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One other thing I like to point out. I don't abuse Ron as some silly sidekick as others have claimed. I do like to write Ron in impossible situations that only a true underdog of exceptional bravery could ever survive. Why? Because he's not the Chosen one by birth or design. Instead, he's an everyday guy that has to endure through adversity with bravery, humor, common sense, and a bit of luck. To me, that is what makes Ronald Weasley an exceptional character to write about.

Beta's Note: What a nice end to a lovely fic. I hope you enjoyed it! Ron rarely gets his due and even if he isn't your favorite, you have to respect that. Come on, ladies, isn't it always a treat to hear about how boys think? Even if you disagree, I hope you enjoyed the journey.


Epilogue: Sinking quick

Six months later


"Ron!" Hermione shouted impatiently at him. "I have some family news."

Ron looked up from the ever present stacks of invoices and delivery orders on his desk to see his wife entering his office. Despite her yelling from inside the shop, she was blushed with excitement. Ron faked a bit of interest seeing how the family news was probably going to involve Bill and Fleur's new baby, Victoire. He's heard enough baby stories the last two months to make him wish Hermione and he never had any themselves. It would be much easier that way instead of having to sit through hours and hours of family photos of everyone holding the newborn. Not to mention, he wouldn't have to force a smile for the wizard's camera after just getting thrown-up on by his new baby cousin.

"I just spoke with Ginny and Harry has agreed to go with you. He's really keen on the whole idea." Hermione spoke as if Ron already knew what she was talking about.

Ron showed his confusion before asking, "Going where?"

Hermione rolled her eyes a bit before answering, "I told you last week."

Ron inwardly groaned that Hermione probably had said something to him about it, but he couldn't remember what it was. Of course, the trick with Hermione was he couldn't admit to not remembering as this would swiftly invite a lecture from her on not properly listening to her. It was a complicate paradox, which even Harry had admitted to him that all men suffer from.

"About that thing," ad-libbed Ron in the hopes that Hermione would reveal what that thing actually was.

"Yes, the father son fishing trip on his new boat. Harry said he's never been fishing-"

Ron's eyes bulged at the realization that Hermione had just agreed for him to take a death ride on his Dad's boat.

"Hermione – are you trying to kill me?!" Ron interrupted her with brute honesty.

Hermione seemed a bit shocked with his reaction. "No… not right now. Why do you think I'm trying to kill you?"

"You just agreed for me to ride on my Dad's boat. The very one he rebuilt from the last time he almost killed me on it." Ron profusely argued.

Hermione wasn't the least bit impress with his sound argument. "It was the Immortals that almost killed you, not the boat. Now stop being a baby. You'll be fine. Harry will be there with you on the boat while Molly, Ginny, and I will be watching you from a seaside café in Brighton. You have nothing to worry about and it's going to be a nice family outing for all of us."

"Oh good, you'll be close by to hear all the screaming," Ron stated in a deadpan voice.

Hermione refused to believe him, "There will be no screaming."

Ron resolutely told her in earnest, "Trust me Hermione – there will be screaming."

Hermione ad-libbed with a bit of cheek, "If you feel that strongly about it then get Harry to hook your bait."

Ron shook his head no. "Funny Hermione, but I'm not going."

"You have to go. Your mother has insisted that you go along with your dad. Moreover, your father is really looking forward to it. He's already been going around the Ministry telling everyone that your last catch was Umbridge and he's expecting to get something even bigger this time around."

Ron hated that bloody lie of a fishing legend of how he captured Umbridge. "We didn't catch her, I arrested her. And if there any bigger than Umbridge, we won't be able to haul it into the boat."

"Relax, Ron. I seriously don't believe you boys will catch anything more than a few small fish."

"I would be so lucky if that's all that happens." Ron declared to his naïve wife.


Feeling a bit in trepidation, Ron dutifully walked to his father's garage while carrying his old fishing pole. A beaming Harry carrying his own brand new fishing pole shortly joined him.

"Hermione told me I'm going to have to bait your hook." Harry informed him in a cheeky voice.

"Funny Harry." Ron responded while taking a glancing swipe at an amused Harry with the fishing pole he was carrying.

He missed hitting him, as Harry knew he would.

