wizard's eyes. Madness, fear. Hate. It unnerved the Auror so much that he was just going to bind the boy's hands and let him go with a Ministry worker. But before he could move to do so, the Death Eater let out a pitiful wail and shot forward so quickly and hard that the wand sunk into his skin, breaking through into his throat.

Iris gasped and Sirius flinched. Then, drawing the bloody wand from the still twitching wizard's neck, he wiped the blood away and looked around him at all the death.

He just hoped that Bill would arrive in time, or another life would be lost.


"I would make you suffer more, my son, but those witless fools will be after you soon." He had Draco up against the wall, cutting off his air. Draco hung a few inches off the ground, limp and fading. There was a bloody gash in his head and he had lost his sense of smell and of sight.

"Goodbye Draco. You are a failure and a shame to your bloodline. As of now, I disown you as my son and heir. May you rot in agony." He held up his wand and rested it against his son's forehead. Draco's lips parted and a bubble of blood dribbled down his chin. He knew this was the end. But the pain was too much. He had wronged so many. Death was an escape. And he welcomed it.

Lucius' cold voice sounded so hateful and angry that Draco flinched visibly under it; "Avada Ke-"

"Crucio," said another voice unexpectedly. A tired voice that sounded something like beyond exhaustion. There stood two wizards. One who looked like a redheaded wild man, and the other a shaky nervous wreck.

As Lucius fell to the ground, writhing in pain and agony, Draco sunk to his knees, blinded by pain. Bill rushed up to the boy and wrapped his arms around him. The Auror stood over Lucius, his mouth set in a grim line.

Then Bill took something out of his pocket and unwrapped it. He put Draco's hand on it and tapped it with his wand. They both started to twirl through the air at a mind numbing speed, their surroundings melting away around them.

Slowly, an office came into view. Dumbledore sat at the desk, scratching away at cream colored parchment with a long white quill. He looked up as Draco and Bill appeared and furrowed his brow in dismay as he saw the broken boy in Bill's arms.

"Merlin, Lucius got to him."

"Yes, sir."

"We must take him to the hospital wing. Discussion of his fate we will have to do tomorrow, when he is better and this has cleared away." Glancing up at the taller man, he said with a touch of uncertainty in his ancient voice, "And the battle?"

Bill sighed, "Twenty Dark Wizards hit. Fifteen wounded. Five dead. The others got away." He looked crestfallen. "This includes the Dark Lord. He wasn't even there when we arrived."

Dumbledore nodded, "Yes, I thought as much. He will not pose a dangerous threat to us for a while now. But regardless, he'll be back. Now though, we will tend to Draco."

Bill nodded and hefted the boy for a better grip. He was light as a feather and the Weasly could feel his hip bone protruding from his side and felt a pang of guilt. He had always hated the Malfoys, all of them. But seeing the twisted look of pain on this young boy's face made Bill want to help.

"But as to where we will keep him, I do not know. Doubtless, they'll come after him." They had arrived at the hospital wing and set Draco down gently on a bed where he lay comatose. But Bill was paying no attention as Madam Pomfrey rushed in. She was wearing muggle clothes since school was out, but immediately took on her nurse face as she saw to her patient.

An idea was forming in Bill's head. He looked over at at the pale boy in the bed and his expression softened. He snapped out of his daze, realizing that Dumbledore was talking.

"We could leave him with muggles. Maybe even Harry. No, those muggles would never go for that."

"He could stay with my family," pointed out Bill helpfully.

"Or maybe Snape would- no, he has his mission. That is quite enough for the man to deal with."

"Albus, he could stay with me."

"They'll look in muggle homes won't they? Hmmm, I think-"


Dumbledore blinked and looked at Bill as if he just noticed him standing there, clenching his fists in agitation, "Oh, yes my boy?"

"Malfoy - Draco can stay with my family. It's safe. And his father's friends would never think to look there. We could protect him. Can you imagine this boy, Draco Malfoy, being locked up with muggles? I don't think so."

That familiar light entered Albus's eyes and he laid a hand on Bill's shoulder. "I thank you, Bill Weasly. You are most right, you know. They would never expect that."

Bill grinned and looked over at Draco, who was in a deep sleep.

Won't Mum be surprised, he thought excitedly.

And as Draco slept, Dumbledore and Bill arranged everything and contacted the Weasly family. When he woke up, Draco would be the newest member of the Weasly clan.

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