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Summary: Jasper Whitlock spent his high school years being tormented by Edward Cullen. When their paths cross again years later, could the boy he once hated become the man he loves? Mature themes. For mature audiences only!


"Can you remind me why we're going again?" I shout to Edward; he's gone back in the bedroom to grab the jacket he'd forgotten.

"Because Alice is holding a customer appreciation thing and she wants us there," Edward shouts back.

"So why do we have to dress formal?" I ask; looking down at the Ralph Lauren shirt and dress pants I have on. "It's Alice, and she's seen us in casual clothes and scrubs." I don't see why I need to dress up to go to Alice's when all I want to do is stay home, naked and in bed with Edward.

"But you look so great," Edward yells.

Admittedly, I did. I have my favorite pair of boots, not really what goes with the clothes I have on, but I don't care. I feel good. It's great to feel happy about something; especially with how I've been in the last few days.

Since Demetri's call, I've been on edge. Jenks has yet to call back and that has me nervous. What the hell is Demetri up to? Why won't he just leave me alone? He had no qualm to cheat on me, but now he's madly in love and wants to fight for me?

What the fuck is wrong with him? I should be relaxed because I have nothing to hide. Edward already knows about my time with Demetri and how it all ended, but what bothers me is the person who's willing to help Demetri. What does that person have up their sleeve?

So many questions are swirling around in my mind. They're there every damn second of the day, and it's had a profound effect on me. I have found myself being needy, and even whiny to my own ears. That's been annoying to me because I've never been like this. I can see that it's affected Edward too.

Everywhere he goes, I want to be there. It's like I don't trust him to walk out of his place and return; like he's going to leave me and never come back.

However, Edward has been amazing. Sometimes, he invites me along and doesn't make my whining bother him. Hell, it fucks with my head, more than it does his. When I complain, he just smiles and kisses me, like nothing is wrong. Once, I even picked a fight just to get a rise out of him, but he knew exactly what to say to calm me.

"Are you planning to leave me?" I was tired of Edward's silence, and walking around like he's on cloud fucking nine. He's watching one of his favorite shows and chuckling, but my question made him stop and look at me. "Are you fucking someone else? What? He's waiting to take my place because my life is too complicated."

Edward switched off the TV, and turned to me; giving me his full attention; his eyes holding an incredulous look. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"You!" I shouted. "Why are you so fucking happy? Jenks hasn't called back yet and we don't know what Demetri is up to!" I just couldn't seem to lower my voice. His happy attitude was downright pissing me off. But it wasn't even Edward that I was angry at. It was the situation with Demetri. I wanted to know what he was up. I hated being in the dark. But I couldn't seem to stop attacking Edward. "So are you cheating on me too? What? He's better than me; he doesn't have problems or fucked up exes bothering him?"

Edward looked at me long and hard but said nothing. I could see the anger dancing in his eyes, but the love for God, he wouldn't express it. I jump up from the couch, pacing in front of him. "You can go, you know. Or I'll go. You don't have to do this, Edward. You don't have to stick around for this."

"I'm not sticking around." He seethed, finally letting his anger show. His words held so much passion. "I'm here because there is nowhere else I would rather be! I fucking love you!" He sprang up from the couch and moved to stand in front of me, gripping my shoulders and stilling me. "You're everything to me, Jasper. You're all I'll ever want." His lips fused to mine before I could utter another stupid word.

We made love until early morning and we couldn't keep our eyes open; then I fell asleep, contentedly, in his arms.

Edward continued to wholeheartedly oblige me; he's been so loving and sweet. Having him around soothes me. But there have been times when he would be jumpy and nervous around me. Like when I enter a room, he'll quickly hang up a call. At first, I thought Jenks had called and he was afraid to share it with me, but then my mom called and squashed that thought with her evasiveness and urgency to speak with Edward. She had that 'I know something you don't' sound in her voice and it intrigued me.

Edward nearly jumped out of his skin when I handed him the phone, telling him it's my mom and then he ran off, with me chuckling at him. Something was up.

Looking back on it now, I guess it was partly why I overreacted because Edward won't tell me what he's up to. Although, whatever it is, to see how happy he seems with it, makes me relax a little. I hope it's a good surprise. I know it surrounds me. With the call from Mom, the amount of time Rose has been here in the past two days and even a frantic call from Alice that I answered while Edward was in the shower; it all tells me whatever Edward has planned, has to do with me.

Edward is definitely up to something, and tonight is when he'll unveil it. "Got it," he says, walking out of the bedroom while throwing on his jacket. My heart speeds up at little at the sight of him walking toward me. His broad shoulders, his muscular body, and his devilishly handsome face all have me in a trance. "What?" He smiles, coming to stand in front of me at the front door.

"Hmm?" I eloquently say, lost in a fantasy of ripping off his navy blue Armani suit and kissing him all over. "Oh, nothing. Let's go!" I'm out the door before he can say a word.

We wait for the elevator side by side, and Edward can't wipe that smirk off of his face, while all I want is to go to this 'customer appreciation thing' spin around two times and drag Edward back home and act out the fantasy I have of fucking him as soon as we get through the door. Yeah, that sounds about right.

