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Chapter 8: her past their present his future

In this world you tried
Not leaving me alone behind
There's no other way
I prayed to the Gods, let him stay

The memories ease the pain inside
Now I know why

All of my memories keep you near
In silent moments, imagine you'd be here
All of my memories keep you near
Your silent whispers, silent tears

Made me promise I'd try
To find my way back in this life
I hope there is a way
To give me a sign you're okay

Three weeks later

Hueco Mundo

Las Noches

11:11 p.m.

The cero espada entered his chambers; he had another boring meeting with Aizen in a few hours. He knew what he wanted to know. Apparently he found out about the strange spiritual pressure that had plague Karakura town for the year. The espadas as well as Aizen thought it was the substitute soul reaper but Minato knew better.

After the war and Sazly healed every one of the espadas back to health Minato knew that Orihime was pregnant with his child. The love sick part of him wanted to go after her and help her raise their son. But his enemy otherwise known as his common sense told him if he went to them then Aizen would know and he would kill her and take away their son. Not only Aizen but the Soul Society as well. As much as he didn't want to he had no choice but to listen to his common sense.

He was lucky though, after the war he and his sister Katherine had to go to the Soul Society and see how much damage they caused. From the looks of things not much. Luck was on his side that day, Minato met someone who was close to Orihime, who he knew from her endless talk of this specific person.

It didn't take much to convince her to become his spy. She was once loyal to Aizen, so her being loyal to him became second nature to her. Of course he had to tell her of his situation. At first she didn't want to because the captain general had her on a tight leash but looking at him, she knew he wasn't lying about nothing. So for the past year she became his spy for not only Orihime but for Soul Society as well. He needed to keep track on them to see if they knew anything of his family.

Minato entered his chambers. Speak of the devil and the devil shall appeared.

"Its' been three weeks since I've last seen you," she pointed out.

"Yes it has," he said in a monotone voice.

An awkward silence fell over them. His spy became very interested with her shoes since she kept looking at them and refuse to meet his eyes.

"I have something to tell you, and you are not going to like it." She began.

"What is it?"

She took a deep breath and told him what she discovered.

Minato sat and listen to her. Not once did he interrupted her and not once did he ask questions. After she was done with her tale, Minato leaned his head back and stare at the celing. So they found out about their son? Not only that but she was able to stand up to them and show them that she was no longer that weak little girl she used to be. He brought his head down and stare at his spy, she had informed him that she found where they were and that he shouldn't worry since she was the only one that knew as well as the vizords, Kisuke, and Yorichi. People he knew wouldn't try to hurt her and their son since they helped her escape her personal hell.

Minato couldn't help but feel grateful that she was risking not only her career but her life as well to help him as much as she can. He may not show it but he was glad that he had her by his side.

"Thank you for your help Momo."

Hinamori bowed in respect for the cero espada.

"Just remember to take care of them."

"I will."

"Good, now I have to get back. Yammoto has every one on a tight leash and is making sure that no one leaves the Soul Society unless it is necessary."

"Of course, I will see you if you have any more information?"

Momo smiled at him.

"Of course," she turned around and headed back to the Soul Society. Minato was alone with his thoughts. He was glad that they were safe and nothing bad has happen to them.

"You know, one of you is going to end up getting caught or six feet under."

He turned to see his sister. Funny the two weren't even related to each other at all him with his blond hair and blue eyes and her with her dark curly brown hair and hazel brown eyes. But he saw her as his sister; she was the only one who didn't see him as the fox. And as much as he didn't want to admit it she was right. He and Momo were going to get caught sooner rather than later.

Two months later


Konoha academy

3:43 p.m.

"Bye you guys! I'll see you all tommorow." Naruto waved good bye to Choji, Shikamaru, and Sasuke.

He quickly ran home so that he could tell his mom all about his day and how he impressed his teachers with the shadow clone jutsu. Its' been two months since he left Karakura town and its' been the best two months of his life! Sure he missed his family but here he had his friends that helped him forget about them.

Sasuke and Sakura were his best friends. Sasuke was an Uchiha and his only family were his brother and his nephew and niece. Yes he had a mom and dad but he didn't really get along with them so he lived with his brother.

Sakura had both her parents but they split up and she prefer to live with her mother.

Of course he made other friends; Kiba, Shikamaru, Choji, Ino, and Hinata. The nine of them became real close in a matter of minutes. It was nice to finally have friends and spent time without worrying about those idiots from the soul society.

