Brianne is officially about to start the second part of her Breakthrough Dreams tour. She's currently sitting in front of her Vanity mirror, running a comb through her straightened hair. She's in her costume, has put all of her makeup on, and her hair is styled. Right now, the guys are onstage, but their set is almost over. That means that it's almost time for her to go onstage. She has done her vocal exercises, rehearsed the dance routines, and looks great, so this should be a great show. She still worries about forgetting the lyrics or dances, but she's feeling mostly confident. They've worked hard to make this happen, so she just needs to remember that. Hard work always pays off. When she has been rehearsing almost every day for more than a month, they're bound to be successful. Unless they let their nerves get the best of them, but that hasn't happened yet. The guys are having a great show.

"Brie, you need to get miked." Kelly tells her.

"I'm coming." Brianne says, putting her comb down. She stands up and follows Kelly. Walter hooks a small box onto her jeans pocket and hands a microphone to her. Kelly also does some last minute things to her her, spraying her hair with hairspray and putting some extra mascara on her eyelashes. Then Brianne walks over to the stairs and waits for the guys to walk off the stage. She listens as they thank the auditions before walking down the stairs. Before Brianne can say a word, two strong arms wrap around her waist in a hug. She laughs and throws her arms around James neck, giggling as he kisses her cheek.

"Now let's get you to the loading area." Kely says, grabbing her arm and leading her to the box. She squats down in the box and reaches for James hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. James kisses her hand and mouths "good luck", giving her a smile for reassurance. Brianne mouths "I love you" as the box lifts her to the stage.

She gulps as she arrives at the stage. She really needs those boys onstage with her. They're still going to join her for the rap part, so she's not going to be alone up here. Of course, she already has her band, but the guys are her best friends.

Finally, the guys come onstage and perform their rap, then Brianne finishes the song with the chorus.

"They're amazing, right?" She asks the audience as James hugs her.

"We love you guys!" James tells the audience. Brianne smiles and gives him a kiss before the guys walk offstage.

After a couple more songs, Brianne has gotten the hang of being onstage again. The audience seems to be enjoying the show too, so that's a good sign. She blows a kiss to them before running down the stairs to get changed into her next costume. She quickly changes into the black bodysuit and shortened purple Spanish style jacket with glittery gold flowers, paired with black leather high heel boots. She quickly curls her hair, then returns to the loading area. She sees James standing by the box, holding Allie. Brianne smiles as she walks over to them. She kisses both of them on the cheek, then looks for Mason.

"Hey, where's Mason?" She asks.

"He's in the guys dressing room with Kendall, Carlos, and Logan." James tells her. Brianne gives him a thumbs up before climbing back into the box. She blows a kiss to him and Allie before the box lifts her back onto the stage.

Once "Determinate" is over, it's time for her to perform "Skyscraper". Since she's been through so much in these past few months, she decided to add "Skyscraper" to the set. She walks to the microphone and thinks carefully about what she's going to say. She takes a shaky breath before speaking.

"James and I actually wrote this song together. It's about going through a rough time, then rising above it. If there's anything that i've learned, it's that life be be difficult sometimes, but you can always overcome it." SHe says carefully. "Anyway, it's called "Skyscraper."

She around, noticing that James is standing almost at the top of the stairs, watching her. He gives her a thumbs up, along with a smile. She smiles, then begins singing.

The screaming of the audience gets louder as she finishes the song. She even sees a few people dabbing their tearful eyes. Her own eyes fill with tears, but she doesn't try to wipe them away because she doesn't want to ruin her mascara. She smiles and waits for Naturally to begin playing.


"That was beautiful." One of the crew members says, dabbing his tearful eyes. The guys look at him weirdly before slowly walking away. They all walk to the stairs and try to get a glimpse of Brianne. Colorful spotlights shine all over the stage and smoke surrounds Brianne as she sings "Naturally".

"You and Brie wrote that song together?" Kendall asks James.

"Yep." James says simply, still watching Brianne.

"Nice." Logan says, nodding.

James feels someone tapping his shoulder, so he turns around. He looks surprised when he sees his dad and Amanda standing there, looking excited for some reason. He didn't even know that they were coming to this show. They've already seen the show two different times. Why would they be coming to Los Angeles without telling him?

"Um, Hi." He says awkwardly. "Where are Landon and Mikayla?"

