Beck was absentmindedly coming up with rhyming lyrics in his head. He still wasn't sure if doing an original, and most likely shitty song, would be the best thing to do at the showcase. He was never one to pour his heart out, let alone do it in the middle of a stage with burning spot lights shining down on him, and hundreds of people staring at him.

She was the only one to ever see him actually express how he was feeling, whether it was a simple note in her locker before lunch, or some sweet nothings as they laid in bed together after a long day. She was his best friend, and he had lost her.

He whipped out his phone and began to save the words that flew through his mind onto his drafts, not caring about the stares he was sure to be receiving, not even about the door that was about to open and the girl that was about to stumble into him.

Luckily for him, his reflexes had managed to quicken over the years. His arms found their way around her waist, keeping her from falling to the floor. She let out a quiet "oof" before regaining her composure just enough to look at him. Her eyes jolted open, as she stumbled to her feet. His arms didn't unlock from her hips. They stood only inches away from each other.

He finally got the nerve to say something to her, "we've got to stop meeting like this."

Jade's eyebrow rose, and a smirk played across her lips, "that was really the only thing you could come up with?"

Beck panicked and couldn't control the words that began pouring out of his mouth, "I'm sorry. For everything. If you'd just let me explain-"

"Don't start this now," Jade said, fully together, unlike her male counterpart, "you already know we're going to start yelling, and I don't want people in our business. I saw what I saw, and I know what I know. You're going to have to give me time, and that time is neither here or now."

"But I can't do this, Jade. I need you," he whispered to her, causing her eyes to move away from his. Her hands landed on his, and took them off her hips gently.

"I'm sorry," Jade said, turning away from him and grabbing Cat by the wrist, dragging her down the hallway. She couldn't handle this either. How could he think this was easy for her?

"Are you okay?" Cat asked cautiously.

Jade did nothing but nod in agreement. She couldn't find the words to tell him anything because she still didn't know. Regardless of if it was all set up, she still saw him kissing another girl. One of the first girls to actually make her feel her self esteem drop. The thought of him kissing anyone but her made her heart sink a little deeper into her chest.

She still couldn't figure out if she wanted Beck back. This went against her trust of him. What if this was just some cover? What if he really did want to kiss Tori? They were sure as hell into the kiss when she arrived. It would have made Justin a double agent, but Jade didn't know Justin anymore, and neither did Lily.

The image played in Jade's head all over again. So many questions, and new insecurities.

Beck couldn't understand what she was feeling, because she didn't know either.

Jade sat in the dressing room she was sharing with her best friends, with Cat by her side and Andre in the corner, strumming along to the melody that was playing in his head as he mouthed the words that were playing in his head.

Cat giggled as she copied every move Andre was making, not too worried about the events of tonight. She had already seen the order of the acts, and she was right after Andre, and before Tori. It always amazed Jade that she could stay so calm in the midst of everything. There were going to be hundreds of people out in the audience, and Cat wasn't even nervous.

Jade on the other hand had butterflies, more for her revenge than anything else. She knew her song by heart, every note, ever lyric, ever emotion. There wasn't a doubt in her mind that she was going to sing her lungs out on that stage tonight... she just hoped that he was listening.

According to the sheet, Jade's place in the line up was only one person after Beck's performance, which could have added a thousand more butterflies to her stomach and chest. Her throat had a knot in it that must have been the size of a grapefruit.

Lane's voice came over the intercom, "Andre Harris, you're up. Cat Valentine and Tori Vega, please find your microphones and get ready."

"Wish us luck," Cat said in her normally cheerful voice as Andre got up.

"The best of luck, darling," Jade said in a British accent, causing Cat to giggle and Andre to smile for the first time since he got into the room. She could feel how nervous he was, and asked him to hold back while Cat ran on ahead, literally. "Are you okay?"

"My uncle got someone from Universal Music to come here and look at me. That's one of the biggest names in music to date. I'm just... what if it's like all the other times people show up and don't like what I'm doing?" Andre asked, and Jade could feel his heartbreak.

"It's not like that this time," she spoke words of reassurance, "those were little record labels that were looking for someone they could write songs for and mold to fit what they thought was music. Big labels like this are looking for something different, and something original, and last time I checked, you're more than original."

"I guess..."

"You shouldn't guess, you should know."

Andre gave her a small smile, "I'm glad I'm on your good side. I don't know what I would do without your words of wisdom."

"Cry in a corner?" Jade asked with a smirk.

"And the happy moment's over," Andre rolled his eyes and exited the room with Jade laughing in the background. She had too much faith in that man. He was going to do just fine.

Her attention turned back to the mirror, doing a quick check on her make up and hair. Her time to act was coming up soon, and she needed to be in the right place to put the plan into action. Perfection was what she thought she looked like, which caused a smile to come across her face.

Before she stopped, a light knock was placed on her door. The mirror's reflection showed her a man with an ugly, navy blue, jumpsuit on, carrying a dozen snapdragons. Her favorite flowers, "Jade West?"

"That's me..." She said, confused. The man came into the room and handed her the flowers, just asking for a signature before he left her alone with a vase full of purple flowers. A card was attached to the top:

"I hope you know, I mean every word. Love, Beck."

Her gaze dropped as she bit her lip. This asshole was about to ruin her make up.

She set down the vase gently, making sure it was safe among the clutter of Andre and Cat's belongings. The card went back into place easily. She made sure it was a good distance away from the water that clouded the water towards the bottom of the steams before she left the room.

Tori looked out onto the stage as Cat continued to sing. She had her headset on, and was testing her pitch in her head, ignoring everything that wasn't her voice.

