Yours for Eternity

Vladimir is back and starting ninth grade. His best friend's, Henry's, cousins are moving to Bathory. How will Vlad handle blood cravings, high school, and a new crush? AU and OC's. I do not own the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod.





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Chapter One: Moving In

Hana McMillan stood in the LAX airport with her elder twin brother Joss. The two both had the same blonde hair, but Joss had blue eyes while Hana had green. Hana wore a black dress, green converse, and elbow length fingerless gloves. Joss wore blue jeans, a green shirt, and black vans.

Suddenly a blue blur ran into Hana and Joss yelling, "Hana-Chan!" Alicia Thompson stood in front of her best friend, jumping up and down for eating too much sugar. Alicia and Hana have been best friends since first grade.

*Six year old Hana and Joss had just moved to LA. They started school, but had a separate class.

It was time for recess and Hana was on the swings. No one in her class had spoken to her all morning. Out of all the children one girl stood out: Alicia. She was very… different.

All she ate were rainbow sprinkles. She was also different, because she had a tattoo of three claw marks on her left cheek. Alicia wore blue and had brown hair and blue eyes… with slit-like pupils.

Little Hana was pulled out of her thoughts by Alicia saying, "Hi, you're the new girl right? My name is Alicia Thompson."*

The two girls became friends instantly. Only two years later Hana discovered Alicia was a werewolf. At the time Alicia and Hana had both found out that Hana was a witch. Hana and Alicia soon both learned how to control their powers together and became inseparable.

Alicia was still different. She only allowed people to call her sprinkles, except for Hana, and most of the time she acted like a dog. Recently Alicia was diagnosed as bipolar. At first she refused to take medication, before Hana started mixing it with her sprinkles.

Hana was brought back to the present when Joss hugged Alicia. The three then boarded the plane. The flight was calm until a small child started to cry. Alicia soon became very annoyed and started growling. When the boy's mother went into the restroom Alicia turned and glared evilly at the boy. The rest of the flight was spent without a whimper from the child.

** Time skip **

When their flight landed the three teens went to find the twins' aunt and uncle. Hana spotted them next to the food court. Their Aunt Matilda walked over and gave the girls a hug and kiss while Uncle Peter shook Joss's hand. Alicia, Hana, and Joss collected their bags and, soon, the four McMillan's and Thompson were driving to Bathory. Once at the McMillan's home they were greeted by Hanna's cousin Henry.

"Finally you guys are here! Come on in I'll show you your rooms," He said enthusiastically. Hana and Alicia shared the room next to Henry's. Joss decided to share Henry's room with him while staying with his relatives.

About an hour later was dinner. Aunt Matilda cooked steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans. Peter and Greg, Henry's older brother, came in from watching a sports game. Peter said grace before everyone started to eat. Alicia ate some steak before getting out a sprinkled covered sucker.

"Henry, tomorrow Joss, Hana, and… Sprinkles are going to walk with you and Vladimir to school." Matilda said to her youngest son. Henry nodded before continuing eating his potatoes.

Alicia looked up at the sound of her name. "Who's Vladimir?" she asked looking between Matilda and Henry.

"He's Henry's best friend," Greg answered before turning back to his conversation with Joss and Peter. Hana nodded to show her understanding.

Later that night as Hana and Alicia got ready for bed Alicia brought up the subject of Vlad again.

"Do you know anything about this Vlad person?" She asked as she pulled out her huge anime character shirt and basketball shorts along with a dog plushy.

Hana pulled out her black and white snowflake sweats and matching tank top. "Not really, all I know is he's real quite. I think he may be Goth or emo or something like that." She said.

"Ohh, okay g'night," Alicia replied.

Hana got into bed and turned the light off. "Night," she whispered.

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