The Kingdom of Fiore…A neutral Country of 17 Million people. It's a world of magic. Magic is bought and sold there every day. It is an integral part of people lives. And there are those who use magic as their occupation. Those people are referred to as wizards. The wizards belong to various guilds, and performs on commission. There are a large number of guilds within the country, and in a certain city there lies a certain guild. A guild from which various legends were once born, or rather will continue to be born into the future… And its name is! FAIRY TALE!

To help create new legends the wizards of Fairy tale undergo various assignments called request's to hone their skills so they may one day become S class Wizard . When he or she wants to do a request they go to the request board. The wizards can choose whatever job they want like from the request they see posted on the board. Each time a wizards fulfills a request he or she is rewarded on where ever the owner of the request promised, it can be from anything to money to a rare magical item depending on the level of difficulty of the request, and for one certain wizard she will accept a not so difficult looking quest but will be in for the shock of her life.

"Oh no what am I going to do, at this rate I won't make rent this month!" The blond haired celestial wizard known as Lucy Heartfilia stated in a huge panic.

"Lucy-san is there something wrong?" The young blue haired sky dragon slayer Wendy Marvell asked, her head was slightly titled to the side giving off a curious look on her face. Floating above the young girls head was her companion and exceed Charle giving off her usual frown.

"Oh good morning Wendy-chan!" Lucy sighed, crouched down and grasping the sides of her hair.

"Are you in pain, do you need me to heal you?" Wendy approached the older girl and rubbed her back trying to comfort her in any way possible.

"Oh Wendy-chan!" Lucy broke out into a comical sob hugging the small girl in front of her. "Its horrible life is so cruel when you can't make this month's rent."

"Umm, Lucy-san?" Wendy asked nervously as she was taken back by the sudden embrace from her friend, but she eventually wrapped her arms around the older girl and patted her head. "There-there Lucy-san, I'm pretty sure you'll find a job that you'll be able to accomplish on your own."

Wendy walked over to the request board and searched for a job that would suit Lucy's skills, but all she saw were high ranking jobs that involved killing strong monsters, catching dangerous criminals, or finding rare item's in dangerous places, jobs that the Celestial Spirit mage would never be able to do without the aid of her fight crazy teammates Natsu, Grey, and Erza, but they were currently all away on different jobs. Wendy continued with her search until she saw a really old looking request hanging on the board with other request stapled over it.

"How about this job Lucy-san, you'd be perfect doing this!" The small stated giving off a cheerful smile.

"Thank you Wendy-chan!" Lucy wiped the tears from her eyes and took the request forum from Wendy and read the contents on the paper. "Need someone to babysit our seven year old daughter for a couple of hours. Requirements must be at least sixteen or seventeen years of age, possible female, and good with kids." She read. "Wow this does seem like an easy job, and it pays…. 1,000,000 jewel?" Lucy shouted. "Wow I could pay my rent for a whole year and not have to worry." She was drooling.

"Well I'm glad you were able to find a job that you're good at Lucy-san." Wendy smiled.

"Thank you so much Wendy, hey do you want to do this job with me, we can split the money down the middle."

Wendy shook her head. "Sorry Lucy-san but I already have a job so I had better get started right away." Wendy slightly bowed and walked off.

Lucy called the house and let the people know that she would accept their request.

After walking a few miles along her favorite riverbank and the fisherman yelling 'Lucy-chan don't fall in' she finally made it to the house where she was to do her job.

The house was fairly big being two stories tall with many windows among the house indicating that there were many bed rooms. Lucy noted the front steps were made of pure marvel and the stair railing was made of solid gold. Unlike most front doors being a single door, this door was a double door and had a golden door handle and doorbell. Lucy could tell right off the back that these were high class people seeing how she used to be apart of that class herself. Lucy walked up to the door and rang the doorbell and took a few steps back and waited a few seconds until some came to the door.

