Wheo! Wheo! ATTENTION! This is a sequel to a story I already wrote so, I suggest you read that one first. It's called 150 things I'm not allowed to do at Camp Half-Blood. You don't have too, but hey, I suggest you do! Cuz don't come crying to me when you don't get anything.


Connor and Travis were frantic as they entered Olympus. Bad news, their dad found the list. The list they made recently actually. 150 things I'm not allowed to do at Camp Half-blood. Travis let out a breath he didn't even know he was holding, and entered the throne room with Connor. Their father, Hermes, was standing there, his arms crossed. Connor remembered the last thing he said to Lou Ellen, daughter of Hecate, before he left. "If dad kills me, make sure my stash of Playboy magazine's disappear." She remembered how she rolled her eyes. Probably not one of the smartest things to say to your girlfriend before you die.

Dad inhaled through his nose. He was probably pissed at them. "Boys," he said flatly, his face red." I am so," here it came, the godly lecture. "Proud of you!"Connor and Travis raised an eyebrow, and relaxed a bit. They let their breath in relief. That was close. "Never in my life have I seen such pranking brilliance by that of mere ammeters," they frowned, distasteful towards been called amateurs. "This- This- list... its bloody brilliant! The dynamics, the flow, the creativity, the comedy, it's beautiful." There was a tear in his eye. Daddy was so proud of his little boys.

Suddenly, Aphrodite came in with Ares, and drool formed in the twin's mouths. She was forever 21... Literally. "They truly are their father's sons."

Then the twins heard a snicker, "Ain't that the truth?" The twins wheeled around to see Hades, ugly as ever- pale and gaunt, hovering over them.

Connor frowned. "Nice to see you, too, Corpse-breath." He remarked.

Travis added a snarky comment to his brother's clever retort. "Hey, what happened to the McJagger look it works for you?"

Humph, he sneered, and moved away from them, indeed going back to the McJagger look.

"You know, it does look quite well on him, no?" Aphrodite asked no one in particular, scratching her chin.

"Hmph, Hermes. Are you crying?" Ares snickered, a simper on his face.

Hermes snapped up. "No!" He snapped, wiping away the evidence, when he was abruptly interrupted by-

Bam! Apollo had smacked opened the ornate marble doors, and hollered. "I'm here! You may now bask in my awesomeness!" He strode into the room, with a spring in his step.

"If it isn't the hottest god around." Aphrodite commented. Apollo smiled at her pun. Apollo did enjoy puns.

"Now, I have called you here today," Hermes said. "To Consult with you, a list! Read this!" He threw the copy of 150 things I'm not allowed to do at Camp Half-Blood at them.

They crowded around Hades, who caught the list. There where snickers, and outburst of laughter emanating from them, occasionally snickers. Aphrodite singsonged with awwww's, while Ares rolled his eyes. Sometimes even "In your faces!". Sometimes they were flushed with anger, but mostly laughter. Lots of laughter.

"See look at this, the demigods are having more fun than us. After war, Olympus is boring."

"You're right Ares! Things have been boring! Let's shake it up! I'm taking this to a monumental scale!" Apollo, Ares, Aphrodite, and Hades looked up at Hermes. Their cheeks hurt from laughter. "Bigger and better than before! 150 things I'm not allowed to do on Mount Olympus!"

Their eyes widened, and their faces where smug. This was going to be…

Totally awesome!

Author's Note: I'm back bitches! Hehe, let me just say for Apollo. I picture his voice to sound like Kronk from the emperor's new groove, especially when he says I am so awesome when he corrects that haiku in the book. Don't you agree? Yes, no? Blah, blah, to the serious stuff. I need to ask you all if you thought everyone was in character? Because that's the point of the story kind of.

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