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"Class, we have a new student joining us today. He received perfect scores on all his entrance exams - English, Math, Chemistry - you could all do to follow his example," the homeroom teacher drawled, a spiky-haired teen standing nervously at the front of the class.

"Example this!" shouted one punk, giving Gohan the finger.

"Silence! You are a disgrace to public schools! Gohan, you can sit wherever you like." The dark-haired teen nodded politely before gazing around the room for a seat.

"Yoo-hoo! New boy, over here!" shouted a bubbly blonde.

"Uh, sure, thanks," Gohan replied, nervously making his way up to the offered seat. 'Gotta keep them from find out about my powers, I don't want to be labeled a freak,' he thought, chewing his cheek nervously.

"Chill out, none of us are going to bite," the blonde joked.

"Sorry, first-day jitters," Gohan replied. 'If only.'

"Well, my name is Erasa, with an E, and this is Sharpener and Videl," Erasa introduced. "You'll never guess who Videl's pops is."

"Erasa!" Videl protested, but Gohan asked, "Really? Who?" anyway.

"She's the daughter of the one and only Hercule Satan!"

'Here we go, now he's going to ask me for his autograph.'

"Wow, that must be interesting, being the daughter of a celebrity."

'Ye- wait, what? He- he's not awestruck? Who is this guy?'

"Yeah, well be the friend of a daughter of a celebrity is pretty interesting too," Erasa confessed. Gohan's eyes narrowed.

"And that makes you special, how?" he asked, icily. Before Erasa could respond, he continued, "It doesn't matter who a person knows or who they're related to. Who they are themselves is all that truly matters."

Erasa, who was about to respond, closed her mouth, shamed by her previous comment. Videl, however, was impressed. 'He speaks as if he knows from experience,' she thought.


The day wore on. In the middle of English class, a loud beeping was suddenly heard.

"What is it, Chief?" Videl inquired, pressing a button on her communicator watch.

"Videl, Satan City Bank is being robbed by a bunch of thugs! We need you down here, now!"

"I'm on it!" Videl ran out of her seat towards the door. "May I be excused, thanks, bye!"

"Actually, okay, off you go then," the teacher said as Videl raced past. Gohan couldn't believe the police would ask a teenage girl to do their job for them. Using some quick thinking, he sent a text to Bulma and she called him back not even a minute later.

"Gohan! No cell phones in class!"

"Sorry, sir, but it's my godmother. Would you like to answer?" Gohan asked, feeling smug.

"Bring it here!" the teacher ordered. Gohan handed over his phone and the elderly teacher answered. "Hello, who am I speaking to?"

"You're not Gohan. Listen, bub, my son wrecked Gohan's invention that was scheduled to be tested later today, and I need him down at Capsule Corp. ASAP to fix it, so put him on the phone, now!" Bulma demanded, clearly intimidating the teacher. He swiftly handed Gohan the phone.

"Hey, Bulma, what's up?" Gohan asked, grinning. A stunned silence fell on the class. The new kid was Bulma Briefs' godson? "Yeah, I'll be right there."

Gohan hung up and raced to the roof, taking to the skies so he could help his classmate.