EN: Civ4 ain't mine. Gilligan's Isle ain't mine. Hell, a few of the words in the lyrics aren't even mine. Enjoy.

(Beginning song)

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
A tale of a long-ass sail
That started from this desert port
Aboard this caravel.

The mate was carved from a slave that day,
The skipper I think was too.
One explorer set sail with them
For a three hour tour, three reeeeeal-hour tooooour.

The pirates started getting rough,
Pffft! Galleys? Nah, they're tossed,
If not for the player option 'nanny crew'
The dumbass would be lost, explore option sucks.

The ship set off to explore the myriads of blackened tiles
There's Kergeulen,
Africa too,
Cape Horn and then there's Zealand,
Then Sri Lanka and India,
Now we have +1 saaaaaaail!

(Ending song)

So this is the tale of our castaway,
Been there for a long, long while,
He just sits there and stares at me,
He's got nothing but time.

The explorer found an island where,
A tribe village did rest,
For reward we got a worker,
The village did its best.

"No room!" explorer shouted out,
There's no room for you and me,
This caravel is so small,
It's primitive, can't you see?

So join us here each turn my friends,
It makes a sadist smile,
One worker who can't do a thing,
On Futility's Iiiiiiiisle!