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Chapter 1: Funny how things turn out

I'm lying here thinking about you
No more tears
Fighting for you (ohh)
So don't throw it in my face in my face
I know what i did to you
And don't make me feel guilty
Keep blaming me
I still want you
All cried out pleading with you
I'm dying now
Don't say that were through-ooh
I'd rather you hate me than break me
You're all i ever knew


Orihime was lying on her side. Her lover was currently playing with her long and gorgeous hair. She couldn't what just happen. She couldn't believe that she and this espada just had SEX! She always thought her first time would be on her honeymoon with the boy she loved. But that didn't go as plan. Yet she didn't mind that her first time was with him. She always thought she loved Ichigo Kurosaki but she was wrong. The only thing she loved about him was the memories she had of him. This person however she loved him for him. He never treated her as a child he always told her the cold hard truth but that's because he knew she could handle it and he knew she was no longer a little girl. He was the only one that viewed her as a strong and brave woman. He understood her pain better than anyone. While she was there to always make him happy. Her smile her heart where the reason he trained to become stronger so he could protect her. They loved each other so much that Orihime wished this would never end. She turned so she could face him. Warm blue eyes met kind gentle grey orbs. The espada wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer and whispered in her ear.

"I love you Orihime…"

She smiled at him.

"I love you to…"

1 year later

It was a beautiful day. The sun was out the sky was clear and the weather was just perfect. Children where outside enjoying the weather teenagers where hanging out couples where spending time together. All in all it was a no the perfect day. Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends where currently at the park; enjoying this peaceful day. No hollows tried to attack anyone Soul Society didn't needed them all of his friend where safe and best of all his secret crush was safe from Aizen's hands. Yep everything was perfect for the carrot top Shinigami. At least that's what he thought.

It was a beautiful day. At least that's what she kept telling herself. Orihime Inoue was trying her best not curl up in a ball and cry right in front of her so call friends. It has been nearly a year since she was 'rescued' and was brought back 'home' the lovely teenager's eyes travel towards the lake. As she stared at it she couldn't help but remember all those precious times she spent with not just him but all of them. They were her real family they understood the pan the loneliness that she was going through they treated her like an equal. But most importantly he was the only one that took her seriously. He was the only one who saw her not as a weak defenseless child but as what she wanted to be seen as. A strong confident woman; not a girl but a woman.


'Ulquiorra?' The espada turned to look at the woman. "What are we doing here?" She asked as she took in her surroundings. They were in the middle of the barren waste land known as Hueco Mundo. Ulquiorra stared at the woman before him. In a monotone voice he answered her. "We are going to start your training today." Orihime stared at him as if he grown a second head. "What?" Ulquiorra looked slightly annoyed. "Don't make me repeat myself woman. Your powers are amazing I'll admit that; but there not strong enough and I'm going to make sure that you surpass all your so call friends." The espada replied. Orihime was shocked to hear this. "Okay." She said with a smile. Ulquiorra tried his very best not to smile back at the beautiful woman before him. Turning away from her Ulquiorra said "Don't think for a second that I'll go easy on you Hime." Orihime was about to say something when out of nowhere a cero was fired straight at her.


After three hours Ulquiorra was carrying a tried and bruised Orihime. He wasn't joking when he told her he wasn't going to go easy on her and he was one to keep his word even though he shot her with ceros stabbed her twice in her legs not to mention broken a few bones she still wanted to continue. All in all Ulquiorra was surprised by the woman but knew that she needed to rest. He flashed step towards her and knocked her out. Picking her up bridal style he carried her back towards the palace.

One of the woman's friends Harribel saw that the fourth had literally beaten the crap out of her. She would've said something about it but knew that if she did Orihime would be very upset know that her 'sister' was treating her like her friends did. Instead she just walked away pretending she didn't see anything that and it took all her self-control not to slaughter the baster who harmed her little sister.