He also knew that his mother loved it here. With Anko and her new friends teaching her she was able to become a genin real quick. Of course she had to wait a while before she could become a chunin but she was alright with that. She decided to do missions and work at the hospital.

He smiled, for the past two months his mother had been the happiest he's ever seen her in. good she deserved to be happy.

Naruto decided to take a short cut which meant he had to cross the hot springs. Not that he minded. The women (when they weren't naked) would give him a hug and kisses and tell him to say hi to his mother for them. As he was crossing the small bridge he heard…giggling?

He turned to see if anyone was following him. Nope no one was. He shook his head thinking it was from a long day at the academy that's making him hear things. He continue his way home when the giggling became louder.

Okay this time he knew it wasn't in his head. Naruto followed the sound until he found a man with long silver hair dressed in red and was peaking inside the women's side of the hot spring. He had a note pad and was writing things down.

If there was one thing he hated was perverts. Yes his uncle Shinji was a perv so yes he did beat him every now and then.

The hybrid just shook his head in disappointment. He could go and damage him but sadly the last time he did that his mother had to pay a lot of money to repair the damage he made. Taking a calming breath he headed home. Making a mental note to tell the owner of him.

"Wow this feels so good!" he almost fell flat on his face. That was…his MOM! The pervert was watching his mother while she was naked!

"You were right Anko-sensei this is relaxing."

"Told you now let's go home, the gaki would be home any minute."

"Oh, you're right!"

Naruto could tell that both women were about to get out which meant that he was about to see his mom naked. Not on his watch he wasn't.

He was great full that Itachi taught him some basic fire moves. Doing quick hand signs he lit the man's robe without the man noticing.

The perv couldn't wait for the orange hair beauty to come out of the water. Man she had an awesome body! He was defiantly going to get a great hit. Right before she could get out he smelled something.

He pulled back and sniffed the air. It smelled like…FIRE! His robe was on fire!

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" he started to jump around while at the same time patting his butt.

Naruto just stood there with his arms crossed and a huge smile on his face.

"Did you hear that?"

The door open and there stood his mom in her clothes along with Anko.

"Naruto, what are you doing here?"

Naruto pointed his finger towards the man who was jumping around and screaming that his ass was on fire.

"Jiriaya?" Anko asked. Orihime did a quick jutsu and aim some water on his butt. As soon as he felt his butt cool down the man known as Jiriaya felt relief that his ass wasn't on fire.

He turned to see Anko, the beauty, and some small shrimp glaring at him. If he had to guess he would say it was this gaki's fault that his butt caught on fire.

*Growls* "You damn brat! How dare you insult me like that?"

Naruto could feel a vein throbbing.

"Me? How dare you spy on my mom and all those women?" he shouted loud enough so that the girls could hear him. Once they did they screamed their heads off and ran for the hills.

Jiriaya turned to the spa and ran to where he was spying.

"NO! Do you know what you've done? You just scared away my research!" the little hollow child just rolled his eyes.

Orihime looked a little lost until she saw him going to the wall and screaming nonsense.

"Uhhh…Anko, who is this man?" the young ninja asked. Anko just shook her head.

"Orihime, Naruto meet Jiriaya the toad sanin." Said sanin turned to the three and straighten his spine and clear his throat.

"Yes, I am-"

"Some perv that loves watching naked women," Naruto interrupted him. Jiriaya glared at the gaki. This boy needed some respect. Anko couldn't help but laugh. Something told her she was going to enjoy this.

"Gaki do you know who I am?"

Naruto could feel his blood boiling. He hated when someone who wasn't Anko called him gaki.

"Listen perv I don't care who you are but don't call me gaki."

"Or what?" Jiriaya asked getting a little too close to Naruto.

The blond glared at the tall man. He could punch him, do a jutsu on him, or just straight up kill him. Instead he would settle for the simplest of things.

As hard as he could Naruto stepped on his foot. Jiriaya could feel ever bone on his foot breaking. As soon as the little boy lifted his foot off of his own Jiriaya couldn't help but jump up and down in pain.

"YOU BRAT!" he shouted getting in Naruto's face. Naruto glared right back at him.

"ERO-SENNIN!" Jiriaya felt his blood boiling.



The two continue to call each other ever name they could think of while the two women stood there and watch as they argued at each other.

One hour later

Sakura headed to the hot springs knowing that Naruto would be there. As soon as she reached the hot springs she found Orihime and Anko sitting down and eating dango. Sakura ran to them and hope they knew were her best friend was.

"Hi Orihime-chan!" said girl turned to see the small child running towards them.

