ClockRepair Message: Hey guys, it's been a while since I've written anything and even longer since I've written Yearbook Signings, the prequel to this story (it's been two years in fact). I had a lot of requests for a sequel since my first story had a cliffhanger ending and this is it. I've actually been thinking about writing the sequel since I first got those requests but I just couldn't think of anything until recently.

Originally, this chapter only talked about Hinata going to Naruto's house and then the events of the girls' Truth or Dare game but I couldn't get it to work so I just left it there on my computer. After about a year or two, I found it randomly and read it over. I thought the story could be really funny and started adding to it and voila, here is how the Yearbook Signings sequel came to be.

Hope you enjoy!

Hinata slowly climbed over the fence separating the neighborhood from Naruto's backyard feeling mortified as she was about to carry out a very questionable mission. Just as she was about to jump over the side, she turned around to see her friends motioning her to continue.

Oh, how did it come to this?

Sakura, Ino, and Tenten were at Hinata's house for a sleepover and, despite what males their age thought, they did not have naked pillow fights or anything of the sort. However, the current round of Truth or Dare did have Ino straddling Tenten which did enter the realm of male fantasies from time to time…

The four teenagers had been playing the game for a good half hour and already had enough memories to laugh at and possibly scar them for a lifetime.

First, Sakura had to run across the street in only her bra and underwear prompting a few hollers from a group of guys who just happened to turn the corner. She even made one guy on his bike crash into a street sign, which was an ego boost for Sakura and sent an envious twitch to Ino's eye. It was all in good fun but there was a slight panic when the neighbors were calling to see if Hinata wanted them to call the police after Tenten had locked Sakura out of the house for a good laugh. The pink-haired girl did not think it was funny and was screaming bloody murder to get back in and retrieve her clothing.

It took a lot of persuading on Hinata's end of the line to convince her neighbors that Sakura was not a threat to the neighborhood and to please, please, please not tell her father about this when he got back from his business trip. Hinata was never able to host such a gathering and she wanted to know if this was her first and last opportunity to do so, the memory wouldn't be ruined by a series of groundings.

Afterwards, Ino had to dial what she thought was Iruka-sensei's number and ask the older man out on a date. Instead of hearing the cheerful voice of her former teacher, Ino heard the effeminate, creepy voice of Oorochimaru the eleventh grade math teacher. And was that Kabuto the teaching assistant in the background? Ino immediately hung up after she was certain she heard something like a breathless pant and the girls swore they would never speak of the situation again.

And of course there was Tenten. She was dared to get a wedgie. Hence, the image of Ino straddling the curvy brunette that would make a boy's dream come true if it weren't for the clawing, thrashing, and harpy yelps.

"Stop moving, Bunhead, this is your dare!"

"Yeah but we all agreed that it was Hinata who would do it, not you!" Tenten let out a loud scream when Ino's manicured nails, or harpy talons, made a swipe for her backside. "You're going to kill me!"

"Hinata's too nice; she won't give you a proper wedgie!"

As Tenten managed to turn the feisty blonde over on her back, Sakura decided to end the wrestling match by slipping her hand down the back of Tenten's sweatpants and gave the elastic band a fierce tug. The scream that emanated from Tenten's mouth would have made Neji's ears turn red if he wasn't away with Hiashi on that business trip.

As Tenten was howling in pain while Sakura and Ino were laughing at her expense, Hinata had to answer yet another phone call. Although the frequent interruptions from her nosy neighbors did irritate the Hyuuga heiress, she wouldn't have changed a single thing about this night.

But then again, this was before her next round of Truth or Dare.

"Truth or Dare, Hinata?" asked Tenten with a grimace, still rubbing her backside.

"Truth," she said, eliciting groans from all of her friends. "What's wrong?"

"Hinata," said Sakura, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "You've been choosing Truth for the entire game! You gotta choose Dare at some point or another."

"Besides, your truths are kind of boring."

"Ino!" yelled Sakura, as she watched Hinata's shoulders slump.

"What? Considering you're under constant commands of your strict dad, you don't have any chances to do anything wild. That's what I meant," added Ino, sticking her tongue out at her best friend in the process.

"But I don't know what I would do. And I don't even think we can do anymore dares with my neighbors calling us."

