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The kidnapper was blazing fast and in the lead while Miles, Yusei, and Trudge were just barely eating the dirt he was shifting up.

"Give me back my brother and sister!" Miles yelled as the kidnapper turned around and flicked them off. Trudge growled as he began to type some stuff on his onboard computer. He was planning to force this guy into duel mode, but when it was half way done with its quick load a miniature cartoon version of death appeared.

"What the…?" Trudge said as the little death snickered then snapped its fingers then appeared on Yusei's and Miles screens

"Huh?" They both exclaimed as the devil chuckled then summoned its schythe and started hacking away at the screen, 0's and 1's flashing as it did so. And as this happened their runners began to wobble and began to not listen to their commands as did Trudge's car. The kidnapper laughed as he revved off while the three were crashing

"So long bastards!" he yelled as Miles growled while he held on for dear life while his runner went crazy. Trudge gritted his teeth as he went through his wild and held on to the steering wheel to the point where it might break off. But then his on board computer began to flash white as the cartoon death appeared again then shrieked as quickly pixel by pixel he evaporated. At that moment Trudge regained control of his car.

"Huh?" He asked himself as he looked at the screen as it read anti virus successful. He gasped then making quick time typed some stuff on the screen then hit enter as it beamed to Yusei and Miles runners. In a few quick moments their screen flashed blue and then did the same thing as Trudge's, they regained control as they haulted to a stop. Trudge stopping with them "Phew, glad that worked."

"What did you do?" Yusei asked

"When my computer got hacked it connected back to hq where it got a anti virus. Any illegal programming is sent there and studied and the guys at the lab make anti programs for them. Whatever that guy shot at us must've been in the data base, or something close to it" Trudge explained as Yusie nodded in response

"Well thank you and… hey what's that?" He said as Trudge and he looked at the sky and saw a glowing purple light in the shape of something, a giant. Yusei groaned in his throat as he gritted his teeth "Kalen"

"What are we gonna do?" Trudge asked as Yusei looked to Miles who was frantically typing on his screen


"I've got him!" He exclaimed as he looked back to them, then to the sky seeing the symbol. His mouth went agap in shock of that symbol, he then focused his gaze on Yusei and Trudge "Ok here's what's happening you two go to that, I know it's probably a dark signer. You go take of him then we'll regroup" he said as Yusei shook his head

"No, that guy was dangerous and your gonna need our help" Yusei said as Miles shook his head with a angry look on his face]

"No you go after that dark signer! Listen if they tried to take over the spirit world today then that means their trying to make their big move today. Yusei go do what your suppose to, otherwise there won't be a world for the twins to be part of anymore" he said as Yusei groaned in his throat, Miles had his point but….

"I'm not one to leave my friends Miles, especially when their in danger" He said as Miles sighed then looked away from him

"I respect that, but yusei you have to do what's right for everyone. Not what's right for you, Your job is to save the world because of that mark on your arm…. Mine is to prtect my brother and sister, not because of this…" he said rolling up his sleeve and flashing his mark at Yusei and Trudge. Then he brought his hand back to him and clethced his chest "But because of this. So please go do what you have to, and I'll do what I have to" He said as his deck twinkled and out poped silent swordsman and Silent magician

"And hey don't worry we'll make sure old knucklhead here does hurt himself" Silent said as he did a fist pump while Magi nodded confidently with a small grin. Then with dust flinging to the air Miles revved off into the endless landscape with his two spirits floating by him the whole time while Yusei and Trudge watched him leave.

"Over dramatic ain't he?" Trudge asked Yusei who chuckled and nodded

"Couldn't agree with you more… but he did make his point" he said revving his runner back to life "C'mon let's go!" he told trudge as he rushed off and Trudge followed suit. Both ready for whatever comes, and ready to go back to help Miles when Kalen was taken care of.

About roughtly 50 minutes later…

Miles was keeping his eyes glued to the screen as his runner hoped up and down from rough rocky ground. He brought his eyes up from his screen and had a look around. He was in some kind of junkyard. Which he thought was odd that so much trash would be concentrated in one area that wasn't populated, he thought that the residents of the satellite relied on the trash of new domino, as horrible as that was. So what was all this junk doing here?

"Ha so you made it" he heard someone say as he halted to a stop, silent, Magi, and himself looking up to a mountain of trash and perched on top was the kidnapper with something drapped behind him


"Yes me, and per say do you know who I am?"

"Don't care give me back my brother and sister before I kill you!" Miles barked as The kidnapper laughed

"Oh you stupid little mother F $%4r, if you put some thought into there's rhyme and reason for what I did" he said as he started to draw back his cloak

"Again I don't care you…" He began to say before he got a good look of the man under that cloak "… hey your that guy that tried to steal my runner!"

"Yeah the names Dye if you recall"

"Well why are you so mad at me? Is it just cause you didn't get this thing!?" Miles yelled at him

"No you dumbass! You know what happened to me after that!?" he yelled at him as he clenched his fist "Those two stupid goons of mine called sector security and had me arrested, of course they were arrested to but from what I've heard they got a low grade cell in the facility with a chance of probation, cause they returned a lot of my stuff!"

"You stole everything you had didn't you!?" Miles yelled as Dye glared at him

"What was I suppose to do, there weren't any jobs and I was homeless on the street! All I could do was steal, it was the only way I knew how to live. And I refuse to take help from anyone, because I'm not weak like rich people like you!" He said as Miles growled

"You son of a bitch just give me back my brother and sister!" Miles yelled as Dye shook his head

"No! At least not so easily, I blame you for everything that happened that day I was caught. And I suppose I should thank you, fo with out you I never would have learned about the dark signers and I never would've gotten this!" He revealed his arm and Miles, Magi, and Silent all gasped. On his arm was the mark of two hands going up his forearm. "Behold! I am Dye, the dark guardian!"

"This can't be…" Silent said

"Not possible" Magi said. Miles gritted his teeth and pointed at Dye

"You get your ass down here, I'll take you out and then when your gone I'll find Leo and Luna myself!"

"Miles!?" Silent and Magi yelling at him because that was the stupidest thing he could've said. If he takes down Dye then how would he find them?" Dye grinned as he gripped the drape behind him

"Well then if it's a duel you want then one you'll get signer!..." he said as both their marks glowed, his glowing purple and Miles glowing red. "But let's up the ante!" he said as he removed the drape and revealed something that made Miles freeze. Under the drape was Dye's new twisted runner that he used to steal Leo and Luna. But now hooked up to it were two side cars with some thruster engines slopply slapped on the back with Leo and Luna tied into a individual car. They both looked at Miles pleadingly

"Oh my god…" Miles said to himself while Magi and silent were at a lost for words as their mouths hung agape. Dye grinned as he hopped on his runner

"Here's the stick, you win you get the girl back but your little boy here is going on a one ticket to the moon, or however high these missile engines I found here, this old junkyard seems like it was a dumping ground for kaiba corp. before they became a game company. And also the vice versa happens if you lose, you win the boy but lose the girl." He said with a grin as he revved off his engine and hopped off the pile of trash he was on "AND NO IT'S NOT UP FOR DEBATE, DUEL!" he said activating speedworld. It triggered Miles runner in to duel mode and programmed the auto pilot as Dye's mark etched itself into the ground in fire.

"Wait no no no no no no!" Miles yelled as everything got set up and they were off, Duel on.