September 1, 2001

Remus Lupin ran a pale, thin hand through his light brown hair. He had known at the offset that accepting the Defense Against the Dark Arts position as both a job and as a way to look out for Harry Potter would be taxing, but not right from the beginning. Sirius Black escaping from Azkaban…dementors on the train…Harry Potter in danger…

Ah yes, Harry. He was the spitting image of his father. Had the boy's eyes been closed, Remus might have even indulged in the fantasy of a young James Potter being alive, if only for a moment. But the boy's eyes were exactly like Lily's had been. Deep and piercing emerald.

And then his thoughts became more focused on something else. As he sat down at the desk in his new office, he thought of Sirius. How had it come to this? To think that they, the four of them, would be like this after all these years…James was dead. Sirius had killed Peter, and now he was after James's son, Harry. It was almost physically painful to think about. And Remus was the last of them. It was something that had haunted him for the past twelve years. It seemed like such a sad and unfitting end to all of his friendships.

Remus cleared away his lesson plans and spare quills, putting them in the left drawers of his desk. He needed to sleep. Even though he'd napped on the train, it was well after midnight and if he didn't retire soon, he would be a right mess for his morning classes.

As he slid his chair back along the smooth stone of the floor, the right vertical part of his desk caught his eye. When he had first come in to arrange his teaching materials, he had found it peculiar that one side of the desk had drawers while the other was just blank wood. But now, at this angle…

The man dug his fingers into the seam of the wood and yanked hard. His thin body was deceptively strong and after a few moments of straining, the wood moved. A hidden drawer.

Remus peered in and found it empty, except for one artifact. A large black leather bound book. He flipped to the front page.

"A journal," he murmured nonplussed until he notice the date on the top of the page. "2005!" he exclaimed. "That's impossible. It must be a mistake."

It seemed wrong, holding onto someone's journal like this, but since someone had left it behind, he saw no real moral problem with reading the entry.

His eyes widened as he read and by the time he was finished, they were bugging out almost comically. All the references to Slayers and werewolves had his mind spinning.

As a boy attending Hogwarts, he had often read about the Slayer, thinking the story about warrior women that lived hard and died young a sad and yet romantic notion. The person…woman…who had written the entry certainly knew her stuff about what the Ministry thought of them. And she had mentioned someone named Severus who could only be the Potions master.

Remus entertained the thought of asking Snape about this 'Professor Summers' only for a moment, knowing the dark man would merely sneer and ignore him.

She had also mentioned Dumbledore, but he wrote it off, figuring that she had been a Professor in the past that had made a mistake when writing down the year and had left the journal behind when she had left the school.

Acting on a whim, Lupin pulled out his quill and wrote the date on the next empty page in the book. He mused that it couldn't hurt to write out some of his thoughts, although he had never before kept a journal, seeing them as a rather pointless exercise. However, he felt compelled to write something and not leave the rest of the book blank.

The fact that demetors appeared on the Hogwarts Express tonight is something I feel will foreshadow the coming year. With Sirius Black on the loose and after Harry Potter… It's going to be a trying year. But it's still a dream come true for me.

I've always wanted to teach, but because of my…condition…I never thought such an opportunity would be presented to me. Sometimes I wish all wizards were like Dumbledore and possessed his undeniable ability to look beyond the exterior and see the man on the inside. He has risked so much to allow someone like me to teach. He risked so much allowing me to attend school here as a child. It is because of him I met my three best friends.

Of course, now they're all gone. I am the last. A relic in a world I know I'll never belong in. Sometimes I feel as though I should have died alongside James, Lily, and Peter twelve years ago. And in a very real way, perhaps I did.

I almost wish the woman who wrote the first entry in this journal were here. Her easy acceptance of controversial groups within the Wizarding world makes her someone I wish I would have known. Maybe when I get the chance, I will ask Dumbledore who she was and when she taught here, if she even exists. She might very well be a work of fiction, as that would easily explain the fact that the date on the first page is four years in the future. But I wish she were real. And I believe I will keep her to myself for now.


Remus put his quill away and cast an amused eye over his entry. He was surprised to find the experience cathartic. As he thought about Professor Summers, a beautiful and radiant woman in his mind, he was able to forget, even for a short time, the problems he knew the school was bound to face in the coming year.

He grinned at his fancifulness and put the leather book back in the drawer before heading off to bed.