"Hi Sakura-chan. What brings you here?"

"I was wondering if you knew where Naruto is?"

The mother smiled and pointed towards where they were looking at.

Sakura turned her small head and saw Naruto and from what her mom told her the legendary sanin arguing.

"At least I'm not a short brat!"

"At least I have a hot mom!" the sanin was about to say something but froze at the spot. He then smirked at the kid.

"Well played gaki."

Naruto smirked at the sanin.

"You too ero-sennin." Both shook their hands and turned to see another person joining the women.

"Sakura-chan, what are you doing here?"

Sakura beamed at him. She ran up to him and grabbed his arm and pulled him away from the group.

"Come on, you promise you would take me to the meadow."

"Oh yeah! Let's go." The two children ran to the woods waving good-bye to Orihime and Anko.

Orihime smiled at her son. For the past two months her son has been so happy. She knew she made the right choice in coming here. All though she was a bit pissed off with one little thing. She turned to the sanin. Jiriaya could feel a chill run down his spine and knew he was in trouble.

Orihime cracked her knuckles with that sweet smile on her face. Anko couldn't help but pity the poor sanin.

"Now what's this about you spying on us?"

Hokage tower

5:12 p.m.

Sarutobi stared at his student. Poor Jiriaya was beaten to a bloody pulp by none other than Orihime. He couldn't help but let out a small chuckle.

Jiriaya glared at the old man. It wasn't funny that he got his but whopped by a hot girl.

"Not funny sensei."

"Your right, maybe this will teach not to peak at women when they are in the hot springs."

Jiriaya just shook his head. Although something was bugging him.

"Sensei, did Yorichi bring them here?" all joking aside he knew that those two were not from here. Sarutobi's face went from a happy one to a grim expression. Taking a drag from his pipe he met his student's eyes.

"Yes, better sit down Jiriaya this may take a while."


Naruto and Sakura ran through the field of flowers they were enjoying every moment they had together, Naruto was glad that he had Sakura as his friend. He knew nothing could ruin this for him. How wrong he was…

3 years later

"Rasengan!" a loud crash could be heard in the forest.

"Not bad gaki, with a little more practice you can destroy the whole tree."

Naruto turned to glare at his sensei. For the past three years Jiriaya or as he like to call him Ero-sennin had been training him. Ever since he came back from his meeting with the hokage he took it upon himself to train the boy. Naruto after seeing him in action wanted to be trained by him and begged his mom to let him. Orihime agreed as long as he didn't peak at her while she was at the hot springs.

Jiriaya learned his lesson the first time and agreed with her.

The toad sanin was impressed with the boy's progress. He was able to perform the rasengan in a week of course he needed help from his shadow clones for a day but after that he got the hang of it. He could also summon toads. Of course the gaki summon Gamabuta which was a bad idea but he was able to pass his test. In the end Jiriaya ended up in the hospital thanks to Orihime since he put her baby in harm's way.

Now both men were training harder than ever. Which was good since Naruto needed to be in tip top shape.

"Now let's continue shall we?"

Naruto smirked at his sensei.

Karakura town

10:22 a.m.

Ichigo Kurosaki sat at his usual spot. Heard the usual talk among his friends, and did the usual things he would normally do.

For the past three years everyone tried to move on and searched for Orihime and the abomination she called her son. So far they had no such luck. Ichigo knew that the vizords knew where they were but refused to speak. What's worst Yammoto couldn't do anything about it.

They weren't in league with them so he couldn't force them. And even if he did they could easily take the captains down. He should know since he was one of them.

He missed her. He missed Orihime so freaking much. He never got the chance to tell her how he felt; he never got the chance to show her how much she meant to him. But her last words hurt him more than any blade could.

"Rukia, if Minato-kun would have raped me then I would have told you, if he had touched me in any way I thought was wrong I would have told you, but no! Minato didn't rape me, in fact I offered myself to him and I was able to get pregnant with his child!"

How could she? She was supposed to wait for him. Wait until he saved her and had her locked up somewhere safe so that she would never get hurt again.

Instead she sleeps with that espada and has his child. He really wished that he could've act differently with Orihime, at least she would've still been here with him.

Little did he know Renji was having similar thoughts on his baby sister. Renji remembered the battle between him and Orihime. But what haunted him the most, what plagued his mind for the past three years was her face.

Her face was bruised up dry blood was running down her face to her upper lip. He mentally shook his head and continued to ignore his heart.

He was always protecting her, even when he died and became a lieutenant he would make sure that Orihime was safe and sound. When that hollow attacked her he made sure he would try and protect her. Of course he didn't have to since Rukia and Ichigo protected her.

