Here ends the Devoted Fan. I recently discovered that there is a Fanzine with a simliar theme to my story's ending, but I decided to use it anyway. I always loved the character of Robet McCall and thought he made a nice addition. Hope you enjoy it and Thanks for reading.

Chapter 11

Devin explained to Emily that Vincent and Catherine had decided, with Father's consent, to postpone announcing their joyous news for a time. Though it would soon be obvious, both would be parents felt they needed a little time together to adjust to their situation without the added pressures their news would bring.

Of course, it didn't help that Gabriel and the issue of what to do with the black book also loomed large on the horizon. Devin, Vincent, Father, Catherine, and Emily discussed at length what to do with the book. Several ideas were put forth but soon rejected. Luckily, with Emily's help, Devin was able to persuade the group to reject any idea that might have inadvertently triggered more of the events from season 3. Soon, they came to an impasse and decided to table their discussion for a while.

The answer when it came was just as bizarre as Emily's arrival and equally as hard to believe. One day, Emily was standing next to Devin talking to Father as Devin lounged around reading a days old newspaper a Helper had sent Below. Suddenly, a small ad in one corner caught Emily's eye and had her snatching the paper violently away from Devin. 'Hey!" he protested.

'It can't be! It just can't be!" Emily veritably shrieked. Curious, Devin looked over her shoulder at what she was looking at. It read "Got a problem? Odds against you? Call the Equalizer at 212-555-4200". Seeing Father looking quizzically at them both, Devin dragged Emily out of the chamber and into the tunnel. All the while, she kept up a monologue, none of which Devin understood.

"It's him! But he can't be real, can he? But if the tunnels are real, I guess he could. Why not?"

"Emily, what are you talking about?" Devin interrupted.

"This is it, Devin! This is the answer to our problems! His name is Robert McCall. If anyone can take on Gabriel and beat him, he can!" She exclaimed.

Devin frowned. "Em, that sounds too easy. Who is this guy? How can you be sure we can trust him? What do you…"

"Devin, remember when you asked me to trust you? Well, I'm asking you to trust me now. Believe me when I tell you he can help. He's an ex-government agent with connections to people who know how to deal with men like Gabriel!"

Devin sighed. "Ok, we don't exactly have any other options, do we?"

It took a bit of fast talking to convince Father to allow Devin to call in an outsider, but Devin managed to convince them that he had heard of Robert McCall from some of the Helpers Above. Catherine reluctantly agreed to trust Mr. McCall. But when she mentioned meeting with him herself, the Wells men strenuously objected. Vincent didn't want Catherine leaving the Tunnels, Devin felt it too risky and Father felt it should be he who met with Mr. McCall.

Emily was relegated to the position of observer as Catherine verbally out argued all three of them. During the series, Catherine had rarely been seen in court. Now Emily was treated to a ringside seat as Catherine was in her element. In the end, Catherine managed to negotiate a suitable compromise. Devin would call Robert McCall and arrange a meeting at Henry and Lin Pei's restaurant early one morning. Emily and Catherine would wait below in the basement guarded by Vincent while Father remained at the Tunnel entrance to summon help if anything went wrong. The only thing that remained was to contact the man himself and wait for the meeting.

Two days later, Devin sat in the restaurant as a sleek black Jaguar XJ6 drove up to the curb. The night before, Vincent had gone to Catherine's apartment and retrieved the black book from its hiding place in a secret niche in the fireplace. A tall, distinguished man emerged from the car and proceeded to cautiously take stock of his surroundings before making his way to the door. His clothes were well cut and expensive and he looked for all the world like an ordinary, successful New York businessman. But there was something about the way he surveyed the area that spoke of a man of action as well as caution. His bearing and demeanor made him appear ready for trouble and more than able to deal with it if it came.

For a moment, he almost reminded Devin of Father, but as Robert McCall drew closer, he realized he was seriously mistaken. While this man was also older and looked equally imposing, there was none of the warmth Devin had come to associate with his parent. Robert McCall's face was an expressionless mask and his eyes held an icy look that said he was not a man to be underestimated or taken lightly.

"Devin Wells?" Robert McCall asked sharply.

"Yes." Devin answered, getting to his feet from the chair he sat in and offering his hand. "Thank you for coming, Mr. McCall. Will you take a seat?"

The man pointedly ignored Devin's outstretched hand and replied curtly in a dangerously low voice. "I prefer to stand. You said you had some information that my former employer might find of interest. I think you should start by explain how you knew about me and who I worked for."

"Well, I uh can explain…" Devin started. Emily had been waiting in the basement with Catherine and Vincent, but the lovers were engrossed in each other, allowing her to sneak up to the top of the stairs and open the door. When she heard Robert McCall speak so coldly, she impulsively burst in. 'Please Mr. McCall! Don't blame Devin. I'm the one who told him what to say. I'm the one who told him to call you."