Sinjin looked down from his soundboard, and awaited his signal as Cat's song came to an end. She received a very enthusiastic applause, with some people standing up to clap. The red head waved at the crowd and blew a kiss, smiling to everyone as she skipped off stage.

Lane approached, "Now, introducing Tori Vega."

The crowd applauded politely as she walked on the stage, waving at everyone, making sure her dress didn't ride up higher than it already was. Her skimpy, shimmery, outfit was almost blinding from the spotlights, causing Sinjin's eyes to water.

He was more than happy when her music started for a split second, and the power seemed to shut off. Only three people knew what was actually going on.

"Why isn't my mic on? What's happening?" Tori yelled to the side of the stage. No one could give her an answer, to her disliking.

A video started to play in the back ground of the stage, with a voice she couldn't locate started to do a mic check, "hello?"

"Who is that!" Tori yelled.

"Oh. Hello," the video clicked on, showing Tori in the bathroom. Everyone saw the surprise on her face when the voice that came over the speaker sounded almost exactly like Tori's, "I'm Tori Vega, and I'm obviously popping my pimple."

The video showed her picking at the side of her nose, squeezing and using her nail to chip it away. The real Tori was still on stage, screaming in embarrassment as the crowd laughed behind her.

"In the next video I wanted to show you of myself, is an accident I had last week in gym class," the voice over said. The clip shifted to a picture of Tori pulling on her short shorts to go outside, a pad hanging out of her thighs. There were gagging noises in the audience, and girls were laughing. You could see her cheeks flare up even without the spotlight.

She screamed at someone to stop it, but no one could hear anything over the cries of laughter and disgust. The horrified girl ran away from the stage, as Sinjin brought the lights back up, and Lane ran out onto the stage, trying to get the people's attention.

"Um... so there was a bit of a technical difficulty, or so it seems," he tried to play off, "but without further a due, please welcome, Beck Oliver."

The girls began to scream with excitement, and the boys applauded. Beck walked out and sat upon the stool that had been set up for him, an acoustic guitar in his hands, "What's up? I'm Beck, and this is a song I just wrote a few days ago... it goes out to someone special, and I just hope that you're listening."

Jade walked into the wing, next to Sinjin and a still giggling Cat. Sinjin leaned over, "I think he's singing to you."

She didn't comment back. Her eyes were following his hand as it moved up and down the strings gently, and Andre played the piano lightly in the background. Beck's words fell straight from his lips and into Jade's heart:

"She is my rock and my rolling thunder, I've been the spell she was under, I... I love that girl. She is my cigarettes and champagne, she's got me strung, but I'm not running, I love that girl," his eyes closed before he sang more. Jade could see the pain that was coursing through him, even if it looked like an act to any passerby, "She is the days I can't get over, she is the nights that I call home, endlessly. For you I'll always wait, caught in the waves of hesitation, lost in the sea of my own doubt, endlessly. For you I'll always wait.

"She is the flame and the fire, she's raging. I've been the spark in the war she's waging, I... I love that girl. She came along, and she spoke so sweetly. Changed everything, took my heart completely, I love that girl."

Andre started to sing the chorus in the background of Beck singing the bridge, his hand moving faster, "And the city bars, and empty cars. It's three A.M and I wonder where you are. And the crooked smiles and worn out miles between us, now I wonder where you are. She is the days I can't get over, she is the nights that I call home. Endlessly. For you I'll always wait. For you, I'll always wait... endlessly."

His hand stopped moving, and the tears on her face started falling, "Give me a microphone."

"I can't just give you a microphone-"

"Sinjin!" She snapped. He quickly handed it to her as she watched Beck get up from his stool and began to walk off stage. Her last prayer was that her mic was on.

She waked on stage and began to sing, "I wanna make you smile, whenever you're sad. Carry you around when your arthritis is bad. All I wanna do, is grow old with you."

Beck spun around in shock, watching Jade sing to him, like they were the only ones in the area. His heart beat was pounding through his chest as the words sunk in.

"I'll get you medicine when your tummy aches, build you a fire if the furnace breaks. Oh it could be so nice growing old with you," she sang with a tearful smile, walking closer to Beck, who was following her lead. He set down his guitar and began to walk to center stage again, grabbing the microphone off the stand as she kept going, "I'll miss you, kiss you, give you my coat when you are cold. Need you, Feed you. Even let you hold the remote control."

Beck began to sing at the chorus, "So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink, put you to bed when you have too much to drink. Oh I could be the man who grows old with you."

They started to sing together, with genuine smiles on their faces now, "I'll miss you, kiss you, take your shoes off and rub your feet. Need you, feed you. And when we play checkers, I'll let you cheat. So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink, put you to bed when you've had too much to drink. Oh, it would be so nice, growing old with you. I wanna grow old with you."

Applause irrupted in the background, but it didn't bother either one of them. They were too busy rushing into the others arms, his hands wrapping around her shoulders, and her own hands snaking around his waist, holding him as if she couldn't get close enough. His lips pressed against her forehead, as his arms tightened around her.

"I'm so sorry," Beck told her in a mumble. He was too busy basking in the scent of her vanilla shampoo that he missed so much.

"Don't be sorry. Just be mine," She told him, digging her nails into his back one last time before pulling away slightly to get a good look at his smiling, yet shocked face.

"On one condition," Beck hinted, and she looked at him with confusion, "Will you sing at my wedding?"

She pushed him away a little with a laugh and a roll of her eyes. Jade didn't get very far away from him before he pulled her back against his body, and landing his lips on her own.

How he missed her.

How she missed him.

How everything was back to normal.

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The song Beck sang: Endlessly by Green River Ordinance;

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