Now he was the one that caused her pain. Instead of yelling at her he should've stood by her. Instead of fighting her and hurting her he should've protected her. So many things he could've done and instead he ignored his feelings and went along with duty.

One thing he would always pride himself in was the fact that he never respected his authority. And the one time his sister finally has the backbone to stand up for herself he goes and tries to ruin it by turning her back to the weak spineless girl she was.

"Then why did she do everything in her power to protect me and was able to stand up for herself, but when it came to you two she did nothing but sat back and cried like a lost child?"

As much as Renji tried to deny it, he couldn't help but agree with the hollow brat. Orihime was always the weak one but that was because they never had faith in her.

Minato, the espadas, hell even Aizen saw potential in her that neither of them saw and refused to acknowledge. Every time she would show them what she was capable of they would scold her and she would go back to her shell.

He promised himself that when they find her he would apologize to her, and if he can would try to be a part of his nephew's life. He just hoped he wasn't too late.

4 years later


Unknown location

Unknown time

A man stood on top of a tree branch. He done it. He done the impossible and was able to steal the forbidden scroll. Orochimaru would be so please with him knowing that he was able to do this without getting caught.

He was glad that the guards weren't anywhere near the scroll and he was impress on how easy it was to get it.

He checked to see if anyone was looking. Nope the close was clear.

"Maybe a small peak wouldn't hurt." He said out loud. He opened the scroll, as soon as it was fully open a loud pop sound could be heard.

"AHHHHHH!" blue paint was splattered across his face not only that but the paint was also some itchy powder that made his eyes watery. He lost his footing and landed on the ground. A sickling crack could be heard. He could feel pain spreading from his lower back to his legs.

"Wow and you call yourself a chunin."

That voice…he knew that voice anywhere.

"You know Mizuki-sensei if you paid close attention you would've notice how no one was there and how easy it was to steal the most important item in all of Konoha. I guess you really don't know what you're doing do you sensei"

Mizuki slowly got up, he ignored the pain in his legs, back, and eyes and glared at the brat that ruined his life since day one.

"Are you mocking me boy?"

"He's as stupid as that substitute soul reaper."

"No I'm just calling my genius sensei by his title I have no reason to mock you," his student said sarcasticly.

"That's it! Prepared to die boy!" he charged for the boy. Said boy didn't move at all. He waited for the perfect moment to strike. As he got closer Naruto pulled out a kunai and slit the man's throat without a second thought.

His blood gushed out of his neck and landed on his cheeks and some on his jacket.

"Great and I just had this dry clean." He mumbled to himself.

"Naruto!" the blond looked up to see his mom and the rest of the jonin landed before him.

"Mission complete, Mizuki has been killed and the scroll is safe."

"Excellent work gaki. Now let's leave the anbu take care of him." Jiriaya praised at his student and how easy he was able to handle the situation. The three headed home and to rest and wait for the next day to come.


7:15 a.m.

"Here you go another large order of miso ramen pork."

"Thanks old man,"

A boy who looked twelve years old but was actually four finished gobbled his twentieth bowl of ramen.

"Naruto-kun, I don't think you eating ramen for breakfast is a good idea."

Naruto Inoue Namikaze stopped eating and turned to see his girlfriend. He gave her his usual trade mark grin and continued eating. Over the past four years both Naruto and Sakura matured greatly.

Naruto wore a pair of black pants that were similar to anbu, he had a mesh shirt under his orange jacket that had black flames on the sleeves and the bottom of it he wore the usual ninja sandals. He wore his headband on his forehead. Sakura wore a purple shirt that was long sleeve and was cut off along the sides, each sleeve had three cuts on each side(just think of the shirt that she wore when she was younger) she wore capris and ninja sandals. Her pink hair has grown, she parted it to the side and had it in a small bump and was then tied down into a fishtail braid or sometimes she would have it in waterfall braid, depending on her mood and rested it on her left shoulder. She wore her headband on her forehead.

Naruto's hair was still its' usual untamed self but he was okay with that.

"That was good! Thanks old man."

"Anytime Naruto, now hurry up; you guys don't want to be late now do you?"

"Nope! Let's go Sakura-chan." Naruto grabbed Sakura's hand and dragged her to the academy. Both of the ramen owners couldn't help but laugh as Sakura told Naruto to slow down while he just ignored her.

"I wonder what Orihime is doing at this very moment?" Ayame couldn't help but ask.

