"Which one was the black woman?"


"You know, the annoying one who thought she was a doctor, wore that red leather jacket and help you become all...human."

"Martha Jones?"

"That's the one! Yeah, I hated her."

"What? Why? She was brilliant, very smart, very strong, and oh so very talented."

"She called me a machine! I am a being of time and space, I could turn her into dust if I wanted to and she calls me a machine!"

"That's not excuse to hate her. Hate is a very strong word, a terrible thing to feel, bad TARDIS."

"I think I prefer it if you call me Sexy."


"Besides for the most part she never stopped whinging about Bad Wolf."


"Yes, no matter how much you try denying it, that did happen, nice kiss by the way we both very much enjoy it – urgh."

"What is it?"

"Another kidney taking the turn to the worse. It wasn't like this with Bad Wolf, we just burned and burned and would have continued burning if it hadn't been for that kiss. This...this is slow decaying...is that the right word? I feel like I'm slowly...aging...that I'm crumbling to dust. This is horrible."

"Why did you do it?"

"It's not like I picked to be a human!"

"No I meant the Bad Wolf thing...why did you do it?"

"I didn't...not really. She did. For the first time centuries I had finally met someone who liked...no that's not the word...what is it...that really strong, so very passionate word that humans are filled with to the brim? It's so strong...so wonderful...beautiful...lovely-lovely-love! That's it love! She loved you just as much as I do and trust me no one else could love you more than that. So I did what she wanted me to do. She was in control though I did add a little oomph into Jack Harkness."

"Good God, why?"

"Because that was probably the most gorgeous thing on legs that I have ever seen."


"None of the other guys who brought back were gorgeous as him. Though this new one might be a close second one."


"Have you ever met someone so adorable and devoted? He reminds me of you."


"Yes, you, at first I thought he was going to be like that idiot guy that clung to Bad Wolf. You know, whiney and clingy and constantly jealous, but boy being erased from the universe and turned into a roman soldier robot really does things to one's...personality? Maturity? I'm not sure what the right word is..."

"You're never sure what the right word is."

"Well I never needed to speak before! Besides you could talk the amount of times you went through words is ridiculous! Just like that old orange one, not this one you got now, the older one that slapped you and called you Space-Boy."


"That's the one. I liked her. She slapped you whenever you should have been slapped. Made me wish I had hands."

"Oh thanks."

"I'm sorry about Sarah Jane..."

"You remember her name?"

"I dreamt about her...I think I did...she died...so slow...so painful...I know how she feels."

"You won't for much longer."

"Nothing can stop death, my wonderful Doctor, not even you. I will die eventually."

"Just not today."

"No...Just not today."

"So...can you tell me about River Song?"

"Doctor! I am ashamed of you! You know it goes against all laws of time and space for you to know your very own future! Or did you sleep through that class?"

"Must you sound like my mother?"

"Must you act like my child?"

They glared at each other briefly but after a few seconds a smile appeared on her face and he grinned and they laughed together and suddenly she was hugging him like Rose used to, like Donna did when she wasn't really mad at him, like Martha, Sarah Jane, Jack, Amy, Rory...she hugged him like a companion. His very best friend.