Hinata woke up in the hospital. She blinked trying to clear her vision. She groaned "Why am I here?"

"You fainted Hina-chan. You over worked yourself." Hinata turned towards the voice. "Sasuke-san?" Sasuke nodded.

"How are you feeling?" he asked. "I'm fine. If you don't mind me asking, why are you working as a nurse?" Sasuke grunted and, if you look closely, blushed a bit.

"Until I'm able to be trusted, Hokage-sama assigned me to the hospital for three months." "But… how would she know you didn't poison anybody?" she asked. "Oh I'd know. I never put the poor Uchiha in my medicine field if he didn't have a watchful eye on him at all times." Tsunade entered the room. "Hokage-sama." Both teens, one politely the other upset, bowed. "Hyuga-san, how are you feeling?" "I'm fine Hokage-sama. When will I be able to leave?"

"In three weeks' time. You put a lot of pressure on your heart. If it wasn't for your chakra control…." "I understand Hokage-sama." Tsunade looked at the poor girl. Ino told her what happened. She wished she was a teen again to kick Naruto's ass for turning her down. She shook her head. "Uchiha-san, you are to keep watch of Hinata for the next three weeks. Understood?" Sasuke stared blankly at the Hokage. "Excuse me! I was assigned as a damn nurse not a fucking babysitter."

Tsunade looked at him sharply. "You dare go against your Hokage? I can add two more years to your sentence and get you locked back up." Sasuke was fuming. "Fine, I'll watch her. Just to get off stupid nursing duty." Tsunade smiled. "Good. Now I have to go. Take care Hyuga-san. And if Uchiha here doesn't take good care of you, tell me personally." Hinata eeped. "Yes ma'am." At that the Hokage left. "Great. Just fucking great!" Sasuke stormed out the room. "Am I that much of a bother?" Hinata laid down and pondered that thought.

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