When Sasuke reached the bottom step, he could see that Kiba and Naruto were, at the other end of the hall, wrestling each other for what looked like a Pizza Pop. Sasuke wasn't interested in their predicament in the least and rolled his eyes to see that Naruto was still wearing that stupid Hawaiian shirt and the hole-infested pair of shorts that needed to be censored before anyone's retinas started to burn. The only thing that was keeping him at ease was the sight of Kiba in his regular attire although he was still holding onto the Swiffer Wet Jet.

Why is he still holding onto the! – And those were the only words that came into Sasuke's mind before he slipped.

And fell hard.

Maybe Kiba was right. Maybe Sasuke's spatial awareness was a little off.

While Sasuke was lying flat on his stomach trying not to move an inch, as the pain that shot up his funny bone set in, he could hear Kiba groaning in the background.

"Arrrrgh! Did you just slip on the floor? I wasn't finished cleaning that one spot!"

Thanks for your concern Sasuke thought sourly, slowly picking himself up and inspecting the damage. Sasuke noted that he had a sore elbow, a bruised ego, and a broken heart (making a mental note to never mention that last symptom to anyone but himself).

Looking down at his clothes, he could also see that he had a wet shirt. Great.

The Uchiha grudgingly took off his t-shirt and wondered what he was going to wear since Hinata was probably taking off with his clothes at that moment.

"Naruto, when is your laundry finished? I think I need to borr –!"

And the door bell rang just as he was walking past the front door. Was there anything else that wanted to interrupt him?

Sasuke practically tore off the door when he opened it, hoping to greet the annoying intruder with an Uchiha patented glare to scare them off and make himself feel a little bit better. Unfortunately, things weren't going his way that night and his narrowed eyes grew wide as he subconsciously crossed his arms over his torso.

Was this some twisted fan girl offering? If it was, it wasn't a very good one.

Sakura, Ino, and Tenten were all standing on the doorstep which wouldn't be so unusual if they weren't handcuffed to one another! Only Sasuke wished they were also blindfolded because they just received a great view of his naked upper half.

Sakura looked like she had been cleaning out the rain gutters along the house. Her clothes had smudges of what appeared to be mud with leaves sticking to the wet spots of her sweater. Tenten and Ino looked about the same way except Tenten was less dirty and Ino had leaves clinging to the straps of her backpack that stuck out like an unusual pair of wings.

It wasn't too long before Kiba and Naruto were behind him, taking in the sight and laughing at the girls for their sullen faces.

"You'll never guess who joined Neighborhood Patrol," said Sakura, after the boys had finally calmed down.

Before they could question her further, a looming figure emerged from the shadows, adding some extra creepiness to the whole ordeal, and revealed itself to be…!

"Sai?" asked Sasuke, who at this point finally let his arms fall to his sides. "What are you doing here?"

Their school had a reputation for taking on some of the most severe social rejects (like that one kid Kisame who managed to somehow tan himself so badly that he turned blue instead of orange) but no one could compete with Sai. He had transferred to the school during the second semester and it was clear that he had no basic knowledge concerning human interaction. Though everyone later found out, through Ino of course, that he had experienced some childhood trauma that made it awkward for the boy to talk to people and show his emotions. However, the only thing it didn't explain was his peculiar fashion style of midriff bearing tops.

Eventually everyone learned to accept Sai despite his oddities and watched with slight amusement as he tried fitting in through his collection of outdated self-help books. In fact, it was those books that got him into this position. He had read somewhere that said people respected individuals in uniform and it seemed like Sai hadn't told anyone about his latest venture: joining Konoha's Neighborhood Patrol, which had as much prestige as a mall cop compared to an actual police officer.

If anyone still hadn't guessed, he was a guy who patrolled the neighborhood.

Sai smiled his strange little smile and said, "I got a call from an old woman about a possible disturbance. When I arrived at the scene I found these three girls going around your house. It certainly looked like a robbery to me, especially since the lady with pink hair looked like she was trying to get onto your roof."

Ino and Tenten shot their friend a strange look that said "Was that really necessary?" while Naruto pointed out an important point.

"Sai, you know all of us. Why did you refer to Sakura as the 'lady in pink'?"

Sai pulled out another book from God knows where and proceeded to tell them, "It says in the Neighborhood Patrol Handbook that favoritism is frowned upon and each patrol officer should treat each case formally. Now Mr. Uzumaki, do you know these young ladies?"

"Well no duh!"

"Now would you say that they could cause any harm to the neighborhood or endanger the people inhabiting it?"

Kiba was about to say yes when he saw Ino flash him the most menacing look he had ever received from a woman that wasn't his mother or sister.

"No, they're perfectly safe," he managed to squeak.

"Alright then," said Sai, another strange smile growing on his face. "Don't do anything like this again and Neighborhood Patrol won't have to interfere with your activities."

Then he released the girls and walked off; whistling a merry tune that someone had taught him as he spun the handcuffs on one hand.