"Ah you must be Lucy-chan." A woman came to the door. "Please come in and make yourself right at home." She offered showing the teenager into a living room that showed off all the expensive art and vases that were just in that one room, it seemed to comfortably suit a high-class family.

Standing in the adjacent room was a man probably the husband; he was adjusting his tie in a mirror. "You'll have to excuse us dear." He said without turning away from the mirror. "You see our reservation was bumped up by thirty minutes, so we're terribly sorry to have to rush like we are. Normally we'd like to sit you down and talk everything out, but since you're from an elite guild like Fairy Tale I'm sure you'll be fine."

"But if you ever need us our numbers are on the fridge." The wife added.

"I'll be fine Mr. and Mrs. Roland!" Lucy smiled. "Your daughter's name is Lizzy right, where is she, is she in her room playing?"

"Last I checked she was taking a nap in her room, seven year Old's are pretty energetic, I hope she does not wear you out too much." The mother smiled. "She's a very good girl and shouldn't give you too much trouble, just let her play with her little doll's and doll house and you'll have it easy for the rest of the night."

"You two enjoy your wonderful evening together and I'll keep an eye on Lizzy, I just know we'll be the best of friends." Lucy bowled.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Roland left the house. A fancy looking car had rolled around to in front of the house and the couple got in.

"Now why don't I just peek in on Lizzy and see how's she's doing." With that said Lucy made her way upstairs to the second floor. She walked softly on the rug trying her best not to make any creaking sounds that the rug would give off because of a loose floor board. Lucy tiptoed all the way down to the end of the hall arriving at a door that obviously belonged to Lizzy. The door was painted pink, different from the color the walls around her were painted, the door also had a picture of a unicorn hand drawn by her and other things that a seven year old girl would like. Lizzy was just now waking up as Lucy crept into her room. She was sitting up yawning and rubbing her eyes with her hands. "Wow she's so cute!"

Lizzy was as tall as any seven year old girl would be, she had a real slender frame with blue eyes and brown hair. She turned and looked at Lucy. "Onee-chan who are you?" Lizzy asked with her finger in her mouth adding more to her cuteness factor. "Are mommy and daddy here?"

"No you're mommy and daddy stepped out for the evening so I'm your babysitter. My names Lucy and it's nice to meet you Lizzy." Lucy crouched down to eye level with the girl and patted her on the head. "How about we fix you something to eat, I know you have to be starving after taking your nap."

Lizzy shook her head no and pointed at her doll house running over to it. The doll house was life sized and was able open up and had many rooms to it like an actual house would like a bathroom, kitchen, three or four bedrooms and other rooms also."I want to play with my dollies." She asked in an almost pleading tone.

Lucy smiled and sat down next to the smaller girl, she then sat Lizzy back onto her lap and wrapped her arms around the young girls waist. "What kind of game with your dollies would you like to play then Lizzy?"

"I want to play baby dolls." Lizzy replied, this time changing the tone of her voice from childish to somewhat serious. Lucy was shocked by it, all but thought nothing of it and continued to humor the little girl.

"Ok I'll play with you, where are your baby dolls at?" Lucy asked still smiling at Lizzy.

Lizzy stood up from Lucy's lap and faced her with an evil grin on her face. Suddenly a pink magic seal surrounded Lucy. "You're the baby doll you dummy!" Lizzy words were the last words that Lucy heard before numbness hit her body and her vision went blurry. She could hardly keep herself up straight and looking like she was drunk and she blacked out.

When Lucy finally did wake up everything was off to her, she was lying on a bed and could not move her body for some reason. "What happened to me?" She grumbled to herself shaking her head from side to side trying to shake off the blurriness and dizziness she was still experiencing. "What the heck is going on, where am I?'' Lucy looked around and could not recognize her surroundings but the thing that freaked her out the most was that everything around her was huge.