"Damn it, EM!" Devin snarled. "I told you to let me handle this!"

"Oh, right!" Emily shot back rolling her eyes. "Another hair-brained Devin scheme; just what we need! Mr. McCall carries a gun! It would serve you right if he shot you, for heaven sakes!"

The Equalizer's face softened a bit as he watched the two young people in front of him continue to bicker. Folding his arms, he relaxed a little as he judged himself to be in no immediate danger. He was still curious about why they had summoned him to this particular meeting but for now their arguing was proving quite entertaining.

He was about to interrupt when another young woman arrived on the scene. He recognized her instantly from the recent media reports about her.

"Catherine Chandler, assistant district attorney." He remarked in satisfaction, knowing they were at last getting to the heart of the matter. "Your boss, John Moreno has created quite a stir about your disappearance."

"That's ironic, considering that he's one of the people I'm hiding from."

"Catherine!" Emily and Devin both exclaimed in unison.

"No, I have to do this. It's my responsibility and I think I can trust Mr. McCall." She replied. "At least Vincent thinks we can and that's good enough for me."

"I think I'll take that seat now." Mr. McCall said, smiling for this first time since he entered.

After inspecting the black book and Catherine's notes, the Equalizer felt certain his government contacts could bring Moreno and Gabriel to justice quickly. He assured Catherine he would do all he could to make sure she was kept safe. Before departing, he even offered Catherine protection which she declined.

When the group returned to the main tunnels, the atmosphere was jovial, almost festive. Without the specter of the black book hanging over them, Catherine and Vincent felt it was finally time make their happy announcement. Predictably, their news was welcomed with great joy. It wasn't long before an impromptu celebration broke out. Everyone was quite happy, with one notable exception: Emily. Personally, she'd never been more miserable in her entire life.

"Isn't it wonderful, Em?" Devin commented. "It's over now and that blasted book is out of our hair."

"Yes. " Emily agreed, trying to smile. To Devin, she sounded almost disappointed.

"Hey, you should be glad. Emily. Catherine is safe and someone else can deal that bastard Gabriel. We should be celebrating!"

"Of course!" Emily agreed with false brightness. Truthfully, all she wanted to do was cry.

Emily excused herself and ran all the way back to the guest chamber. Once inside she broke down, crying for all she was worth.

It was over. Catherine was safe and the black book was in the hands of someone who could put it to good use. She should be ecstatic, but she wasn't. Her whole presence here had been a deception. From the story about her employment to the tale about her engagement to Devin, her presence in the Tunnels was based on subterfuge. Yet, she'd grown fond of everyone Below. In a strange way, they almost felt like her family. As if that were not bad enough, Emily had done something very foolish. She'd fallen in love with Devin.

A soft footstep outside the chamber caught Emily's attention. She quickly tried hide her tears as the tunnel patriarch stepped quietly through the doorway.

"Emily, may I come in?" Father asked gently.

"Of course, Father." Emily answered, hoping her voice sounded normal.

Father came over to the bed and sat down next to Emily. "I saw you left the celebration. Are you all right, my dear?"

Something in the concerned tone of Father's voice struck a chord in Emily and the strain of keeping up the pretext quickly became too much for her. Suddenly, she felt an overwhelming need to tell him the truth.

Turning to him, she choked up with emotion and began to babble out the truth.. 'No, Father I'm not. I have something to tell you. I am not a nurse at St. Clare's and Devin and I aren't really engaged. It was a lie. Well, I am a nurse but not at St Clare's and…"

To her surprise, Father smiled indulgently and took her hands gently into his own. 'Yes, Emily, I know."

Emily was dumbfounded. "You do? How?"

Father chuckled in response. "I am not the gullible old goat my son thinks I am. I knew you didn't work at St .Clare's that first day. I have a friend who has hospital privileges there. When he called, they informed him that there was not now nor ever had been a nurse on staff named Emily Trelane."

Emily winced and groaned as she guessed what had happened. "Peter!"

"Yes, Peter." Father affirmed with a grin. "As for the rest of it, Devin told me himself less than an hour ago."

"All of it?" She gaped in shock.

Father smiled widely. "Yes, all of it."

"So I guess you don't believe me." She sighed.

"I believe you believe it." He offered diplomatically.

"Oh, you think I'm crazy."

Father became exasperated. 'What I think is, that like Catherine, you are an intelligent, caring and independent young woman. That's also why I didn't believe any of that poppycock my son was spouting about you falling for him so easily. You strike me as far too smart to be taken in by him that easily."

"So what do you think, Father?" She simply had to know.