As we walked off, Naruto, Kiba, and Sasuke didn't have the girls blocking their full view of him anymore and could see that Sai had also cut off half of his Neighborhood Patrol shirt and vest.

Well that was random…

"Do you want to come in?" The offer surprisingly came from Kiba who wanted to smack himself at the idea of cleaning up Naruto's house, for the third time that night, but even he pitied Sakura, Ino, and Tenten with their disheveled appearances.

"It's okay," replied Ino, rubbing her sore wrists before brushing the leaves off of herself. "We're about to leave soon anyways. It's been one crazy night."

"But what are you guys doing all across Konoha?"

The girls looked at each other before saying, "We got lost." But it sounded more like a question than a statement.

"But we still have to find Hinata. We kind of lost her around this area and we were looking around the neighborhood," said Tenten, hoping that she was giving out just enough information without blowing their cover.

By the looks of Naruto's and Kiba's worried expressions, they seemed to believe every word she was saying. On the other hand, Sasuke looked like he knew more than he was leading on.

"Sorry, we haven't seen her at all. Did you see her when you went out back, Sasuke?" asked Naruto.

"Hn," was Sasuke's reply and Kiba was suggesting that they should call Sai back and file a missing person's report. Sakura, Ino, and Tenten were trying to persuade him that that was a little drastic and the idea was only let go once they heard a quiet "I'm right here!" from behind them.

Sasuke blinked, wondering how Hinata had managed to creep around Naruto's house while Sai was making his rounds. He was close to complimenting her on her stealth when he noticed that he was, once again, half naked and subtly positioned himself behind Naruto and Kiba when everyone rushed to the shy Hyuuga's side.

"Hinata, we were so worried!" exclaimed Sakura, moving in for a hug when Naruto intervened and delivered an embrace of his own.

"Whoa, and to think you were missing! Don't do that again, Hinata, or else one of us might really start to miss you!"

Naruto winked at Sasuke when he said this, earning himself a glare from said friend, but the girls didn't catch this as they looked at each other with all-knowing smiles. The girls were certain that Naruto felt the same way about their timid friend more than ever. However, anyone who was looking at Hinata would notice that her expression was completely uncaring and she didn't even bat an eye while Naruto's arm was still around her shoulders.

When the girls made their goodbyes, Naruto stood by the door with Sasuke and bumped him lightly on the shoulder.

"It's a shame that you two didn't get together but isn't it funny that she showed up out of the blue? Maybe it's a sign that something good might happen!"

"Tch. Whatever, I'm going to take a shower…I mean another shower," he said correcting himself, closing the door and making his way back upstairs.

Like anything is going to happen now Sasuke thought.

The girls waited until they were all seated at the very back of the bus before interrogating Hinata about her dare. Their repressed questions seemed to come out in a single flood of excitement after they looked around to see if anyone they knew was accompanying them.

"Did you complete it?"

"Did Sasuke find you?"

"What took you so long to get out?"

"Find any juicy gossip?"

"What was up with Naruto's pants?"

And pertaining to the last question, they all asked at once, "DID YOU GET THE BOXER SHORTS?"

Hinata nodded and pulled out the boxer shorts from her bra, initiating an attack of grabby fingers who wanted an inspection of the prize. For once, Hinata was glad she had a bigger cup size compared to her other friends or else she never would have been able to sneak the underwear past the boys, especially the owner. She also felt fortunate because her pajamas had dried in time for her to leave or else she never would have made it out of the house without a million questions as to why she was wearing the Uchiha's clothes. Now that would have been uncomfortable.

"Oh my God, Hinata, you did it! And did you leave the note too?"

Hinata nodded once more and the girls began to squeal again, earning them disapproving looks from the few people on the bus.

"Wow, this night was awesome even if we got cuffed by Sai," said Tenten.

"Don't forget the pain I had to endure with you guys on my back," reminded Sakura.

"Hey, what are you guys complaining about? Hinata just did a courageous thing and I think that this is a day to celebrate! Well done Hinata, you've had your first taste of the wild side," Ino grinned, her arm over the Hyuuga heiress who was blushing uncontrollably.

She decided she wouldn't tell them about her little rash decision back at the house until she received a response.

When Sasuke went back to Naruto's room, he spotted a bright splash of colour on Naruto's organized bed and saw that it was Naruto's hideous, green boxer shorts with the pink frogs. Instantly, an alarm went off in his head.

Going through his duffle bag, he also came to the realization that his boxer shorts were gone but Hinata had put back the clothes he gave to her during their little incident in the bathroom. He picked his clothes up, when all of a sudden, he saw the flicker of a piece of paper slip from underneath his bundle of clothes. Sasuke picked it up to read and as he did, Sasuke's face started to burn like a cherry tomato.

Uchiha Sasuke,

It's been a fun night and I know you'll have lots more fun during the summer because you'll never know when that one special girl will make her move! I've made mine but now it's your turn if you want a certain little something back.

