ok, this is another of those "do I or don't I?" stories. The premise intrigued me, but it might be a little too far fetched. What do you think?

The Devoted Fan

Chapter 1

Emily looked up at the night sky as she got out of her car and sighed at what she saw there: a full moon. It was bad enough that tonight was Halloween. With the added element of the full moon, she had no doubt her shift in the E.R. tonight would be a rough one.

Emily Trelane had been an E.R. nurse for 5 years after being offered a job at a major hospital in Atlanta fresh out of nursing school. She enjoyed her job, but it left little time for a social life, not that Emily had one anyway. She'd always been a bit of a loner. That had only intensified when she'd lost both her parents several years before in a car accident.

As looks went, Emily was actually quite pretty. While no supermodel, her black hair and brown eyes did garner her some male attention. Unfortunately, she was also a bit short, just under five feet. Most men tended to treat her like a kid sister, rather than a potential girlfriend due to her height. It made dating somewhat awkward.

Of course, it didn't help that Emily was a hopeless romantic. In spite of not having much of a love life, she still firmly believed in soul mates and hoped one day to find her own. So far, he still eluded her. She had dated a bit, but most of her "Prince Charmings" had turned out to be frogs.

As with many other romantics, Emily had her favorite 'couple'. For her, hands down, it was Vincent and Catherine off the TV series Beauty and the Beast. She had loved the show and owned the whole series on DVD. She also had numerous collectables and had even been to a few conventions. For Emily, Vincent and Catherine's story was magical and gave her hope of finding her own true love someday. Like some fans, she also had her own opinions on how the series should have ended.

"If I'd been a writer, season 3 would have been much different!"

She often thought. But, that was just harmless daydreaming.

As she predicted, the night shift was horrible. Around midnight, things really got harried as a group of kids from a local youth group picnic came in with stomach pains from a bad batch of chicken salad. About the same time, local police brought in an addict who was delusional from an overdose. He ranted and raved for almost an hour before finally seeming to slip into a deep sleep. Emily couldn't wait until the end of her shift.

But, just as Emily was treating a five year old from the youth group, a strange noise drew her attention to the next bed beyond the curtain. Out of nowhere came the addict brandishing a scalpel in his hand and heading straight for them both. Emily looked around desperation, only to see the police too far away to reach the delusional patient. Realizing they would be too late, Emily did the only thing she could and threw herself at the man. Vainly, she tried to wrest the knife from her would be attacker as he screamed incoherently, trying to slash her. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her chest and she looked down in surprise to see the scalpel protruding out of her. The police appeared and subdued the incoherent man just as the world slowly faded and she fell to the ground. Everything went black.

Emily awoke in what could only be described as a maintenance corridor. From her work at the hospital, she realized she must be somewhere deep inside some building. She sat up and took stock. She was still in her scrubs, her stethoscope around her neck. Oddly, there was no wound in her chest and she didn't appear injured otherwise. Carefully, she stood up. In front of her was a heavy metal door similar to the one way emergency exits at the hospital. Cautiously, she opened it and peered out to see three men standing in front of an elevator only a few feet away. Luckily, they failed to notice her. For some reason, they looked vaguely familiar. The shorter one turned in profile and Emily had to stifle a gasp as she recognized him as 'John Moreno', the crooked district attorney from Beauty and the Beast.

Fearing she'd lost her mind, Emily started to close the door just as she heard one of the men with a gun address John Moreno after speaking to someone on a walkie-talkie.

"She's in the elevator on her way down now, Mr. Moreno. We've got her trapped." He said.

"Just make this quick. I can't be connected to this." Moreno shot back.

Oh My God! This is "Though Lovers be Lost"! Emily thought. Now she truly began to doubt her sanity.