"I think you've suffered some trauma. My son mentioned you being attacked by a patient in the ER? I believe this idea of yours of seeing us portrayed on this show as you saw it was a way of your mind coping with that trauma."

Emily snorted loudly. "And what about all that stuff I knew? The black book and Robert McCall?"

Father raised his eyebrows as he responded reluctantly. "Well, I'm willing to concede that, perhaps… you have some special … uhh… gift similar to Vincent."

Emily couldn't help but smile. Trust Father to find a way to make the most unbelievable events sound perfectly rational.

"But that's all unimportant, my dear. What is important is what your plans are now. That's what I came to talk to you about. Won't you consider staying? I know our little community doesn't have much to offer in the way of luxuries, but there are people here who care about you. My son is one of them. He cares for you very deeply and unless I am mistaken, I think you care for him as well."

Emily couldn't help feeling quite sad. "I wish that were true, Father, but it isn't. He was only pretending to care."

"Don't be so sure about that." A voice from the doorway countered. It was Devin.

Father got to his feet and cleared his throat. '"Well, I can see I'm not needed here anymore. I trust I can leave you to handle this, Devin."

Devin grinned wickedly. "You know it, Pop." Father chuckled again and patted his son's shoulder as he left the guest chamber.

Emily looked over at Devin curiously. "Did you really tell him everything?"

Devin smirked smugly. "Yep, only time I've ever confessed without being caught first. See, you've made an honest man out of me already."

Devin crossed over and knelt in front of Emily. "Seriously, Em, I want you to stay. I know we were just pretending but now I find myself wanting it to be for real. You make me feel things I never have. Will you stay?'

"On one condition." Emily smiled impishly.

"Anything. Name it." He grinned back.

"You promise never to try any of your devious tricks on me. I won't stand for it!"

Devin tried hard to look offended. "Emily, would I lie to you?"

"In a heartbeat!" She retorted.

"Oh, my love, You know me too well." Devin grinned as his mouth covered hers.


Winterfest that year was a celebration that would be talked about for years to come. It also marked the wedding of not one but TWO of the Wells men and celebrated the announcement of another Wells family member soon to be added in the form of Vincent and Catherine's child.

Some might have questioned the wisdom of a double wedding, but both couples felt it only made the experience more special and honored the deep bond the two brothers shared in spite of their long separation.

Almost every Helper, past and present was there. No one wanted to be left out of such a momentous occasion. In one corner, Father sat next to Robert McCall, the man who had orchestrated the destruction of Gabriel and his empire. Both were imbibing some of William's best homebrew made up special just for the occasion.

"You're quite lucky, Jacob. Most men are rarely fortunate enough to get to one lovely, intelligent young woman as a daughter-in law. You've managed to get two and in the same day no less." Robert remarked.

The tunnel patriarch smiled widely in response. "Why thank you, Robert. I can't take all the credit. Vincent and Devin played their parts of course." He laughed as his new friend smiled. It was such a rare occurrence. "In truth, I'm glad to see them both finally settled. Frankly, I was beginning to think I'd never get those two married off." The two men laughed heartily and shared another drink in toast to the happy couples.

Out on the dance floor, one pair was dancing. Devin leaned down and kissed Emily gently as he pulled her closer for the slow dance. "Happy, Mrs. Wells?"

"Ecstatic!" She sighed contentedly.

Devin smiled. "Looks like we're not the only ones." He nodded in the direction of his laughing brother and new sister in law. Vincent was resplendent in a high neck ruffled shirt, tight fitting blue over tunic and thigh high leather boots polished so brightly they shone. Catherine wore a shimmering gown of flowing white lace lovingly embroidered at the neck and sleeves with tiny pink roses by Mary herself. In her hair she wore a silk garland of flowers. She veritably glowed with health in spite of her advancing pregnancy.

Devin and Emily had opted for simplicity for their attire. Devin wore a white poet shirt and dark brown pants that offset the crème colored sheath of linen worn by his bride.

"So, what should we get the baby? We have to think about these things you know. Being an aunt and uncle is serious business. Hey, maybe a big pink teddy bear!" Devin offered enthusiastically.

"Blue." Emily corrected without thinking.

Devin stopped dancing and looked at her with a smirk. "Blue?"

Sighing, Emily nodded. Devin's grin got larger. "Be right back, babe!"

"Devin, where are you going? It's our wedding day for heaven sake!" Emily cried in exasperation.

"It's ok, Em." He reassured her as he dropped a quick kiss on her mouth." I just got to talk to Cullen. He's got this pool going and he's betting the baby is a girl. You can't expect me to give up a sure thing like this!"

Emily shook her head and rolled her eyes at her new husband. Devin would never change. "Say, you don't happen to know what time the baby will come or his weight maybe? I hear William has a pool going as well."

Some things (and people) in the Tunnels never changed!

The End