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"Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the dress rehearsal for Brianne Rocque's Breakthrough Dreams tour! Music producer Walter Samuels says to the screaming fans. Backstage, Brianne is waiting for her cue. She is wearing a black leather bodysuit and a denim vest, paired with black leather boots. She can hear the fans screaming her name, begging for her to arrive onstage. In just two days, she will be embarking on a tour around North America, South America, and Australia. The best part is that her husband of almost a year, James Damond, and his band Big Time Rush will be joining her as the opening act. They will also be bringing their twins Mason David Diamond and Allison Marie Diamond. Brianne can't believe that they are almost three months old.

"Here is the pop princess herself! Brianne Rocque!" Walter shouts before running off the stage. Brianne takes a deep breath before running onto the stage with her backup dancers, belting out the lyrics to her new single Breakthrough.

Two hours later

The crowd goes wild as Brianne rushes offstage. She squeals as she jumps unto James arms, kissing him passionately. He hugs her waist, kissing her cheek.

"You were amazing." He says, giving her a squeeze.

"Thanks, baby." Brianne says, staring into his gorgeous hazel eyes. For the past two years, he has been the love of her life. That has never changed. Every day, she is grateful to have him in her life. Whenever the first met, she was a walking disaster. Her daily routine consisted of alcohol, clubs, and dangerous behavior. She was so close to being forced into rehab, but James saved her life. Nows she's happy, sober, and she's finally at a good place in her life. She's had a couple slip ups, but not in a while. She's been focused on being a wife and mother, so she no longer feels the need to drink. She's at that place in her life where she's really happy.

Hey, let's go home and watch a movie or something." Carlos says, putting his arm around Jessica's shoulders. Jessica is Carlos's girlfriend of two years. Unlike James and Brianne, their relationship took a little longer to develop. They started out as friends, then they started crushing on each other (But were to afraid to admit it), then they finally got together. James and Brianne got together after only a week of knowing each other. After two months of dating, James proposed. Yeah, most relationships can't develop that fast, but it was love at first sight for them. Surprisingly, their marriage has been very successful, despite them being younger than some married couples.

"We should watch Child's Play" Jessica suggests. "Or Freddy Vs. Jason."

"We are not watching scary movies." Brianne says as they walk out of Starstruck Records. "Try to remember that we have children in our household."

"Because you're scared." Jessica mumbles as they get into the limo.

"No I'm not." Brianne argues. "I just don't want to traumatize Allie and Mason."

"And why do you like horror films anyway?" Logan asks. "The last time I watched one of those, I had nightmares for the next two weeks."

"Jess, why would you watch a horror film with two babies in the room?" Kendall asks.

"Take them to another room." Jessica says nonchalantly. James and Brianne their eyes as their friends begin a heated argument. They don't understand why their friends can't just get along. If only Lindsey were here right now. She could get them to shut up. Unfortunately, she flew out to England to film a new movie. And it's not like Hilary could do anything. She's not exactly the most intelligent person around.

So James and Brianne spend the rest of the ride listening to their friends argue over what's appropriate for the whole family to watch. From what Brianne can tell, Jessica insists that they should watch a scary movie, while the guys are arguing that they should watch something more "Family friendly."

"We have to share a bus with them?" James whispers.

"Yep." Brianne giggles as the limo parks in front of their house. The teens all get out of the limo and rush into the house. Mrs. Knight is holding Allie and Mason in her arms, talking to them. Brianne smiles as Mrs. Knight puts Mason in her arms.

"Hey, little man." She says, stroking his cheek. Mason smiles at his mother, grabbing a strand of her hair. She flinches as he pulls slightly, removing the hair from his hand.

"These two were great." Mrs. Knight says as she hands Allie to James. "But they really missed you guys."

"Well, we missed them too." James says before kissing Allie's cheek. Allie smiles as James cuddles her, happy to be held by her father. Everyone knows that Allie is a total daddy's girl, so she always looks forward to seeing him. Of course, she also loves her mom, but she just has an extra special bond with James. She gets really happy when James sits on the couch and bounces her on his laugh, letting out small giggles.

"You like that?" He whispers, grabbing her small hand. Allie watches in curiosity as Kendall and Logan begin looking through the movie basket, trying to find something appropriate for babies and adults to watch.

"Watch the Spongebob Squarepants movie." Brianne suggests. "Allie and Mason love it."

"Brie, we watched that yesterday." James sighs. Brianne shrugs as she sits next to him, cuddling Mason.

"Say hi to your sister." She whispers, grabbing his hand. She moves it slowly, helping him wave at Allie. The baby girl seems to find this very amusing because she laughs.

"Furry Vengeance?" Logan suggests, holding a DVD.

"That could work." Brianne says, kissing Mason's head. Logan puts the DVD in the player and presses play before sitting next to Brianne, pulling Mason onto his lap. Mason smiles up at him, gurgling softly. Logan grins as he turns Mason around and puts his hands under the baby's arms, helping him stand up. He kisses Mason's cheek and whispers to him before sitting him back down.

"Daddy needs a kiss from his little girl." James says, letting Allie's face rest against his cheek.

"Aww." Brianne coos, wrapping her arms around his bicep. She watches as James cradles Allie, resting her head on his shoulder.

"I can't believe that the tour starts in two days." Jessica says before she is cut off by Carlos shushing her. She smacks him behind his head, which is protected by his signature helmet.

