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Chapter 9: How cruel fate is.

It was a very calm night. The stars were twinkling as brightly as it was. The wind

was blowing as gently as it is. The trees were swaying as the wind passes by. But the

calmness of the night was torn down. The stars twinkling beforehand became dull. The

wind gently blowing became cold. And the trees swaying suddenly appeared to be

frightening. Only because of a group of individuals. These individuals were merely

considered humans for their deeds were very inhumane. With their masks and black cloak

on together with their trademark called the Dark Mark, they were known as the Death

Eaters. If someone coming from the wizarding world knew that he was going to attack

that place, they would wonder what in the world would he want with the 'muggles' living

in the house. If he wanted to torture or kill someone, why would he bother to go in such a

very far place away from England? Would they want to avoid the so-called wrath of the

ministry? Or merely to avoid Harry Potter? No one can know until the most feared Dark

Lord himself finally set out the truth. Surely, he wouldn't attack such place if he didn't

have a purpose. It was a very stupid thing to do but with the Dark Lord lurking around,

nothing is stupid. Everything is carefully planned. Everything has a purpose. And

everything is for the devastation of the person Voldemort himself feared, Harry Potter.

As he evaluated the both of them, it would prove that Harry Potter and himself would be

equal in the power they possess as of now. It certainly can change but he would be

prepared. For now, he should do what he was supposed to do. Before, he was only

preparing how to put to death his enemy but as the time passed, he realized another thing.

He realized that there was another person he should be afraid of. A person stronger than

the Boy-who-lived himself.

"Wormtail!" Voldemort bellowed.

Wormtail, Peter Pettigrew, came hurriedly to him not wanting to anger his impatient

master. He immediately bowed to his knees. "Yes, master."

"Are you certain that this is the place?" Voldemort asked narrowing his eyes.

"I. I." Wormtail felt himself go weak. He really wasn't that sure. All he knew was

that this was the place their spy was talking about.

"Answer me!" He roared.

Still Wormtail didn't reply. Voldemort glared at him.

"For now, I shall let it pass. But I warn you, if this is not the place, then you shall

receive your punishment."

To be able to keep on eye on what was happening on every corner of the world, he

assigned spies in each country. A week ago, one of his Death Eaters informed him that

there was a strong magical force around his area. It's a wonder how he knew about that.

Witches and wizards cannot detect aura or magical forces but because he asked someone

for her help he succeeded. Not that the woman agreed willingly.

Flashback (A week ago.)

"Master, I dreamed that there is this woman in Japan who knows about the person we are

looking for." Celeste said. She is one of the elite of Voldemort's Death Eater. Many

diviners look up to her for her great skills in predicting certain things. But they didn't

know that their idol is a member of the most hated group of witches and wizards for she

is secretly working for Voldemort.

"Really? Well done, Celeste. Another reason to commend you. It is a good thing that you

are good at something," her lips quirked upward because of that remark, "unlike those,"

Voldemort said glaring at Wormtail, "who aren't good at any." Wormtail flinched for he

knew that he was the one their master was referring to. He has been given the task to look

for the person that may be able to surpass their master but he had no such luck.

"Forgive me, Master. But to make up for the failure that I've done, I will be one of those

who shall drop by at Japan to visit this certain woman." Wormtail suggested fearing what

his master might say.

Voldemort raised his eyebrow wondering if this fool would be able to accomplish such


"You have failed me many times. However, I will give you another chance. If ever you

failed once more, I will make sure you receive a punishment that will make you

remember not to fail me again." Voldemort said as he glared fiercely at his servant

cowering at his gaze.

"Yes, master." Wormtail replied.

Wormtail and Celeste together with six more Death Eaters apparated to Japan. They

arrived at an old looking temple. When they went inside, they found a lady wearing a

kimono. She was busy sweeping the old place.

"Hello, may I help you?" She said in English. She noticed that this people were not

Japanese. Another thing is that they have a weird type of clothing.

The Lady's POV

'I wonder who they are. If I'm not mistaken, they are wizards judging by their clothing

but with their masks. I wonder who they are.' She thought. 'I better greet them in

English. I know they wouldn't understand Japanese.'

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