Hinata's valid statement had the girls ready to call off the dares and just stick with Truth. Although it was a pretty boring game since the only truths worth hearing were mainly about how far you've gotten with someone. But Hinata didn't do anything, Tenten's relationship with Neji was experiencing its "are-we-dating-or-are-we-not?" phase, Sakura was too much of a prude, and Ino, despite her loud mouth, was a person who followed the "don't kiss and tell" rule. The girls were about to call the game off altogether if it wasn't for Tenten.

The older girl had grabbed Hinata's yearbook out of sheer boredom and began flipping through her comments. She skipped the dull comments from some of Konoha High's less than creative students but after seeing a particular messy scrawl in the corner, she brought it up for attention.

"Hey Hinata, you never told us that Naruto wrote in your yearbook!"

Sakura and Ino immediately ran over to Tenten, making grabs for the yearbook to read its contents. Sakura beat Ino to the book and had to sit there ever so patiently until her friend gave her the goods.

"Hinata, when did Naruto ask you for your yearbook?" asked Ino excitedly. Finally, their quiet friend might have a love life!

"A-Actually, I-I-I asked him!" sputtered Hinata, her old stutter suddenly making a comeback. She had been hard at work trying to keep her nerves in check because she wanted to start her senior year as the new Confident Hinata. Clearly, she was far from getting rid of it entirely.

'"Hey Hinata, what's up? It's been a fun year and I know you'll have lots more fun during the summer because you'll never know when that one special guy just might make a move!"' Sakura read aloud, making Ino and Tenten squeal. "Hinata, don't you know what this means? I think that knucklehead finally realized your feelings for him!"

"Are y-you sure? I t-t-thought he was just talking about a g-g-g-general guy."

"No, it's definitely his way of saying that he likes you," said Tenten. "Has he done anything lately that's been out-of-character?"

Hinata took a moment to think about it and she remembered the whole ordeal of signing Naruto's and Sasuke's yearbooks a few weeks prior. But afterwards there was just a blur of study sessions for her exams and there was absolutely no recollection of seeing the vibrant blonde or his moody best friend during that time.

"Not in particular," Hinata mumbled, forcing her nervous stutter back. "I haven't seen him since the summer started."

"Hinata, what if you missed your chance? You won't have a viable excuse to "accidentally" run into him for two months!"

Sakura was ready to pummel Ino when she saw Hinata's shoulders slump for the second time that night when Tenten, once again, broke the tension.

"Hey guys, I think there's a way that we can have our cake and eat it too. And all it'll take is sweet, little Hinata to perform our last dare of the night."

"Tenten," Hinata warned her friend as sternly as humanly possible (but her light and airy voice failed to convince anyone of her feelings). "Remember that one more phone call from my neighbors could mean an early return from my father and our fun cut short."

"The school year just ended Hinata, and Naruto did say that you'll have fun during the summer. This might be your last chance if you don't do something quick," Tenten said, conveying a motherly voice that would haven been used to encourage a child who needed a bit more confidence. Then as quickly as that tone came, Tenten's voice grew mischievous as she continued with her explanation, "Besides, don't worry about a thing because this dare will take place across Konoha where no one will know we're there."

By the devilish grin that grew on Tenten's face, Hinata wasn't the only one who was nervous to hear what on Earth the supposed mature one of their group was planning. As they got ready for the most spontaneous night of Hinata's life, the four girls left the yearbook open on her bed. The neglected book was left on an angle and as it fell to the floor, it happened to flip to the next page where a single comment written by an entirely different person had been left unread for the past few weeks.

Kiba's breath was caught in his throat as Sasuke's words registered. Out of everyone, why did the Uchiha have to confide his secrets in him? Especially now of all times?

Sasuke and Kiba were crashing at Naruto's place for the weekend (and not having a sleepover) when the boys got carried away and Naruto got a carton of sour milk poured over his head. What a shock for Naruto to leave spoiled food around when he had guests over. Sasuke was disgusted by the chunky curds sliding off his friend's head, the contrast of the sunny shade of Naruto's hair making the milk's tinge of yellow appear greener than anything. However, out of the three, Kiba was the most disgusted. His keen sense of smell made the foul stench unbearable and the mere sight of the goop on Naruto's head made him want to vomit.

Before there was a second mess to clean up, Naruto didn't hesitate for once about taking a long, hot shower. As Naruto got farther and farther away from Kiba, the dog-lover started to feel better albeit only a little. Sasuke started to awkwardly pat him on the back as he gagged but even when sick to his stomach, Kiba could tell there was something up with his friend. It wasn't the action that caused him to raise an eyebrow but the look on Sasuke's usual stone-cold face. There was something in his eyes that said he was distracted.