"Ronald!?" His Mum yelled from inside the house.

Ron stopped walking to yell back at the house. "I'm out here!"

His Mum quickly opened the Burrow's front door carrying a brown paper bag with her. A happy and alert Hermione and an unhappy and sleepy Ginny soon followed his Mum outside. Ron noticed how Ginny looked even more pregnant than he last seen her.

"Any bigger and she have to magically enlarge the door and grease her arse for her to get through it." Ron devilishly thought to himself about his sister.

"I've made some sandwiches for you boys to eat." His Mum proudly informed them as she handed the bag over to Harry.

"Thank you, Mum."

"Thank you, Mrs. Weasley."

"Harry dear, I've told you several times. You're family now and you can call me Mum."

Ron watched as his brother-in-law swelled up in pride and contentment. It was this type of misplaced desire to be part of the family that made Harry volunteer to go fishing.

"You're a bloody idiot," Ron thought of Harry, as Harry looked proudly from Ginny to his Mum to Hermione and then over to him. "Let's see how you feel when you're screaming for your life."

"Ron, I'll be taking the car to drive us to Brighton as Ginny can't apparate-" Hermione informed him.

"I'm a swelling tomato," moaned Ginny looking and feeling miserable about her pregnant weight.

"Oh, Ginny, you look fine." His Mum argued.

"Ginny, it's just a few more months." Harry appeased his wife.

"—while she's pregnant." Hermione finished and then gave him a stern look for him to keep his opinion to himself and not make Ginny feel even worse.

"After we do some baby shopping we'll be watching the three of you from shore." His mum informed them. "Now if there is any trouble…"

"Trouble? You mean about to die trouble?" Ron critically said aloud.

"Something like that. Just shoot a flare in the sky from your wand." His mum suggested to him in a knowing fashion.

"Oh they'll be fine," scoffed Hermione before she walked over to him and kissed him goodbye.

"I hold you responsible for our death," Ron warned his wife and her accessory guilt to his involuntary death.

Hermione sneered and rolled her eyes before playfully telling Ron, "Fine. I'll shamelessly throw myself on top of your coffin for forgiveness."

"I hope you look hideous in all black." Ron mentioned to her, as she left him to get in the car.

Ginny on the other hand wasn't willing to accept Harry's death as easily. "Ron, I'm holding you personally responsible if Harry doesn't make it back alive."

She kissed Harry on the lips and then waddled over to his car to sit in the backseat.


Ron looked over his shoulder to see a puff of black smoke through the windows of his Dad's garage. Shortly thereafter, the side door opened and Dad's tools were frantically hopping out of the garage. They were desperately trying to escape for freedom.

"Cough, cough, cough… get back here." His blackened face Dad ordered from the garage door.

"Oh dear," moaned his Mum.

All of Dad's tools including the fire extinguisher were magically hopping to both his Mum and his direction in the hope they could somehow save them from his Dad.

"Mr. Weasley, are you okay?" Harry asked in a surprised and worried tone at his Dad's appearance.

His blackened face Dad was wearing the same silly fisherman clothes that he wore when he rescued him from the France Ministry. Ever the optimist that would never admit failure on one of his hobby, he cheerfully responded back to Harry. "Couldn't be better, Harry. Can't wait to go fishing. I just thought I should take some of the tools with us."

Ron could feel several of the tools behind his legs shivering in fear.

"Arthur, there's not much room on your boat. It would be better if I take them with me in Hermione's car." His Mum bargained his Dad, with the tools happily hopping up and down at her proposal.

Ron didn't even wait for his Dad's reluctant agreement as he took out his wand and magically opened the trunk to their car. The tools swiftly hopped over to the car, jumped into the trunk, and loudly slammed it shut before his Dad could even say a word about it.

"Now you boys have fun and nothing… too dangerous." His mum suggested and then specifically gave him a worried look.

"Molly, we'll be fine. Now you girls go have fun shopping." His Dad offered, before kissing his Mum on the cheek leaving a nice black smudge on her face.

"Come on Mum. I need to go to the loo." Ginny complained from the backseat window of his car.

"Every five minutes," softly groaned Harry.

"Why didn't you go before you got in the car?" His Mum asked, as she left his Dad, Harry, and himself to join the girls in the car.