With Orihime

Four years, four beautiful years of peace and quiet. A orange hair woman walked through the streets of Konoha and continue to look around the place that became her home. Orihime couldn't help but admit that coming here was the best decision of her life. Of course she was careful and still sent letters to her friends but as she said she was careful and made sure that no one knew of her stay here in the village hidden in the leaves.

Orihime continued to walk until she reached her destination. She was at the lake, she needed to come here and relax just for a little while. Orihime bend down to stare at her reflection and stared at her reflection. There were times when she couldn't believe that the warrior staring back at her was really her.

Long gone was her naturally straight hair and was replaced by beautiful curly hair, for some reason after her little hair cut her hair became curly, not that she minded she actually made it look good. (If you ever watch Vampire Diaries just imagine Katherine's curly hair. And yes my occ is based on her)

Not only did her hair change but so did her choice of clothing. Normally Orihime would dress in a way her brother would approve but ever since she left she changed her choice of clothing. She wore a cut off shirt that was grey (if you want to see the shirt than just go to my profile)a pair of demi shorts that reach her mid-thigh, fishnet leggings, her kunai pouch wrapped around her left leg while her head band was worn proudly around her forehead as a bandana.

She could honestly say she was proud of the woman who stared right back at her. She wasn't afraid to fight or take a life that threaten to harm everyone she knew and love. In the past four years Orihime went from genin to chunin to jonin. Thanks to Itachi, Anko, and Kakashi she has not only improve on her combat skills but also on her shun shun rikka as well.

She without doubt has grown these past four years. Orihime sat down and enjoyed this fine morning. She wasn't expected to be at the hospital for another hour so for now she would relax and-

"Orihime," eyes open in a flash, Orihime stood up and pulled out a kunai. She scanned the area to see if there was anyone around. So far there wasn't. If she was still that naïve girl she was back then she would think it was all in her head and she was imagining things. But she wasn't so naïve anymore and she sure as hell wasn't stupid.

Someone was here with her, watching her. She walked a few feet and making sure she didn't miss anything. So far she hasn't spotted anything. After a few feet of walking she relaxed but didn't let her guard down. She scan the perimeter on last time and saw that no one was going to come out. Taking a deep calming breath she headed for town. Knowing that today was a big day in her son's life, the day he is assign his team.

Little did she know, a pair of blue eyes identical to her and her son where watching her every movement.


He couldn't believe it. In the past four years his beautiful princess became a deadly warrior. He was impress on her skills and not letting her guard down even if she would've done that four years ago. Now he could see that she had indeed improve.

He couldn't wait to have her in his arms once again, but for now he would have to wait. Wait until the time was right.

Ninja Academy

8:15 a.m.

"Hi Naruto!" said boy turned to see the last person he ever wanted to see.

"Hi Ami."

"How are you?"

Naruto so badly wanted to run away from her she was a creepy stalker that would follow him everywhere! (A/N: sound familiar (;)

"Fine," he grumbled. Before she could say anything else Sakura came and decided to save him. Sakura wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips.

Naruto couldn't help but be shook. Sakura was normally a shy one and it was him that would be the one who use public display of affection. He couldn't help but be glad that it was her taking charge. Wrapping his arms around her and pulling her closer he deepen the kiss.

Ami couldn't help but huff in annoyance, she turned and left to save herself from being embarrassed.

"Why doesn't this surprise me?" both pulled back and turned to stare at their brother/best friend. Sasuke Uchiha was Naruto's brother. The two were so close that they consider themselves brothers. Orihime agreed with that since Itachi has been more of a brother to her than her actual one.

Naruto wrapped his arm around Sakura and pulled her close.

"Because your use to it teme." Just because they saw each other as brothers didn't mean they didn't argue from time to time.

"Whatever you say dobe."

Before Naruto could say something back their sensei entered and told them to take a seat. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura sat in the middle row with each other.

Iruka started to tell them about the importance of becoming a genin and what that entitled to and blah, blah, blah.

He began to read off names and Naruto waited to for his to be call.


"Squad seven will be…Naruto Namikaze…" Naruto's ears perked up when he heard his name being called.

"Sasuke Uchiha…"

"Come on let it be Sakura…" Both boys thought at the same time.

"And Sakura Harun-"

"YES!" Naruto leaped off his seat and planted a big kiss on her lips. Ignoring the glare his favorite teacher was giving him.

He continued reading off the names.

"Squad ten Choji Akamichi, Shikamaru Nara, and Ino Yamanaka." Ino smiled a little she was glad to be in the same squad as her friends.