Ulquiorra arrived at the young girl's room. He gently laid her down on her bed. Before he left he gently placed a small kissed on the young girl's forehead. Being grateful that she was sleeping. Unknown to him the young girl had woken up the minute he placed his lips on her forehead.

End of flashback

Orihime smiled at the memories. She wish could relive them. She wishes that she wasn't alone. Then again she did have something no someone that kept her smiling he was the only reason why she didn't try to do something stupid. He was the only reason why she was still able to smile. Speaking of him he should be waking up soon. Knowing that he was waiting for her made her heart flutter. She was thankful that she had him. If not she was not sure what she would do. Orihime got up from her spot. Everyone stared at her.

"Going somewhere Inoue-san?" Uryuu asked. The girl just smiled. Luckily no one knew about him. Only her and some trust worthy people/friends. "Just going home." Renji got up from his spot.

"Want me to walk you there?"

The orange haired girl quickly shook her head

"Don't worry about me nii-chan I just need some alone time."

The young girl said. As she quickly turned around and ran home. Renji and Rukia stared at the girl.

"She's been acting weird ever since we came back."

Renji nodded his head agreeing with her. Orihime was his little sister and he wanted to know what was wrong with her. The lieutenant ran after his sister to see what she was up to.


Orihime arrived at her apartment complex. She checked around her to see if anyone was behind her. No one thank Kami. She quickly went inside and locked the door. Renji saw this and it kinda surprised him. Orihime never locked the door. Unless he told her to but other than that she never locked. Something was up and he was going to get to the bottom of this.

Orihime walked around her apartment looking for her bundle of joy. There he was. His little body was resting on the couch. He was on his side taking a nap. Shinji must've overworked him. She was without a doubt going to kill him. Orihime walked over to the little boy who was sleeping in her couch. Her little boy. Orihime kneeled down so she could look at the little boy that she and her lover created. Orihime would not lie. She loved him more than anything in this world hell she loved him more than her precious Kurosaki-kun she loved him more than her own life. He was perfect. His gravity defining hair was a beautiful shade of blond he had such lovely tan skin curtsey of his mother he had six whisker marks three on each cheek. Behind his close eye lids he had lovely pair of cerulean eyes. Another trait he got from his lovely mother. Orihime ran her hand through his blond locks causing him to stir. She smiled he moved around just like his father whenever she did this to him. The little boy opened his eyes to see who was disturbing him. To his surprise it was his mother. The boy just shrugged his shoulder and went back to sleep. Orihime let out a small giggle. She loved her son so much but she knew she had to be careful. No one absolutely no one knew of his existence. Well except for the Vizords but they were an exception if it wasn't for them her sweet little boy wouldn't have been born. They were the only ones who knew she had a child. Not even her best friend knew about him. Which was a good thing for her. If any soul reaper found out about her boy they would want to do horrible things to him. He already had spiritual pressure that surpass the captain general and a low ranking espada. She be dammed if anyone tried to harm her precious kitsune. Orihime gently lifted the boy to her room. It was strange he looked like a five year old but he was actually an 8-month old baby. An arrancar child sure did age fast. But Hashi informed her that he would be growing at a slow pace from now on. Which she was thankful for. She didn't want her son to grow up to fast. As she entered her room the teenage mother laid her son on their bed with her next to it. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him closer. Orihime placed a small gentle kiss on his forehead and whisper "I love you so much that it hurts me to see you in pain. I wish I could tell them about you but they would just want to kill you. If being away from you means protecting you then I will do it. I'll protect you with my life just like your father did. I love you mi Corazon, my little boy, my sweet little Naruto." With those words Orihime closed her eyes and let herself fall asleep with her boy Naruto safe in her arms.

Now hold on cause
I'm trying to save us
I'm still in love with you
(still in love still in love)

Don't say goodbye
Don't don't say goodbye
Don't say goodbye
Don't don't say goodbye
Don't say it Don't say it
Don't say goodbye
Don't don't say goodbye
Don't say goodbye
Don't don't say

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