He asked him what was wrong but Sasuke didn't dare say a word until he heard the click! of the bathroom door being locked. And that's when the Uchiha dropped the bomb.

Naruto is going to throttle you was the only thing that came to mind but Kiba thought it was appropriate. Sasuke gave out a frustrated grunt as if he knew what the Inuzuka was thinking.

"Dude," he said after a long silence. "You wrote 'Hinata, you're awesome just the way you are'? That's just another variation of 'You rock, don't ever change'. How the hell did you mess that up?"

Sasuke growled between clenched teeth, "I. Don't. Know. Okay?"

"So what have you been telling Naruto this whole time? He was devastated when you and Hinata didn't get together," Kiba paused before realizing something significant. "He took the rejection harder than you did!"

"I told him the truth. Part of it anyways. I said she never responded back to my message and I haven't seen her since then."



"You are such a pussy!"

That comment started a whole chain of snide remarks. After all, not only did Kiba accuse him of not being man enough to express his feelings but the Uchiha knew how much the Inuzuka hated felines, which made the comment all that more insulting. When Naruto finally came out of the bathroom, stripped down to nothing but his birthday suit and a towel around his waist, he was completely confused. This was the first time Sasuke and Kiba had ever fought. Sure Kiba did have similar attributes to the ever outspoken, ever annoying Naruto, but Sasuke had a high tolerance for pretty much everyone who wasn't a fan girl. What had changed now?

Naruto made his way down the hallway and into the living room to see what the hell was going on.

"I don't think I have to listen to you insult me any further, you mutt!"

"You think you're so cool, Sasuke, but do you know what would really shock people? If you cracked a smile, got a tan or maybe even wear clothes in pastels! Anything that would make you seem more like a normal teenager!"

"…Ugh, guys, what's going on?"

The two teens stopped quarrelling for a moment when they finally noticed Naruto's presence. Then they looked at each other, turned in opposite directions with a grunt, and refused to speak until the other boy did first. Naruto looked back and forth between the two anxiously wondering what had happened while he was gone.

Suddenly, there was a huge crash that made everyone jump. It sounded like it came from the backyard.

"Now what's happening?" Naruto muttered irritably. He was heading towards the back door when Sauske pushed him out of the way.

"I'll go check what's going on, dobe. You probably have raccoons or something with all of this food lying around and I don't think you can take on a wild animal in a towel."

The last thing Sauske heard before the door shut was Naruto making a fuss about how he's never had an issue with raccoons before and Kiba ordering Naruto to put on some damn clothes. Running a hand through his hair, Sasuke couldn't help but think of sarcastic thoughts.

Well that was productive. I'm going to tell Kiba all of my problems for sure.

Hinata opened her eyes and felt the world spinning around her. She was trying to figure out where she was when she looked up and saw Tenten's and Ino's faces barely making it over a fence.

"Hinata, are you okay?" asked Tenten.

"You know the saying, 'look before you leap'? Well you kind of learned that lesson the hard way," said Ino.

Hinata picked up her teetering head and realized that when she jumped over Naruto's fence, she didn't notice the huge garbage bins below her. The Hyuuga heiress had essentially thrown herself into a heap of rotting food. Luckily for her, none of the contents had actually gotten onto her clothes but the smell was undeniably gross. When she stood up to brush herself off and carefully stepped over the overflow of scattered food, Hinata wanted to punch something when she noticed that she could have had a safe landing in a giant bush if she had only fell back a few inches.

"I'm fine. Where's Sakura?" Hinata asked, suddenly noticing someone missing from their group.

"I'm…down…here…!" came a faint wail that sounded like it came from the ground. Oddly enough, as the pathetic, little wail was voiced, Tenten's and Ino's faces fell out of sight but then suddenly reappeared again, just hovering over the fence.

"Sakura's on all fours serving as our step-stool." When Ino saw Hinata's distressed face she waved it off as nothing. "Don't look like that, she's the strongest one out of the four of us, she can handle a little weight!"

Ironically, just as Ino said that, Sakura's arms buckled and the girls disappeared from sight again. It took a minute for them to reassemble themselves and the next time Hinata saw her friends again, it was the faces of Ino and Sakura that she was seeing and not Tenten's.

"Hinata, do you remember your dare?" asked Sakura.

How could she not?