"Squad eleven would be Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame, and Hinata Hyuuga." He continued to read until he reached the last of the names.

"After lunch you will all go with your jonin instructors."

They all agreed and headed off to eat.


Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto sat at their desk waiting for their sensei. Everyone left an hour ago and now it was just them.

"Something tells me its' gonna be Kakashi."

"What makes you say that?" Sakura asked.

"Because he's the only one I know who's this late."

The three couldn't help but agree with him.

Two hours later

Okay this was starting to get ridiculous. Not even Kakashi was this late! The three were starting to get restless and annoyed. Finally after some time the door open and in came…(Originally I planned to stop here but after the long wait you guys deserved much more.)

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Naruto shouted at the man.

"Isn't obvious? I am your new jonin instructor." He beamed proudly.

"No you're not!" the blond shouted.

"Sorry to break to you gaki but I am your sensei once again."

"I don't believe this." Naruto grumbled.

"I was stuck with you and your perverted ways for the past three years now I'm stuck with you again?"

"That's right. Now meet me on the roof."

The four went up on the roof and sat down.

"Okay now normally we would go and introduce ourselves but we all know each other so well so I am going to cut to the chase. Tommorow you three will meet me in the training fields number 7. There we will have a little survival exercise deal?"




"Good now go home and get some rest. Oh and don't eat anything. Or you might throw up." With that said squad seven separated and headed home. Of course Naruto decided to walk Sakura home.


Naruto entered his home.

"Mom I'm home!"

Orihime walked out of the kitchen and smiled at her son.

"Hi honey, how was your day?"

"Great, except the fact that ero-sennin is my teacher…again."

Still being the optimistic person that she was Orihime smiled at her son.

"Don't worry Naruto; I am pretty sure that he can train you to become much stronger than you already are,"

"I guess," he couldn't help but smile. His mother's smile was so contagious you couldn't help but smile along with her.

"That's the spirit now go wash up; dinner will be ready in a few."


Later that night

After giving her son his good night kiss Orihime decided to head out to the garden. It was such a lovely night she couldn't help it. She looked up to see the stars and the cresset moon. It was times like these that she missed Minato. Her baby blue eyes continue to stare at the beautiful night before her.

"I miss you Minato,"

"I miss you to Hime,"

The orange hair girl's eyes widen in surprise. She turned around and saw the one person she wanted to see more than anything.

Orihime couldn't help but stare into his eyes…she didn't want to believe it but he was standing right here in front of him in the flesh…

"Minato-kun?" the cero espada smiled at his princess. He took small cautious steps. After a while he finally reached her. Slowly he placed his hand on her cheek and caressed it.

"Yes hime,"

"Is this really you? please tell me that what I'm seeing is really you and not some dream my mind made up."

*Laughs* do you really think your mind can make something this good looking?" he joked.

Orihime felt tears of joy running down her cheeks.

"MINATO!" she wrapped her arms around him and began to cry tears of joy.


Orihime was pulled out of her slumber by her son yelling at her."

"What, what huh?" she looked around to see she was in her room and her son was standing at the edge of his bed.

"I said time to get up."

Orihime could feel her heart breaking. It was all just a dream. Minato was dead and no matter how badly she wished otherwise he wasn't coming back.

"Right, sorry." Naruto smiled at his mom and went outside to give her some privacy. Orihime wanted to cry but she wouldn't. It was a dream. Nothing more, nothing less. And yet it felt oh so real. She shook her head and decided to get ready for the day.

Hueco Mundo

Las Noches

"So did you enjoy your night?" Katherine asked in a mock tone.

Minato playfully glared at her.

"Shut up,"

Katherine continued to smile at her baby brother.

"Aww my baby's all grown up," she cooed.

Now normally he wouldn't punch girls unless they attacked him but she was annoying him. Bonking her on the head he headed back to his room. He was real thankful for that jutsu that Jiriaya-sensei showed him.

Training grounds 7

6:12 a.m.

The three genin sat down eating a nutrient bar.

"Okay you guys, knowing how this works we're gonna have to do teamwork exercise." Stated Naruto.

"Right, so what's the plan?"

Naruto smirked.

Two hours later

Jiriaya came to the training grounds and found his team looking ready for whatever he had in store for them.

Jiriaya smirked; they were going to be in quite a shock.

"Well are you three ready for your test?"

The three genin nodded their heads.

"Good, now for your test you will be in a sparring match with me."

"WHAT?" the three shouted.

Jiriaya couldn't help but laugh at their reactions.

