Yours for Eternity

Vladimir is back and starting ninth grade. His best friend's, Henry's, cousins are moving to Bathory. How will Vlad handle blood cravings, high school, and a new crush? AU and OC's. I do not own the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod.





**Time Skip**

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Chapter Thirteen: Party Time

First thing that Alicia and Hana did was call Vladimir, Joss and Henry. Once the three boys were there they were dragged through the house up into the girls' room. The three stared at the girls/boys in confusion. Hana sighed loudly before speaking up.

"Guys we have a bit of a situation at the moment." Alicia nodded excitedly.

Vlad looked at Alicia before asking Hana, "What did she do now?" Alicia glared evilly at Vlad, who flinched back.

"I didn't do anything, vampy." Alicia grinned smugly at him.

"Actually," Hana said. "You did knock us into the potion I was making for you. So, technically, it was your fault." Alicia pouted at her best friend and Vlad grinned at Henry and Joss.

Henry and Joss glanced at each other before asking simultaneously, "What the fuck is going on here?" Vlad looked at Hana, who seemed to be having silent conversation together.

Hana sat on her bed before explaining, "Well, you see this is hard to explain, but basically I'm a witch and Alicia is a werewolf. I was making her a potion that would stall her transformation when something happened. The next thing we know is that we were on the floor passed out and turned into guys."

Alicia nodded and added, "Yeah, so now we need your guy's help to figure out how we are going to pull it off without people realizing that we are actual guys." Joss thought for a moment, pacing.

"I got it!" Joss yelled, startling everybody. "Tonight is the Halloween party you two were planning. You can say that you decided to dress as guys as a costume." He grinned at his sister, "I'll give you some of my clothes to wear and Alicia can wear Henry's clothes." Hana jumped onto her brother.

"That's perfect Joss! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Hana said. She pulled back with a large evil grin on her face. "Well, if we are cross-dressing for Halloween then I can only hope that my dear boyfriend and my loving family will follow my thoughts on their costumes." The three teen boys could only look on in horror as the girls/boys pounced on them with make-up and other beauty products.

Hana and Alicia walked into the basement turned dance floor while dragging three boys in dresses with the works. Joss wore a sky blue strapless dress and black high heels. His make-up was very sparkly and shiny. Henry wore a red over the shoulder dress, also in black heels and sparkles. Vladimir was wearing a purple spaghetti strap dress and black heels. His make-up was done the most elaborate. Everyone stared as Hana pulled Vlad over to the table filled with all sorts of goodies.

"Hana I thought you loved me? Why are you doing this to me," Vladimir groaned loudly.

She grinned and kissed his cheek. "Oh hush you, you only have to be dressed like this for an hour then you can go hide up stairs if you want to."

As the night went on Hana lost track of her boyfriend and didn't notice he had gone outside until she realized that there was a fight between him, Tom and Bill. She raced outside in time to see him make Tom fly through the air with his vampire strength. As they went inside Henry's mom called Nelly.

Nelly stormed into the house in her pajamas and bunny slippers.

"Car. Now." She barked at Vlad, who walked outside, without saying goodnight to Hana, with his head hanging slightly.

After that Henry's mom began calling all of the parents to explain why their children needed to be picked up earlier than planned.

Hana and Alicia were pouring over every single book Hana had on potions, trying to find some way to reverse what had happened to them. They sat quietly for almost three hours before Alicia whooped.

"What happened?" Hana asked, slightly annoyed. Alicia grinned widely and held up the book she had.

"I found it," She said simply.