Having nowhere else to look but up Lucy kept staring at the pink ceiling over her when suddenly a giant head eclipsed her vision. "Is the baby awake now?" The head belonging to Lizzy asked.

"What in the…. Lizzy, what's going on, what have you done to me?" Lucy demanded.

"I just used my magic to shrink your body to the size of a one foot baby doll, and my doll house has a spell casted on it also, anything that's small and trapped inside of it can't move from the neck down."

"What no I am not one of your little doll's and I demand you change me back now!" Lucy shouted but was ignored.

A giant hand belonging to Lizzy reached out and grabbed Lucy and carried her to another part of the doll house, Lucy noticed the nursery décor surrounding her, and she was sat down on something that looked like a soft giant size table. "Now it's time to baby play dress up."

"No you will not!" A hot blush flew across Lucy's face. "Leave my clothes on my body and change me back this instant!"

Lizzy once again ignored Lucy's ranting and proceeded to take off the teenagers clothes until she was lying on the table completely nude. The cold air that blew across Lucy's nude body made her shiver. "Oh don't worry I'm going to change you alright!" Lizzy giggled as she sat some items down next to Lucy.

"Wha- no Lizzy what are you going to do with that stuff?" Lucy asked fearfully. She was looking at some baby supplies being a thick babyish looking diaper, baby powder, and some baby wipes.

"Hehe! These are for the baby!" Lizzy sung. After that was said Lizzy wasted no time getting started, she first shoved something rubbery into Lucy's mouth to silence her. Lucy noticed that could not spit it out for some reason but she could tell right off the back that it was a pacifier in her mouth. The only sounds that Lucy was able to make was an 'Mmph! Mmph!' sound and was helpless the next events that occurred.

Lucy only squirm in embarrassment as her bottom was lifted up and placed on top of a diaper. "No Lizzy please stop this, I'm not a baby or one of your dolls!" Lucy cried. Her cries were once again ignored when Lizzy picked up the bottle of baby powder and sprinkled a generous amount and Lucy's private area, the diaper was then brought up to Lucy's waist and tightly tapped up. Lizzy then took a short frilly pink dress and slipped it over Lucy's body. The dress was so short that it only covered up half the diaper.

"There we go, now that looks a lot better!" Lizzy said proudly admiring her work.

"Mmph! Mmph!" Lucy shouted behind the pacifier furiously shaking her head left and right. Looking down at herself Lucy was aware of the diapers thickness because the soft material wedged her legs apart, secondly she noted the babyish, cutesy cartoon print on the front of the diaper that made her feel even more humiliated.

"Hehe! Struggle all you want, but unless you find some way to get out of my doll house you're not going anywhere!" Lizzy laughed poking Lucy's body with her gigantic fingers. "You know I hope you're more fun to play with then my last babysitter was, I got board of her so fast that I flushed her down the toilet."

"Hummmm!" Lucy began to struggle even more.

"Hmmm! Now should we play first?" Lizzy paced back and forth around the room. "Oh I know, is the baby thirsty?" The little girl asked. She ran out of the room and quickly returned holding a baby bottle filled with a yellow liquid." She walked over to the doll house and plucked the pacifier out of Lucy's mouth then brought the bottle up close. Lucy kept her mouth shut not willing to drink from a bottle. "Hey when the mommy put the bottle up to the baby's mouth their supposed to drink from it!" Lizzy pouted shoving the nipple of the bottle into Lucy's face. Having enough defiance form her doll Lizzy quickly lost her temper and used her gigantic finger to press down into Lucy's stomach making her scream in pain. "Listen here, I'm calling the shots now." Lizzy stated as she dug her finger deeper into Lucy's stomach. "You're the baby and I'm the babysitter, so if you want to live for your next diaper change then you'd do as I say!" Lucy saw the seriousness in Lizzy's eyes and the sternness in her voice and clamped down on the bottle and began drinking the liquid from it. "That's what I thought, you babysitters are all the same, always going on about how you're the bigger person, now the shoes are on the other foot!"