Back at Hinata's house Tenten's grin grew more and more frightening until Sakura or Ino, Hinata couldn't remember which one, asked her what her plan was. That's when Tenten dared Hinata to go to Naruto's house, which was all across Konoha, and steal a pair of his boxers. If that wasn't scandalous enough, she had to leave a flirty note that said, "It's been a fun year and I know you'll have lots more fun during the summer because you'll never know when that one special girl will make her move! I've made mine but now it's your turn."

Yes, because nothing was sexier than breaking and entering, theft, and then leaving an incriminating note for evidence. Hinata was reluctant to do the dare and even Ino said it was a bit extreme but Tenten was adamant about the idea. Eventually Hinata caved in because the note didn't contain her name but unless Naruto remembered what he wrote in her yearbook, which she highly doubted, he would never know it was her. With that being said, he'd probably be sound asleep when she got inside. Tenten, Sakura, and Ino might have teased her from time to time about Naruto's lack of intelligence but Hinata couldn't have been happier that the object of her affections was slow-witted.

"Yes, I remember and I still have the note. It's in my pocket."

The girls were confirming more about her mission like where to hide in Naruto's house if she heard anyone coming or how to make a quick exit, but then a wave of fear went through them as the back door began to open.

Sakura and Ino urged Tenten to let them down while Hinata dove into the bush and hoped that Naruto wouldn't discover her hiding there.

Hinata heard footsteps nearing and she took a peek through the bush when black converses stopped abruptly at the garbage bags. She suppressed a gasp when she saw the shoes head towards the bush but let out a sigh of relief when they went past her location. What was Naruto doing?

It was then that she heard the sound of three girls in pain.

Sasuke was inspecting the damage of Naruto's backyard when he heard the distinct sound of feminine voices speaking. Or was that groaning he heard? Over the years, Sasuke had been chased after by countless fan girls who tried seducing him with their sweet words and vulgar promises. As a result of those experiences, he had developed super-human hearing. Any voices above a certain octave and he instantly fled the scene because he knew it was one of his admirers. But this time, he was no where near intimidated by the fact that some of his fan girls were stalking him because he was just mocked by Kiba about his romantic troubles. If he could handle that, he could handle something as trivial as this.

He made a running jump for the fence and grabbed the top part of the furnished wood, lifting himself up to see who was on the other side. He thought he was going to deal with three young girls with skimpy clothing and hearts in their eyes when they saw him. Instead, he saw Sakura, Ino, and Tenten piled up on one another. And were they in their pajamas?

"Hn. You know, I knew Sakura and Ino used to have a thing for me but now Tenten? Wouldn't Neji be so disappointed that his girlfriend's feelings were waning?" he asked smugly.

"Ha ha, very funny," said Tenten, disentangling herself from her friend's limbs. "We were just walking through the neighborhood."

"At 12 AM on a Saturday night across town?" Sasuke asked, not convinced by their lame attempt at an excuse.

"Think of it as a girl's night out. We were walking by when this huge raccoon climbed over Naruto's fence and scurried off! Don't blame us for being a little startled," Sakura said calmly. After she had gotten over her crush on Sasuke years ago, the two had sort of become friends. With that thought in mind, Sakura took it upon herself to do all of the talking so there was a better chance of the Uchiha believing them.

Sakura knew her excuse had credibility when Sasuke looked like he was actually considering her story. Inner Sakura was even punching the air in victory and letting out celebrative Cha's!

"Fine. Whatever," muttered Sasuke, as he let go of the fence and headed back towards the house.

From the other side of the fence, the girls could hear him swearing multiple times when he almost slipped from stepping on something oozing out of one of the bags that was particularly sticky. Eww.

"Wow, Sasuke usually never loses his cool that easily. I wonder if there's something wrong," said Tenten.

Sakura couldn't help but agree.

"Guys, can't you see the bigger picture? Hinata can't possibly perform the dare with Naruto and Sasuke in there! He's already in a bad mood and what if she gets caught? Naruto isn't too bright but Sasuke will notice her for sure," cried Ino.

"You're right; we have to abort the mission. Hinata! Hinata, can you hear me?"

When Tenten's call came unanswered, the girls got worried. Sakura climbed on all fours again and Tenten and Ino started coaxing Hinata to come out of the bush to leave.

There was still no reply.

"Oh no," said Ino. "Do you think…?"

"She's inside!" gasped Tenten, pointing at a window where they saw Hinata giving them a small wave.

At that moment, Tenten and Ino lost their balance again. But this time, it wasn't because Sakura's arms had given out on her.

What was Hinata thinking?