"We let them stay in the audience." Amanda says.

"Great." James says. "What are you doing here?"

"Amanda and I have some exciting news and we wanted to tell you in person." Mr. Diamond says happily.

"We're gonna have a baby!" Amanda squeals, kissing James cheek.

James quickly grabs his water bottle and takes a sip before he can start choking. He certainly wasn't expecting this!

"I know it's shocking, but this really exciting, right?" Amanda says. "I'm six weeks along!"

"Um, congrats?" James says.

"We're so happy that you're okay with this, buddy." Mr. Diamond says, patting his shoulder. "Congrats to you, big brother."

"Yay." James says, smiling nervously. He's going to be twenty years old next week and his dad is choosing now for him and Amanda to have a baby together? Do most guys get a new sibling when they about to turn twenty? Kendall was still a little kid when Katie was born. Lauren Williams was still a toddler when her mom had Kylie. James is almost twenty years old and his dad is going to be a father again. How does this happen? He feels so confused right now. He needs aspirin. Like, he's not angry about the new baby, but it's still shocking.

"Kelly, where is the aspirin?" He asks.

"In the hangout room." Kelly says. "Are you okay?"

"My dad and stepmom are expecting a baby." James whispers harshly. "I'm not getting any younger! I'm too old for this!"

"James, you're nineteen." Kelly sighs as she leads him down the hallway. They walk into the hangout room, finding that Hilary has fallen asleep on the couch. Kelly grabs some aspirin off the table hands it to him. James quickly swallows the proper dosage and rinses it down with some water. He rubs his temples, taking a deep breath.

"My ex boyfriend was 21 when his sister was born, so you're not alone." Kelly tells him before walking out of the room.

"You're stepmom is pregnant?" Jo asks.

"Uh huh." James says, sitting on the couch.

"I'm trying to sleep here, so you need to move." Hilary mumbles.

"And you need to get a boyfriend, but that hasn't happened yet." James says.

"What does Brianne see in you?" Hilary mutters.

"Calm down,Malibu Barbie." James says. "I was joking."

""Barbie is blonde.' Hilary says as she sits up. "I had a bunch of them when I was a little girl, so I know what I'm talking about."

"Sure you do." James says before walking out of them room.

An hour later

Normally, Brianne would sing Round and Round last, but it is now second to last. The last song is "Live Like There's No Tomorrow." She and James had just gotten together when he helped her write the rest of this song. She thinks that it's a great way to close the show.

"Are you guys ready for one one last song?" She asks, fixing the strap of her tight black tank top. The audience erupts in applause, which Brianne takes as a Yes. She puts her microphone in the stand and grabs onto it. She sees all of her Palm Woods friends in the front row, cheering her on. Even the Jennifers are here!

Four minutes later

"Thank you!" Brianne shouts. "Drive safe! i had a great time with you guys! Good night!" She runs down the stairs and is greeted by her friends and family.

'You were amazing, sweetie!" Allison says, hugging her daughter.

"Thanks!" Brianne says.

"Allie and Mason loved the show." Camille says as she hands both babies to their mom.

"You liked the show?" She asks them, kissing their cheeks. She looks at James, who smiles as he kisses her.

"Get this." He whispers. "Amanda and my dad are going to have a baby."

"Seriously? That's great!" Brianne says.

"Yeah." James says nervously. Brianne smiles as he wraps his arms around her and the babies, holding his wife and kids close to him.

"I love you." She whispers.

"I love you too." James says, kissing the top of her head.

This tour has had its fair share of ups and downs, but Brianne and James both know that the rest of it will be a lot of fun. Things may get a little crazy sometimes, but that makes the tour even more awesome. It's going to be the adventure of a lifetime.


Breakthrough (the first song in Brianne's concert)-Lemonade Mouth

Determinate-Lemonade Mouth

Skyscraper-Demi Lovato

Round and Round-Selena Gomez

Live Like There's No Tomorrow-Selena Gomez

The Way I Loved You Is Now complete! But this series isn't over yet! I have decided to make this a six part series, which means that I will be writing two more stories for it. The next one is going to be called Summer's Not Hot. It's going to take place after Brie and the guys have returned from the tour. They decide to go on a summer vacation that doesn't turn out as well as they hoped. As usual, there will be comedy, drama, romance, and so much more.