"What? I've known you three since you were eight and I've seen your team work. With the right training you three could be the best of the best. So instead of having a team work exersices which I know you will all pass we are going to have a sparring match."

The three looked at each other than at their sensei.

"Alright, you have until lunch time…begin!"

The three genin separated and went to go hide.

"Hmm…even though this is a sparring match they are still treating it like team work exercise." He mumbled.

He could tell that they were well hidden.

Naruto was up in the trees hidding his restiu.

Sakura was underground waiting for the right moment to strike.

And Sasuke was hidding somewhere along the bushes.

"Good very-"


Sakura burst from the ground and punch Jiriaya square in the jaw, Sasuke emerge from the bushes.

"Move Sakura!" she cartwheeled away from the man. Jiriaya looked up to see the Uchiha with his sharigan activated.

"Fire style phoenix flower jutsu."

The flames almost had him if he hadn't moved just in the nick of time.

"RASENGAN!" the toad sanin looked up to see that his student was about to attack him. He was about to doge him when he saw that the flames were surrounding him. Crap, the attack was a diversion, he was supposed to doge them so that they could engulf him and trap him.

He didn't have time to move, Naruto landed in the middle and jabbed his rasengan in the center of his master's chest. Jiriaya's back met the tree and broke it in two. He could feel pain in his torso and mid-back. Smart move; the three of them were able to trap him without him realizing it.

The three landed in front of him with Naruto in the middle Sakura to his left and Sasuke to his right.

He got up and nodded in approval.

"Not bad, but the three of you are gonna have to do better than that."

"We know," Naruto smirked. The three disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Shadow clones, nice. But don't forget you guys aren't the only one who can do shadow clones."

Up in the trees

"You think he knows where we are?" Sakura asked Naruto. Before the blond could reply he felt a chill run up and down his spine.

"That would be a yes," the three jumped out of their skins causing them to lose their footing and landed hard on the floor.

Before Jiriaya could jump he felt someone behind him. He turned to see Naruto jumping from a tree branch with a kunai in his hand.

"Heh, you'll have to do better than that gaki." Jiriaya pulled out his own kunai and throw at Naruto. the knife landed in the center of his chest, instead of bleeding Naruto exploded.

"Damn it!" the sanin crashed and landed with a big splash in the water. He opened his eyes to see Sakura, she did a few hand signs that Jiriaya knew too well.

Sasuke and Naruto stood at the edge waiting.

Before Sakura could finish her hand signs Jiriaya quickly formed a rasengan and jammed it into her tummy, Sakura felt the pain but tried to hold in. Jiriaya then grabbed her in a choke whole and jumped out of the water.

Sasuke and Naruto saw someone coming out of the water. They were ready, what they weren't ready for was to see Jiriaya holding a struggling Sakura.

"Well boys, you've planned well. Now let's see what you can do." The toad sanin held a kunai to Sakura's cheek and waited to see what his two students will do.

Sasuke looked at Naruto, said boy nodded his head. Sasuke pulled out some shurikins and tossed them to the toad sanin. Somehow Jiriaya knew that the shurikins were another diversion so he lifted Sakura's arms and used them to shield himself. Sakura bit her tongue so she wouldn't scream. The last thing she wanted was for Naruto to know she was in pain.

Naruto glared at his sensei and began to curse himself for letting Sakura be the one to lure him out of the water. He couldn't believe it he just couldn't. He really wanted to kill this man but it took all his will power not to kill him since he had him right where he wanted.

He then got an idea. He closed his eyes and concentrated. Jiriaya saw that the boy was focusing on his shun shun rika.

"I was wondering when you were going to use that,"

A beam of orange light went straight at him. Before Jiriaya could do anything the light surrounded Sakura, Jiriaya looked down to see that little by little his arm was peeling away.

"Damn it." He shoved Sakura away; as soon as she was out of harm's way Sasuke quickly performed his fire style jutsu while Naruto performed a wind jutsu.

Jiriaya saw that Naruto's winds made Sasuke's flames ten times stronger. Before he could do anything the flames surrounded him and right before they could burn him he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Sakura ran to join her comrades. The three of them stood in a circle and looked around to see if they could spot their target.

"Any sign of him?"



The three looked around to see if they could spot their sensei.

"He's not to our right,"

"He's not on our left,"

"I don't sense him below."

"That mean's…HE'S ABOVE!" the three genin looked up to see their sensei coming down on them with a kunai in hand. Naruto quickly grabbed Sakura and activated another shield.