After twenty minutes and two baby bottles Lucy was sat up in a chair feeling full and sick at the same time. Lucy had never been a big fan of milk and being force to drink from a bottle it while laying down made her feel that way. "Ok Lizzy, you've had your fun now I demand you change me back now!"

"Yeah you can say that all you want Onee-chan but don't forget who the babysitter is and who the baby here is." Lizzy smiled placing her hands on both of her hips. She then picked up the doll like girl and laid her face down in her right hand and uses her left hand to pat the girls back, Lucy then let a huge bubbly burp and the sick feeling her had earlier disappeared.

"Lizzy!" Lucy shouted.

"Look you'd be a boring baby doll if you couldn't speak but if you don't keep quiet I'll put that Pacifier back in your mouth tasting like soap this time."

Lucy growled at the girl. "You can't keep me like this forever, when your parents return you'll be in so much trouble!"

"I heard that girls with big boobs have small brains but I never thought it would be true!" Lizzy said. "I have ways of making mommy and daddy think you ran out on the job leaving me all by my lonesome!" She quivered her lip with a fake innocent look on her face. "Now did that baby wet her diaper?" Lizzy stuck her giant finger against Lucy's diaper getting a good feel to see if she was really wet."

"No I'm not wet, now leave me alone!" Lucy shouted.

"Oh you're not?" Lizzy asked smartly. Lucy looked down and saw a faint yellow stain on the front of her diaper and growing by the second.

"No way...Why?" Lucy began to sob.

"There-there that's just what babies do." Lizzy gave off a pleasant and knowing smirk. "But you know I don't think a baby has ever wet her diaper this fast before, we haven't even played yet."

"What was in that milk you forced me to drink?" Lucy cried. "Their no way I should have-"

"Wet your diaper like a baby does?" Lizzy cut her off. "You're just like a doll and you can't move any body part below your neck, so what made you think you'd feel it if you had to go pee pee?"

"Why you!"

"Hmmm! You're pretty wet but I guess you can stay like that a little longer I mean your diaper is thick enough and I did use powder on you. So what kind of game should we play next?" Lizzy smiled looking innocent and cute again.

"Nothing, I just want to be changed back again!"

Lizzy just ignored Lucy's words and went back to playing with her. The first game they played was tea party, Lucy was dressed in a baby blue old school British dress and was forced to sit at a table with other dolls and drink lukewarm nasty tasting tea from a dirty tea cup that was being held by Lizzy.

Next Lucy was forced to play house, this time she was dressed in a simple pink one piece dress looking like a house wife. She was placed in the kitchen pretending to be making dinner while the husband was off at work. When the husband did come home from work Lizzy pressed Lucy's face against the male doll making them kiss.

The last game that was played was the baby doll game again, Lucy being the baby again. Lizzy just dressed her up in a simple purple shirt; the shirt did next to nothing to hide the diaper. Lizzy placed Lucy in a high chair and locked her in. A bowl of yellow mush was sat down in front of her. Lizzy took a spoon and dipped it into the mush then brought the spoon up Lucy's mouth but she once again kept her mouth closed.

"Do we really have to go through this again?" Lizzy was getting annoyed again. This time she took a feather and brushed it against Lucy's feet tickling the girl. Lucy tried to contain her laughter but now the feather was being brushed across her belly cause her to bust out laughing. While her mouth was open Lizzy shoved the spoon it and pulled it out clean.

Lucy thought she was going to gag after receiving a spoon full for whatever that was just forced down her throat but found the stuffed to be quite good. "Thank goodness she's just feeding apple sauce!" After the bowl was empty Lucy then noticed everything around her was going black, she couldn't keep her head up and her eyes were getting heavy. Soon she was completely surrounded by darkness and passed out again.

