It all started with 2 siblings, a boy and a girl, about the age of 12 that were at the coffee table in their living room. While in the kitchen their older brother was looking for something tasty to eat. He opened the fridge and slightly bent over to look, having to blow some of his teal hair out of his eyes before slicking it back, it spiking up a little looking messy.

"And direct attack" The boy said as the girl flipped over a card

"Negate attack" the girl said as the boy groaned and snapped his finger in frustration. Their older brother had grabbed a plastic container and struggled a little to get it open before he dropped it and groaned. The boy looked over into the kitchen just as his brother knelt down to pick it up.

"What'd you drop Miles?" the boy asked

"Just the salami, don't worry Leo" Miles said standing back up as Leo turned his head back to their sister

"Okay I'll set one card face down and end my turn, your move Luna" Leo said as Luna just sat there, her eyes looking wide. Miles grabbed the bread from their cupboard and began to make a sandwich.

"Luna?" Leo asked worried as he saw he shake a little

"Everything alright over there?" Miles asked, pulling out some mustard then patting on it to get it on his sandwich.

"Luna?" Leo asked again, getting up and starting to walk to her. Then something happened, Leo didn't feel it but his siblings did. It was like a jolt, almost like they could feel someone in pain. It was hard to explain but in both their heads they got the image of a man with spiky black hair screaming in pain. Miles broke out of his trance faster than Luna, shaking his head before taking a breath.

"What was…" he said to himself confused as Luna quickly got up and sprinted to the elevator.

"Luna!" Leo yelled out as he quickly ran after her. Miles head quickly darted over to the running two

"Luna!" Miles yelled out as well, runnning after them. "Hey guys wait!" he called out to them out as they hopped in the elevator, only to have the doors close in his face. "Damn" he spat at himself as he grunted before running to the emergency stairs. He ran the down the first couple flights before he just started jumping down entire flights, each time scaring the hell out of him yet he kept going. There was just this urgency, not for Leo and Luna, but something else. Whatever he felt just told him to get down to the ground level as fast as possible. One last jump and he was at ground level but he landed crooked, twisting his right foot. He yelled out in pain as he squeezed his eyes shut in pain as he wreathed. He clenched his teeth and jutted forward a bit to the door and opened it, to see his siblings next to black haired man on the ground and a duel runner leaning on the wall next to the elevator.

"Guys little help?" Miles asked as Leo and Luna looked over at him before Luna ran over to him. "I hurt my foot" he told her as she let out a short gasp before helping him up.

"I'm so sorry Miles I don't know…"

"What came over you, it was like a feeling to just come down here asap right?" he asked her as she looked shocked that he knew what she was feeling. "Trust me I got the same feeling and that made me want to jump down the flights to get here" he said as Luna gasped again and got mad at him

"Why the heck would you do that you know that's dangerous!" she yelled at him

"I couldn't help my…"

"Guys! He's still breathing" Leo said excitedly as Luna and Miles walked over to him. Luna helped Miles kneal down and look at him. He looked scruffy looking and dirty, his blue jacket had a lot of dirt on it. He didn't look that hurt but he did look scrapped up, looking around he didn't see anyone nearby, so no one he knows was probably here.

"Leo, bring into the elevator, I'll call sector security when we get back home" Miles said as Leo nodded and hutched the guy's arm on his shoulder and dragged him to the elevator as Luna helped Miles hop to it.

"This is so weird" Luna said as Miles nodded

"Maybe it's all coincidence or something Luny" he told her, not really believing it and neither did she as they entered the elevator and began to go back up. Miles sneered as he tried to put weight on his foot, Luna shooting him a glare.

"Don't make it worse" she told him as he nodded through gritted teeth.

"What did he do?" Leo asked

"Jumped down almost every flight of stairs" Miles said

"Whoa! Awesome dude!"

"Leo!" Luna said getting mad at her brother

"What? That's cool" Leo said as his sister rolled her eyes as the doors opened. Each twin helped their respective persons over to the couches, Leo setting his on the couch next to the coffee table and Luna setting Miles on the couch toward the wall, Miles sneering when Luna helped him on.

"You stay right here" Luna said then ran to the kitchen as Leo set a pillow under the man's head. It was then that Miles thought about the runner that he saw downstairs

"Leo was that runner downstairs next to him when you guys found him?" Miles asked as Leo nodded

"Yeah, I moved it out of the way"

"Go get it, bring it up here, we don't want it to get stolen" Miles said as Leo nodded again running for the elevator and going down again. Just then Luna walked back to Miles with a wet towel, steaming hot, that she knelt down to Miles foot with. She wrapped it around his ankle, Miles foot twitching at the cool feeling from the hot rag. "Ow" he said as Luna chuckled


"Oh stay quite" he said as Luna looked at him with a grin

" You know that's no way to treat your doctor" she said as Miles chuckled

"Sorry, thank you Luny" he said as Luna shuffled over to him.

"Don't sweat it" she said coming in close and giving his head a quick peck, something she had always done whenever she helped her brother out when he hurt himself. Since their parents were rarely ever home the siblings had to help each other, though Miles filled most of the parent role. But whenever he needed a helping hand, Luna best fit his mother role.

"What are we going to do about him?" she asked

"I'll keep a eye on him, then when it's morning we'll call security, it's too late to do it right now anyway" he said as Luna nodded at him. Leo had shown back up with the runner a couple minutes later before Miles had told him and Luna to go to bed, it was already pushing past midnight. Leo put up a little argument, but was honestly tired out from the day Luna included. After they were sent to bed Miles got comfy and kept a eye on their stranger. Miles had thought how odd this was, for some reason Miles wasn't reacting like he should've. It didn't take a genius to know you shouldn't have a stranger in your house, for all he knew this person was a rapist or a murderer and should've just left him outside. Yet, when he looked at him he got this feeling that he just had to help him, even if he had no reason to. He kept his eyes firmly on him till he passed out, hoping that by tomorrow after this man was gone life would continue normally. If only he knew how abnormal it was to become.