As soon as Jiriaya made contact with the shield he felt his life force being drained while at the same time he felt pain coursing through his veins.

He quickly got off and landed on the ground crouched like a lion.

Naruto deactivated his shield he and Sasuke got in front of Sakura and were ready for another attack. Before either can attack they heard the bell ring ending their sparring.

The team dropped their guard and stood there facing each other. Jiriaya dusted himself and was impress with his team.

"I must say, I am very impress with you. Your team work was by far the best I've seen. Although you did have a few flaws in them."

"What do you mean?" Sakura asked.

"I mean Naruto and Sasuke," the two boys straighten their spines and waited to hear what their sensei had to say.

"Sakura is a big girl, there will be times when on missions they would go after her because she is a girl, if that happens ignore your brotherly/lover instincts and continue to face your opponent. If an enemy saw this they would use it to their advantage. Understood?" both boy didn't look at their sensei. As much as they hated to admit it he was right.

"Sakura, next time someone catches you fight harder. Remember its' your life or your enemy's and please chose yours."

Sakura nodded her head agreeing with him.

"Now one more thing before we call it a day. I want the three of you to focus a small bit of chakra into the paper, when you do this it'll tell you what your element is." The three nodded and did as they were told.

Sasuke saw his paper burst into flames and the crumpled.

"Hmm…it seems that you have both fire and lighting type chakra."

Sasuke nodded his head in agreement.

Sakura's paper also crumbled and then turned into dust.

"Well not surprise that you can control the earth but you also have an affinity for lighting."

She looked up and smiled at him but her eyes betrayed what she was really feeling. He would have to talk to her about this later.

"Whoa," Naruto interrupted his musings. He turned to see that his paper split into four equal sized pieces one was soaked, another turned to ash, the third crumpled, and the last turned to dust.

"It would seem that you have an equal affinity for all four elements."

"What does that mean?"

"You'll find out later, now all of you go home and get some rest squad seven starts its' first mission tommorow."


Naruto and Sakura walked home together; having already dropping off Sasuke Naruto offered to walk Sakura home. Something was bothering her, ever since they found out their elements she's been rather quiet.

Naruto being Naruto decided to see what's up.

"You okay?" he asked her.

Her green eyes met his blue eyes.

"I have the same as her."

He didn't have to ask who her was. It was her sister, the one she loved more than anything in this world. Well besides him of course. Sakura told him how she went on a mission one day, came back and how her family disowned her.

Sakura never knew why and her family never bothered to tell her. The only thing she had of her was her flute that she would always play to Sakura whenever she was upset.

He put an arm around her and kissed the top of her head.

"Don't worry Sakura, this just means that you and here were so close that you have the same affinity." He encouraged her.

Sakura couldn't help but smile at him. He always had a way to cheer her up.

"Thank you,"

"You're welcome little blossom." All too soon they reached her house. Naruto kissed her forehead, then her cheeks, then her chin and finally her lips. He could feel Sakura's own lips becoming a smile. All to soon he pulled back and gave her one final kiss on the forehead.

"Sweet dreams Sakura,"

"Sweet dreams Naurto,"

Naruto waited until she was inside before he headed home. Things couldn't get any much better. How wrong he was…

Reminds me again it's worth it all
So I can go home

All of my memories keep you near
In silent moments, imagine you'd be here
All of my memories keep you near
Your silent whispers, silent tears

Together in all these memories
I see your smile
All the memories I hold dear
Darling, you know I'll love you till the end of time

All of my memories keep you near
In silent moments, imagine you'd be here
All of my memories keep you near
Your silent whispers, silent tears
All of my memories

****Sneak Preview time****

Aizen couldn't believe it how could he be so stupid and not realize that his perfect weapon was right in front of him this whole time

"So it's true Minato and Orihime have a son…"


Ichigo searched and searched but couldn't find anything, he was getting annoyed with this but he would not give up…something caught his eye; it was a note in Orihime's handwriting…


Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke knew they were trapped. They had to get out this before it was too late before any of them could react someone grabbed Sakura and pulled her to his chest.

"Move and she dies," he hissed at them. Both Naruto and Sasuke didn't know what to do…before either of the three could do anything they heard a whistling sound.

"Get your dirty hands off my sister!" team seven looked up to see three figures on top of a tree.

"No way…Tayuya?"

"Hello baby sister long time no see…"


His head was hurting, he didn't know what was wrong with him all he knew was that his pain involved his hollow side...


Orihime pulled out a kunai and took her stance

"It's been a while hime,"

"Yes it has..."

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