Sometime later Lucy woke up this time in a crib. Even though she couldn't move her body she could still had her since of feel, her legs ached form the soft thick diaper around her waist forcing them apart, and her skin was starting to get irritated from the wet diaper against her skin. The blond haired teenage let out a whimper as she realized that the pacifier was back in her mouth. She wondered 'Why? What did I do to deserve this?'.

"Oh you're awake?" Lizzy used her finger to flip Lucy on her back. "Now what she we play next Onee-chan!

Lucy looked up to see an amused smirk across Lizzy's face, the kind of smirk you'd slap someone across the face for, which Lucy probably would have done if she could move. Lizzy was taking this game a little too far now.

"Mmph! Mmph!"

Lizzy sighed. "Ok Mrs. Cranky I'll take it out for you!" She plucked the pacifier from Lucy's mouth again. "There are you happy now?"

"No I am far from happy!" Lucy scolded. "Listen I don't know why you're doing this but it's not right. I'm not a baby nether am I one of your little doll's, what gives you the right to treat people like one of your toys?"

"And to think I was going to be nice and give you a break." Lizzy coldly muttered. She used one hand to hold Lucy up and used her fingers to apply pressure to the girl's stomach. Lucy became aware of another but familiar feeling and dreaded on what was about to happen.

"Lizzy, no, please don't!" Lucy begged falling into tears. Her pleads were ignored as Lizzy continued to apply even more pressure to Lucy's stomach. Lucy through of everything she could possibly think of to prevent this disaster from happening but her biggest flaw was the fact that she could not move. "Stop it please!" Lucy pleaded, her face became a dark crimson color as she filled the back of her diaper with a heavy load of hot poo. Lizzy then pressed her finger into Lucy's back side smearing the mess all over her bottom. Knowing she could do nothing Lucy started brawling.

"There, there, it'll be alright sweetie." Said Elizabeth consolingly picking up her baby doll carefully with both hands. Lucy felt her little body being laid against the seven year-Old's shoulder, Lizzy's hands rubbing soothingly against her back. "It's like I said before, that just what babies do, now nod for mommy if you want to be changed." Lucy was about to but Lizzy took her finger and placed it on top of Lucy's head and nodded for her.

For the first time sense being small Lucy felt that she was able to move her body but decided against putting up a fight. Lucy was actually sat on a changing mat outside the doll house and her diaper was untapped and peeled off her skin. After being wiped and powdered again Lucy was put back into another diaper, and to her surprise dressed back into her normal clothes.

"Does the baby feel better now?" Lizzy asked. Lucy said nothing she just stood up looking down. "You we really fun to play with Onee-chan thank you!" Lizzy whispered. The little girl snapped her fingers and once again Lucy was out like a light.

"Lucy-san...Lucy-san wake up dear we're back."

Lucy gave off a soft moan as she opened her eyes and saw Mr. and Mrs. Roland standing in front of her. She immediately looked at herself to see that she was back to normal size and Lizzy was sleeping sounding on the girls lap with a stuffed animal hugged up against her. "No way...w-was that all just a dream?"

Mrs. Roland came by and lifted Lizzy into her arms, Lucy noted that the girl was already in her pajamas and a story book was sitting right next to her. "Wow you did a great job on taking care of Lizzy, Lucy-chan. You got her dressed for bed and you read her, her favorite story." She praised.

"You don't know what we have to go through to find proper babysitter for our little princess, she can never seem to get along with them." Mr. Roland added. "I really hope we can count on your services sometime in the near future."

"Well I..." Lucy started.

"Onee-chan." Lizzy called out sleepily. "Let's play again real soon Kay?"

Lucy stood up and noticed the fluff between her legs, ignoring it she walked over and patted Lizzy's head. "Sure but next time let's play a different game ok?"


With that said Lucy was given her reward and and driven home by one of Mr. Roland's personal drivers. "Well I guess that wasn't so bad, the money was worth it all." Lucy said poking the diaper underneath her skirt.