"She did." Harry answered, knowing full well that Ginny couldn't hear him.

The car soon rolled away leaving them to their untimely fate.

"Boys, who's up to catching some big fish today," his Dad boasted to both of them.

"Looking forward to it," Harry excitedly replied.

Ron said nothing if for no other reason than not being disrespectful to his Dad. Instead, he solemnly walked into his Dad's garage and was immediately greeted with the magically engineering of his Dad's labors. The same boat that had been wrapped around a tree was now whole and straight again. Well not entirely, as he walked around to the back of the boat he noticed the front of it stuck out a little bit to the right.

"This is going to be fun," Harry remarked to his Dad and him after seeing the boat for the first time.

Ron involuntarily rolled his eyes as he tossed his fishing pole in to the boat.

"Now boys, let me go over some of the nautical terms you need to know." His Dad proudly lectured to them. "The front of the boat is called a Bow. The back of the boat is called a Stern. The left of the boat is called Starboard. No that's Port, yes that right… the left is Port and the right is Starboard."

"Why is that Mr. Weasley?" Harry eagerly asked his proud Dad like it was his first day at Hogwarts.

"I think it has something to do with using the loo. Muggles, they always come up with these interesting names for things." His Dad answered, even though Ron was sure there was more to it than what his Dad knew.

"Now let's all get in and we can make it out to the Channel before any of the other boats get out there." His Dad instructed them, as he boarded the boat and set down in the driver seat.

"Mr. Weasley, I heard the English Channel was the busiest shipping lane in the world." Harry informed them, as he boarded the boat and took the empty seat behind his Dad.

His Dad excitedly asked, "Is it really?!"

Ron groaned aloud as he took the same seat he rode in before.

"I'll never forgive you for this, Hermione."

"Yes sir," Harry cautiously answered his Dad's question.

"Wouldn't that be something to see." His Dad said in eagerness.

"Why me Merlin, why?"

"Hold on boys this might be a bumpy ride till we get to the water."

"Now the screaming starts." Ron surmised, as he tightly gripped the bottom of his fishing chair while the boat magically rose up and flew out of his Dad's garage.


Hermione's POV:

She requested the waiter to sit them at the table closest to the beach with the best Ocean view. To which he did and after Molly and she set down, they patiently waited for Ginny to re-join them from another loo visit. As they waited, it didn't take long for her to spot a small white boat on the horizon.

"I think that's them." Hermione pointed the boat out to Molly.

"Where… oh yes, I see them. Whew, at least they haven't sunk." Molly stated in equal parts of surprise and relief.

Hermione scoffed a little, "Haha, oh they're fine. Ron always overreacts."

Molly was of a different opinion on the matter. "No dear, I'm afraid Ron is a bit more … er experienced when it comes to Arthurs' hobbies. To be honest, I wouldn't agree to this if Ron wasn't here. Hopefully, this fishing trip will break in Harry and they can start to take turns with Arthur."

"Turns?" Hermione asked in confusion.

"Yes, none of the other boys will go with Arthur. Until Harry, Ron was the only one brave enough."

Hermione seemed to be a little bit hesitant to challenge her mother-in-law on the subject and was relieved to see Ginny join them from the loo.

"Did they make it in one piece?" Ginny inquired to the both of them.

"Let me check." Molly answered, as she reached into her handbag and pulled out a brass Omnioculars.

"I think Arthur has something."


Ron's POV:

His Dad had gracefully landed the boat a few kilometers off Brighton beach. This in itself made him even madder if he had experienced a hellish flight to the water. It wasn't. The flight was smoother than flying his own broomstick.

"Why in Merlin's name did we not fly out of the French Ministry?" Ron said to himself, as he started to question the basic framework that nothing that his Dad worked on performed like it was suppose too.

"Okay boys; let me start the outboard engine and we'll go a bit further out." His Dad proudly announced.

"Okay the flying car in second year was ruddy at flying, but good at driving. This boat is good at flying, so it must be… wait a second. Was the car supposed to be a flying machine or a driving machine?" Ron considered.


"Yes Son?" His Dad automatically answered while pointing his wand at the throttle.

"Was the family car supposed to be a flying machine or something we were meant to drive?"

