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This is my first fanfiction that's in the Victorious genre. I don't watch the show much, because I don't catch it when it's on. I fell in love with Jade's character, and especially with her relationship with Beck. I think it's the perfect relationship. Therefore, I'm already sure you're aware this story will be a Bade, with a little bit of Bori, but not much. The star shouldn't always get the hot guy, lol. Anyway, here you go:

Before And After;

Her vision blurred as her hair rushed in front of her face. As the momentum of her feet kept the swing in constant motion, the world spun around her.

The playground was deserted. She had expected that, mostly because it was well past one in the morning. The cool, californian breeze blew with a gentle force, pushing the hair out of her face.

As her vision finally focused, she was greeted with a boy and a girl, one was on the swing next to her, and the other was making sand angels in front of her. The laughter slipped out of her lips before she could stop it.

"What are you laughing at?" the girl next to her asked, as she joined in with the giggles.

Jade's head went back in an attempt to calm down. A long sigh escaped her lips, making them tingle and twitch with almost every ounce of air that grazed them. Her hazel eyes hid themselves behind her make-up covered eyelids. Even through the dark purple eye shadow, she could see an outline of the full moon.

She opened her eyes and a smile spread along her face.

"Yeah, what the hell are you laughing at?" the man asked from the floor.

"Are you seriously laying in the sand, making snow angels, right now?" Jade asked, laughing all over again. It seems as though her friend on the swing just noticed he was in the sand. She started laughing along with Jade.

"Hell yeah I am. This sand is every sensation you could want to feel right now! How cold the sand is... how amazing every grain feels on my skin. It's like my cells and this sand are all making love on my skin." he said as he closed up into the fetal position, and then stretched out on the sand again.

"Yeah, Justin. E has that effect on people." her friend said.

"Lily. Don't you think I know that?" Justin said, propping himself up on his knees. He smiled at Jade. A slight pink started to show up on her cheeks. With all of her sensations being amplified, she swore, right there in this moment, that she and Justin were perfect for each other. She loved him, and he loved her. That should have been all there was for them to be together... too bad she was moving from Calabasas to Hollywood in a few days. She wouldn't be able to keep together a relationship that hadn't even started yet if she was that far away... there was no hope. If only

Jade let out a sigh, "we should probably get going. It's already past one, and we've got to live it up tonight."

"What makes tonight so much different than any other night?" Lily asked, kicking back and forth on the sand.

"Just because... I'm in the mood to go all out," Jade lied. Has she mentioned that her two best friends had no idea...? Well, now you're aware.

Jade wasn't one for sappy endings. She couldn't deal with the heartbreak she would feel watching Lily cry, and Justin getting in a bad mood. They had been close their entire freshman year, and the entire summer was spent partying, sleeping, and just hanging out together. They were the three amigos; basically they were family.

She hated hiding this from them, but it was too much for her to take. It was better this way... she hoped.

Lily jumped off of her swing, landing close to Justin. He stood up and brushed off his baggy shorts and straightened out his band tee. His hand ran through his shaggy head of hair, shaking it to get most of the sand out, then pushing it to the side of his face. She watched as his blue eyes found their way to her, scanning up her body and landing in a lock with her own.

Their gaze lingered together. Jade's heart started to beat faster. She was completely lost in those ocean blue, gorgeous, eyes... until Lily opened her mouth.

"Oh! Yeah! Lets just stay here and gaze into each other's eyes until we pass out! Oh wait... no, we have to go. Sorry." she said as she grabbed onto Jade's shirt, pulling her away from Justin.

He shook his head as he followed to two girls.

Lily let go of Jade's shirt. She started to walk and spin as she followed the cracked sidewalk.

Jade fell back and waited for Justin to catch up. He moved smoothly up beside her, only stumbling a little bit. She laughed at him as he put his arm around her. Her hand went up and laced her fingers between his.

"I love when Lily gets like this," Jade said, walking in step with Justin.

"Was that sarcasm? I can never tell with you. It's almost always sarcasm, but you have your moments," Justin said.

Jade smiled, "Oh, wouldn't you like to know?"

"I would... that's why I asked," Justin said.

The wind was brushing against their skin, coating their already tingly cells with an even greater sensation. It felt as though ice was coating their skin, melting off, and repeating the feeling all over again.

Jade could tell that it was hitting Lily harder than Justin and herself. Her best friend was jumping, and running, and spinning, like there wasn't anything else to live for but the feeling she was getting. If Jade remembered correctly, they had only taken two pills each, but Lily decided she needed to take four. She always did that when it came time to do some illegal activities.

Lily's blonde hair bounced behind her head, getting in her face every now and then. The black hair that was underneath her honey blonde was showing with every bounce. She was lucky that she wasn't wearing a skirt, because it would have been flowing with the wind up and off of her waist.

"Oh fuck," she heard Lily say as she stopped jumping. From looking at her expression, Jade could see that something was wrong. Her hands patted her chest, up and down, looking along the sidewalk.

As they got up to her, Justin asked, "What's wrong, Donkey Kong?"

Lily dropped to the floor, looking along the nearest cement crack, "my god damn stud fell out."

"Again? Really?" Jade said with a roll of her eyes. Her arms crossed over her chest.

Justin bent down to help Lily look. She glared at Jade and mimicked her, "Meh meh, meh meh meh."

That caused Jade to roll her eyes again. This happened at least once a drug trip. Jade would miss Lily when she left, but not how forgetful and slightly clumsy she could be at times. But regardless, she was her best friend and there was some love there.

"Eh... fuck it," Lily said as she stood up. She took the piercing out of her lip and threw it to the ground.

"That's... sanitarty," Justin stated getting off of the sidewalk. "What if some kid finds it?"

"Then they can get TB or something. Can we go?" Jade said as she kept on walking, Lily and Justin following close behind.

"Alright ladies, I think it's about time to do something new..." Justin said, digging into his front pocket. He was having a little bit of a struggle. Walking and searching pockets that were to deep could often result in this kind of trouble. He finally grabbed a little baggy out of his pocket. There seemed to be little strips of paper between the plastic lining.

"Oh shit..." Jade said with a devious look in her eye. Lily looked at Jade with excited eyes. She grabbed onto her shirt and started jumping up and down, yelling with a smile.

"Ready to drop this shit?" he asked, taking out all three strips. Both girls took one and instantly put the strip of paper on their tongue. Lily locked arms with Justin and Jade, forcing each one to be on the opposite side of her.

Jade and Justin locked eyes one last time before Lily took it upon herself to drag them down the side of the street...

Jade sighed. That memory was being replayed so many times in her head that she could have sworn it was a reality.

Sadly, it was the first day of school. She crossed her arms over her chest. She stared up at the school she was being forced to be at. Students walked by her, laughing and talking with their friends.

She dreaded it, but she slowly strutted up the front steps towards the sign: Hollywood Arts.

AN: I'm aware that it's not very Jade like right now, but I'll but more of her personality into the story while she's in school. Jade has a somewhat dark past, just so you have something to look forward to. (:

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