Hyuuga Hinata


Sasuke's mind was currently shutting down as he was trying to register the fact that Hinata had panty raided him. And she had chosen him over Naruto. Naruto! The biggest crush of her life! He knew this was an opportunity not to be wasted and he was definitely going to make a move, unlike the last time.

But first he hid the note at the bottom of his duffle bag and headed towards the bathroom for a much needed cold shower.


Sasuke didn't know what move to make, especially when he had to top Hinata's breaking and entering and adventures in panty raiding. Not being the romantic or flashy type of guy, he simply wooed the girl by showing up at her house a couple of days later and asked her to be his girlfriend. But since it was Sasuke, he managed to do it in an offhanded way (only because Sakura, Ino, and Tenten happened to be eavesdropping on their conversation through the door of course).

Ino's mouth fell open in shock. She couldn't help but feel that Hinata was more compulsive than her and was a bit jealous that whenever she did something extreme, she'd get into trouble while her friend got a man.

Tenten felt deceived. She thought that out of everyone, Hinata would have told her that she stole Sasuke's boxers instead of Naruto's. Don't misunderstand her though; she was happy for Hinata but…WOW. She did not see this coming. No one did.

Sakura felt Inner Sakura get sucker punched in the face. But when she thought about it long and hard, if it were anyone other than Hinata, she would have held a grudge. Thinking that Naruto needed to be aware of this historic event, she texted him the good news.

Naruto went through a whole series of emotional reactions, all conveying the feelings of happiness, but in different ways. He was speechless, he bounced off the walls in ecstasy, he cried big crocodile tears for his best friend, and came very close to soiling himself before Kiba kicked him in annoyance. But nothing the Inuzuka did could stop Naruto's tirade of utter joy.

Kiba was howling in delight like some wild canine when he found out. He was no where near as insane in comparison to Naruto's reactions but he was proud of their friend nonetheless. As the loyal and protective type, Kiba vowed to protect the couple from Sasuke's feral fan girls and most importantly from…

Neji got a rude awakening when he arrived home from his afternoon training. He was expecting to take Tenten out on a date after she had some girl time with Hinata, but he did not expect to see his cousin sitting with the Uchiha brat while her friends were... were they cheering?

Neji was looking forward to karate chopping Sasuke's neck and watching as his stupid head with his stupid duck-butt hairstyle was rolling on the stupid floor as he cackled in stupid vengeance. That was his plan until Tenten pulled him to one side and threatened to tell everyone in Konoha that Neji allowed her to practice her cosmetology skills on him, this including the attempted French braids, elegant up does, and perms that she had botched with incriminating photo evidence...

Neji swallowed his pride since he knew better then to open his mouth under blackmail, especially if it was his sorta-not-girlfriend calling the shots. Unfortunately, Tenten's influence over the Hyuuga men ran short with…

Hiashi had impeccable timing and came home about half an hour early from his work when he sensed that that boy with the wayward interest in his daughter was closer than he had been before. Hiashi was livid when he found the offending Uchiha in his house with his daughter and chased the boy out of the house with a garden rake that he had retrieved from the garage.

Sakura, Ino, and Tenten tried persuading Neji to calm Hiashi down but he absolutely refused.

"You can use those photos against me until the Uchiha scum actually earns my respect but you cannot convince me to talk my uncle out of his angry stupor."

When that didn't work, it was Hinata that convinced her cousin to make Hiashi reconsider murdering her first boyfriend. One look into those pleading eyes and Neji caved. The fact that he almost killed her in middle school (he pushed her too hard in the parking lot and she was almost ran over when she stumbled backwards) still made the boy feel guilty.

Dammit! Thought Neji, clenching his fists while taking calming breaths as he walked down the front steps to rationalize with his crazed uncle.

It took a lot of work and several weeks for the doting father to tolerate the idea of his eldest daughter dating but it was all worth it in the end.

"Father, I'll be back before midnight so you don't have to wait up. Goodbye!"

Hiashi looked out the window (wanting to gag and strangle something at the same time) as he saw his daughter give the Uchiha a small peck before they went off on their way.

"Now was that really that difficult, uncle?" asked Neji.

"I guess not," Hiashi replied wearily, tearing himself from the window to prevent witnessing anything else between Hinata and Sasuke.

"At least I still have Hanabi. She's still too young to date," he said, the sound of contentment in his voice.

"Uncle…about that…Hanabi is…?"

"What? What is it?"

"Never mind. I just thought it was strange how we haven't heard from her in two weeks."

"That's right. We're supposed to receive a postcard every week, aren't we?" And Hiashi left, going to check the mail.

As Neji tucked the postcard deeper into his pocket, he thought it was for the best that his uncle didn't find out that the all girls' summer camp wasn't just for girls as Hanabi had told them before the summer started. If Hiashi saw the picture taped to the postcard of Hanabi holding hands with some odd hipster boy, he was certain that his uncle would go, what normal teenagers his age said, bat-shit insane.

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