Ron never got an answer as the boat lurched forward a few meters than abruptly stopped. The forward momentum sent everyone flying off their seats.

Harry with his glasses skewed on his face was the first to complain after hitting his head on the side of the boat. "Oi."

Ron wasn't feeling any better after almost getting tossed off the front end of the boat into the water.

"Sorry about that boys. The engine is a bit temperamental since rescuing Ron from Paris." His Dad offered an explanation as the outboard motor was now puffing out a white cloud of smoke.

"Perhaps Mr. Weasley, we should start fishing right here. It should be deep enough." Harry suggested, as he fixed his glasses on his face.

"You sure, Harry?" His Dad hesitantly asked. "I thought the farther away from shore the deeper the water."

Ron, facing away from his father and Harry, rolled his eyes at the loony thought of going someplace that was even deeper and further away from land.

"The channel is really deep, Mr. Weasley." Harry pleasantly answered, then reached over to his new fishing pole to use. "Ron, give me a second and I'll bait your hook."

Ron gave a sneering look at a cheeky Harry and his chuckling father before pulling out his own fishing pole to fish with. His Dad on the other hand magically enlarged a huge three meter fishing pole with a shiny brass reel that had several ivory knobs attached to it.

"Stanley from the Spirit Division was nice enough to let me borrow his magical fishing pole. I promised him I wouldn't catch anything less than a meter off it." His Dad announced to both of them. "The hook has been magically charmed to catch the biggest fish in the area."

Harry youthfully responded, "This is going to be fun. No paperwork, no meetings-"

"No life preservers," added Ron, soft enough so that his Dad or Harry couldn't overhear him.

"—no official investigations, and nowhere to be but right here."


Ron looked back at the boat to see that Dad's borrowed fishing pole was letting out spools of fishing line.

"Ha-ha-ha! I got you now!" His Dad proudly boasted.


Hermione's POV:

She magically pulled out two pairs of Omnioculars from her small hand purse for Ginny and her to use. The Omnioculars were especially good at Quidditch games when you needed to zoom in and replay what happened. This was fortunate, as she had to rewind several times for her to believe what she was actually seeing on the ocean.

"Is that a…" Ginny asked her in disbelief after viewing the same thing she was watching.

Hermione grudgingly answered, "Yes… it's a whale. I think it's a Sperm Whale. They're the largest toothed whale species on the planet."

Molly had a different mindset than both Ginny and herself. "Oh for Merlin-sake, Arthur - let it go. I'm not going to cook it no matter how much you beg."

"Molly, I don't think you will be able to cook it. It's over forty tons… and I think they are restricted."

"Forty tons?!" Molly gasped. "Merlin's beard, I'm not cooking it and that's final."

Ginny started giggling aloud as Hermione returned her attention to watching Ron and Harry struggling to keep Mr. Weasley inside the boat.

"Oh look, it's dragging the boat. Those whales must be really good swimmers." Ginny commented to both of them.

"Wait… I see another boat." Ginny observed to them as she started clicking on the Omnioculars brass levers. "Ooooh that is a big one."

Hermione's heart raced as she took her view off Ron's boat toward a rather large white top and black hull ocean liner steaming directly toward the boys. She clicked on the Omnioculars to make out the ships' name written on the side of the hull.

"It's the Queen Mary 2." Hermione announced with a pitch of fear in her voice

"Surely Arthur must see it." Molly grasped.

Hermione could make out the faint and distant sound of a horn blowing from the ocean liner.


Harry's POV:

He held tightly on to Mr. Weasley and his fishing pole as they were being dragged through the waters in an increasing speed. It didn't help that Ron, who was also holding on to Mr. Weasley and the fishing pole, was shouting at him to cut the fishing line.

"CUT THE BLOODY LINE!" Ron roared in his ear.

"No don't do that, grunt, we just need to wear him out before we can haul him in to the boat." Mr. Weasley argued against Ron's order. "Oh you're not going anywhere big boy… this line is unbreakable."

"Dad, he's bigger than the bloody boat. He won't fit!" Ron shouted with the strain of holding on to the fishing pole and each other was starting to get to him.

Mr. Weasley as determined as ever to pull in the boat what looked like a whale offered a solution. "We can shrink him… then enlarge him… grunt, when we get him back home."