"Thank you for the enthusiasm, Carlos." Brianne says sarcastically. She shakes her head and takes Allie from James, cuddling the baby. She shifts on the couch, deciding that she needs to get changed out of this black leather. So she hands Allie back to James and stands up, walking up the staircase. She walks into her shared bedroom with James and approaches their large walk in closet. She has so many clothes that she hasn't worn in months due to her pregnancy, so she's afraid that she has grown out of them. But she grabs a white Good Charlotte T shirt and gets a pair of grey sweatpants from the dresser drawer before walking into the restroom.

Once she has gotten changed, she pulls her hair into a low bun and returns to the living room.

"I can only wear that much leather for so long." She says as she collapses onto the couch.

She rests her head on James shoulder and continues watching the movie.

After about an hour, they realize that they need to put Allie and Mason to bed. They're only babies, so they need more sleep than adults do. Actually, their bedtime was at eight and it's alright nine thirty. They should've been in bed a long time ago. So they take the babies upstairs to their nursery

"You two need to get some sleep." Brianne says as she puts Mason in his crib, turning his musical mobile on. James does the same for Allie and kisses her forehead before walking over to Brianne. He kisses her forehead and wraps his arms around her, listening to the music coming from the two mobiles. It reminds him of how his life has changed. He has always been a bit on the self absorbed side. Well, he made it seem that way. Truthfully, he just pretended to care about himself because his parents never did. His mom left the family when he was two and he never saw her again for fifteen years. Apparently, she had been working as a nurse in Nashville. In those fifteen years, Mr. Diamond never seemed to really care about James. He spent more time at work than at home. Recently, he remarried a woman named Amanda. He was so mad about his fathers engagement at first, then Brianne convinced him to give Amanda a chance. He's discovered that his new stepmom isn't as bad as he thought.

That changed when he met Brianne. After years of pretending to be someone that he wasn't, he finally got the courage to show his true self. He has never been as selfish as he pretended to be. Brianne helped him to admit that.

"I can't wait to be on that tour bus with you." Brianne whispers.

"It's going to be amazing." James says, kissing his head.

"I'm really excited for Madison Square Garden."

"Why? Because it's the most famous arena in the world?"

"Yeah, but also because we're going to be in New York City for two nights, which means that you and I are going to have a romantic date in Central Park." Brianne says, wrapping her arms around his waist.

"That sounds very nice." James grins, imagining their Central Park date. He can totally envision them having a picnic in Central Park. They could eat some New York style pizza, feed the ducks, and sit by the lake. It's always nice hanging out at the Palm Woods park, but Central Park is something that James has never seen before. They could've went whenever they performed on Times Square, but James and Brianne broke up for a while, so they never got the chance. James is just grateful that they made up because both he and Brianne were miserable wrecks. Even worse, Brianne relapsed and ended up in the hospital.

"JAMES! BRIANNE! A REALLY FUNNY PART IS ON!" Jessica shouts in a sing song voice. Her wild laughter can be heard throughout the entire house and it's surprising that Allie and Mason aren't waking up.

"Jay, I wanna sleep." Brianne whines.

"You can sleep on the couch." James whispers as they walk down to the living room. James sits on the couch and pulls Brianne onto his lap, letting her head rest on his shoulder. He tries to hold back his laughter as he watches the film, not wanting to wake Brianne up. He soon discovers that he might as well laugh because Brianne ends up waking up when Jessica starts laughing maniacally. He pulls Brianne close to his chest and rubs her back, helping her fall back to sleep.

"I made some pizza bagels." Mrs. Knight says as she enters the living room. She puts a large plate on the coffee table, watching as the teens grab the pizza bagels.

"I want a pizza bagel." Brianne says tiredly as she sits up, grabbing one from the plate. She yawns before taking a bite, sighing happily.

An hour later

"Mom, I live on my own now." Jessica argues, holding her cell phone to her ear. "That doesn't matter! I'm almost twenty years old and you can't control my curfew anymore. No, i'm not at a club! Bye!"

She hangs up and waves at James and Brianne before following Mrs. Knight and the guys out of the house.

"See you in two days." Carlos says before closing the door behind him.

"Alright, let's go to bed." Brianne says. ""Neither of us can afford to be exhausted on opening night."

She grabs James hand and pulls him up the stairs, desperate for a good night's sleep. She was up until eleven last night, practicing for the dress rehearsal.

"You know, I'm not gonna be able to sleep unless you kiss me."

"You are so clingy." Brianne teases as she crawls onto the bed. She straddles his waist and kisses him softly before laying next to him and pulling the covers over herself.

"Well, it's nice to get some love before I fall asleep." James sighs. "Unless you don't love me."

"Are you crazy?" Brianne asks him. "I adore you."

She kisses him again before laying back down, draping her arm over his chest. She plays with the white fabric that makes up his T shirt, thinking about the adventures to come. Her favorite thing about going on tour, besides performing for her fans, is getting to see so many beautiful sights.

"I'm way too excited to sleep right now." She whispers.

"Do I need to sing to you?" James asks tiredly.

"Would you?" Brianne asks softly.

"Alright." James chuckles, rolling onto his side. He touches Brianne's cheek as he sings to her.

"The world stops when I put my arms around you, around you. Oh whoa. And nothing even matters. Nothing even matters. They can all talk, say what they want about us, about us. Oh whoa. And nothing even matters. Nothing even matters." He sings, stroking her cheek. Once he is sure that she is asleep, he turns the lamp off and pulls her close to him.

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