The idea didn't sit well with Ron. "Dad, he's bigger than the bloody house."

Harry had to agree with Ron, but right now all he could think of was attaching the fishing pole to a holder that was on Ron's chair. "Mr. Weasley! Put the pole into the holder before we lose it."

"Harry, just cut the bloody line!" Ron shouted in disagreement.

Harry snapped back at Ron for shouting in his ear. "It's unbreakable you git."

"Boys - no fighting." Mr. Weasley ordered, as he struggled to put the fishing pole into the holder as Harry suggested. "Save your fighting-"


Harry jumped at the noise of a very large horn and bell. He stood completely frozen when he noticed that they were crossing the path of a very large ship.

"Hold on Harry," Ron shouted at him before he grabbed him and leaped to the back of the boat.




Hermione's POV:

"Ron!" Hermione shouted at the sight of Ron and Harry disappearing after getting run over by the Queen Mary.

"Where's Harry and Ron?! I don't see them!" A frantic Ginny beside her demanded to know.

Ginny was frantically clicking lever after lever on her Omnioculars looking for Harry and Ron.

"There's your father," rejoiced Molly as she pointed toward the ocean.

She straightaway scanned the horizon away from the ocean liner to see a Mr. Weasley still holding his fishing pole and just as determined to pull in the whale. She had a feeling he hadn't even noticed that they were just hit by the Queen Mary or that Ron and Harry were missing.

"Is he… where's the rest of the boat?" Molly asked after zooming in to see Mr. Weasley was only in the front half of his boat.

Hermione gulped after replaying the scene of them getting hit by the ship on her Omnioculars. "They're… they're on the other half of the boat. On the other side of the Queen Mary. Ron grabbed Harry and leaped to the back of the boat before they got hit."

She didn't know which was worse. The possibility that Ron could be dead after getting run over by a ship or him being alive to constantly remind her that he was right about his father's boat and his hobbies.

"I should've told him before he left." Hermione said aloud in regret.

"Tell him what dear?" Molly calmly asked her.

If anything Molly seemed completely not surprised by what just happened. In fact, she was more interested in what Hermione was talking about.

Hermione confessed even though she had wanted to tell Ron first. "I'm pregnant."

Ginny rejoiced in celebration, forgetting for a second that both of them might be widowers.


Ron's POV:


After recovering from the shock of being hit by a bloody large ship, he looked down to notice water was pouring into the boat from the broken center of the boat.

"I thought he did an unsinkable charm." Harry yelled over at him as they both stood up on the back half of the sinking boat.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

"He probably just did it on the front half." Ron answered him then realized he had no choice but to abandon the sinking boat. "Jump!"

They both dived over the side before the boat went under. He didn't take long for him to regret the decision as the ocean was freezing cold.

"Ron! Ron!"

Ding, Ding, Ding.

"Pft, over here Harry!"

"Swim for it!"

Ron felt a swift undertow dragging him closer to the ship passing them by. He suddenly realized what Harry was trying to tell him. The ship's propellers were sucking them in to be chopped up into sliced lamb meat.

He wildly started swimming away from the ship as fast as he could. By the grace of Merlin, he had always been a fast swimmer and if ever there was a moment when it was needed now was the time.


Ginny's POV:

Ginny was ecstatic that Hermione was pregnant and would be sharing in the same experience that she was suffering from.

"We really are sisters." She shouted after hugging a nodding Hermione in congratulations.

"Incredible good news!" Her mum excitedly congratulated Hermione with a hug after Ginny released her. "Another grandchild, Arthur will be so pleased to hear it."

"Thank you, Ginny, Molly, but please don't tell Ron. I haven't even told him yet." Hermione pleaded to the both of them.

"Oh he'll be excited for sure." Her mum declared to the both of them. "Just like Harry was when Ginny told him."

The mention of Harry's name reminded Ginny that they both were still missing. She quickly lifted her Omnioculars to find her missing husband and brother. After the rather large boat had passed, a few minutes went by before she noticed Harry and Ron swimming over to her Dad and his half of the boat.

"There they are! They're swimming over to Dad."

"Where is the other half of the boat," Hermione asked as if it was a mathematical question of a missing constant.

She merely shrugged her shoulders while watching Harry climbing aboard Dad's half of the boat.


Ron's POV:

He was exhausted. His heart was racing but the rest of his extremities were going into hypothermia. He knew it wouldn't be long before he wouldn't feel his fingers and toes if he didn't get out of the water. He thought about Apparating to land but freezing like he was he knew he wouldn't be able to concentrate enough to prevent splinching. There only course was to climb aboard Dad's half of the boat before they went into hypothermia shock and eventually drowned.

It took a few minutes to catch Dad's half, then he had to help lift Harry up into the boat as both of them were too weak to climb aboard by themselves.

"Ron, grab the hook and be ready to pull him up side the boat. I'll shrink him and we can bring him aboard." His oblivious-to-everything-around-him father instructed him after he had lifted a frozen Harry onto the boat.

"Mr… Mr.. Wea..sley" Harry stuttered in reply to gain his attention.

Harry's voice must have finally caught the attention of his Dad as he turned his head and looked at them in shock.

"What did you do to my boat?!"

Ron with the help of a shaking cold Harry finally lifted himself out of the water onto his Dad's half of the boat. He didn't even bother to answer his Dad who seemed completely baffled as to the whereabouts of the back half of his boat. Nor did he take notice that the boat was no longer moving in the water or that the fishing line had swung over to the back where he was laying down at.

What he did notice was the rather huge colossal head of a very angry fish striking out of the water to bite the back end of the exposed boat with his numerous teeth. To which it completely did including a good bit of his heel that was caught in his mouth.

"AGGGGHHHHHH!" Screamed everyone in the boat about to be eaten by a bloody fish.


Hermione's POV:

She said nothing. How could she? She was in complete shock as she helplessly watched as a rather angry Sperm Whale was attacking the boys.

"What are they saying?" Molly asked them for a guess on why all three of them had their mouths wide open and an extremely fearful expression.

"They're screaming 'Mum.'" Ginny informed the group with what Hermione had feared to be true.

"I'm never going to live this down," she moaned even though she couldn't take her eyes away.

Harry and Mr. Weasley were shooting numerous stunning spells at the whale while Ron was shooting numerous flares into the sky.

"That's our signal girls. Let's go save the boys." Molly ordered to both of them as she pulled out her wand.


Several hours later

After dropping off Mr. Weasley and Molly and a still shaken Harry and Ginny off at their respective homes, Ron had still refused to speak with her. Feeling completely guilty, she tried to talk with him again.

"At least your father is happy that Ginny managed to get a picture of him with… the er… the catch." She diplomatically said, but wanted to avoid bringing attention to the rather huge Sperm Whale that bit off a chunk of Ron's heel.

"It was a whale." Ron stated in an angry tone breaking his silence with her.

"Yes, a whale." Hermione completely agreed with him, excited that he was finally talking with her again.

"With teeth."

Hermione gave him her warmest smile as the closest thing to an apology. He didn't respond to her a bit. She had to turn her attention back to the road and her driving before she could talk with him some more.

"I think your Mum wants Harry to take turns with you doing your Dad's hobbies."

Ron only grunted in approval.

"You were very brave today; saving everyone like you did."

Ron grunted again in acknowledgement.

"I don't know if now is a good time, but I've been wanting to tell you something."

She noticed Ron was staring away from her looking out the passenger side window and saying nothing. It stung her that Ron was indifferent toward her. She enjoyed his love, could handle his anger, but the indifference was by far the worst feeling that Ron could show her.

She soon pulled over on the side of the highway to gain Ron's full attention.

"Ron, I know sometimes I can be a bit of it a know-it-all and stubbornly refuse to listen to you." She declared while reaching out and holding Ron's hand.

Ron started to smile back at her prompting even more of a confession from her.

"I just want you to know that I love you and I'm so happy to be your wife and mother to your child." She slipped the news in.

"Thank you Hermione and I'm… wait, what?" Ron stated with a confused look on his face.

"Ron, I'm pregnant… we're pregnant." Hermione smiled to him in celebration.

Ron instantly burst out in a huge smile. He pulled over to her and deeply kissed her before asking, "Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"I guess I like to keep waiting for the right time." She wisely answered about their past and future destiny together.

The End?


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