The elevator doors open and we both stroll in. A neighbor of his joins us and she smiles before pressing the ground floor button. We both nod our heads with a smile and then stand in the back. I can feel the heat of him through my shirt, and his close proximity is doing wonders for the dirty things I'm conjuring up. "You know, you remind me of Bella."

I cock an eyebrow at him in question and he laughs. "Not in the sense of being a woman, psycho." I chuckle lightly. "More or so the fact that you both blush a little when..." He moves in closely, his breath heating up my ear while making my skin tingle with excitement as he whispers, "...you're thinking about dirty things."

I decide to be cheeky in order to cover up how much I want him. "Oh, so you know when Bella is horny?"

"I'm excellent at reading body language, love." He cunningly smiles.

Turning to him as the doors open on the bottom floor and his neighbor gets off, I ask, "So what I'm thinking about?" We're dangerously close to each other and one right move will have me pressing the button to his floor and heading back upstairs to play out my fantasy.

"Hmm..." he groans deeply, the sound going straight to my already hard cock which I press up against his thigh, letting him feel the effect he has on me. His eyes are on fire. The deep green of them, darkening with lust. "You want to do so many naughty to me, but..." He jumps away, grabbing my hand and yanking me off the elevator. "We've got somewhere to be."

"I don't like you," I pout. "Fucking tease." Edward laughs and pulls me along all the way to his car. When he climbs in beside me, he leans over the console, cupping my hardened length while he presses his lips to mine roughly, groaning into the kiss as our tongues battle.

He moves away all too soon and says, "As soon as we get back, love."

He better be careful what he promises me.

Edward's hand hardly leaves mine on the way to Alice's restaurant, and it's such a comforting gesture. I love how he loves me. He can stand my bullshit, my pranks, and he eases my insecurities especially with love. He's a treasure. My treasure. With his love, I feel like I'm on top of the world, screaming out how much I love this man and how happy he makes me.

I'd never truly forgotten Edward. No matter how hard I tried to over the years, he's lived in the back of my mind. I've always wondered about him, but I'd quickly dismiss the thought, thinking that it made no sense to wonder what Edward Cullen was up to. But it seems like he didn't forget me either. In fact, he fell in love with me, even before I could even considered loving him.

How can I not love and want this man to forever be in my life? Knowing the love and the changed man that awaited me here in Seattle, it makes me regret the time we wasted, but Edward was right. Back then, we weren't ready for one another.

Not just yet.

He pulls to a stop and then a panicked look overshadows his beautifully angular face. "What is it?"

He pats his pockets and then sighs in relief. "It's okay, I got it," he says more to himself than me. He meets my curious eyes. "It's cool. I thought I forgot my phone." Edward never forgets his phone.

I smile. Something is definitely up. "Okay, so let's go then." I lean over and kiss him quickly before exiting the car. "I've got a promise to keep when we get back home." He sighs happily when I call his place 'home'.

I climb out of the car and he follows suit. "Oh, and what promise is that?" he asks when I come around the car, taking his hand in mine.

"To fuck your brains out."

Edward laughs and pulls me along. I'd go anywhere with this man.

Walking pass the windows, I notice that the restaurant looks empty. Are we the first ones here? This is weird. If it's a 'customer appreciation' thing then there should've been a lot of people here already. Alice's restaurant is usually packed, so this is a little disappointing and I'm getting pissed off at her customers. How dare they not support Alice? She's an awesome chef and restaurateur. As much as I would rather be balls deep inside of Edward right now, making him scream my name while his tight ass pulsates around my hard cock, I can also be ticked off at Alice's patrons for not being here as soon as the doors opened for this.

"Well, it looks like we're the first ones," I comment unable to keep the anger out of my voice while my mind is growing ever so curious as to what is up. "What kind of appreciation is this? Her customers couldn't come a little earlier, or will they even be showing up at all?"

Edward looks conflicted, but he quickly covers it. "Let's just go in and show our support."

"Yeah." I don't take my eyes off of him. Something is wrong with this. "Let's."

I'm not really known for my patience so I try to wiggle the information out of Edward. "Alice has a lot of customers," I go on as we draw close to the doors. "How can they even think about snubbing Alice? Her food is phenomenal."

Edward takes a shaky breath. Yes! I'm getting somewhere. "We should…umm…we should go in."

I stop him before we can walk through the door. "Is something wrong?" Maybe if I flat out ask what's up, he'll just say it.

But my boy is good. He smiles it off. "Nope, you're here with me, so not a damn thing."

I am going to fuck his brains out. Oooh, he's good. "Alright then, darlin'. Let's head inside and show Alice our support."

The place hardly has anyone in it. It looks more like opening hours than eight at night. There are mostly workers loitering about, but as for customers, it's pretty vacant except for a couple in a booth over by the far corner. Edward places his hand on the small of my back, leading me away before I can see their faces.

We take a seat at our favorite table in the right corner of the dining room as Alice had designated that as 'our table' since Edward, our friends and I always sit there when we come in. "What the hell is going on?" I ask, looking around the room. I can't believe these people would stand up Alice. "Where is everyone?"

Edward looks perplexed and grumbles something about 'too soon' but when he moves to answer me, one of our favorite waitresses, Ellie, interrupts.

Things get even stranger from there. Ellie usually serves us when we come to the restaurant. She's this perky girl, her energy can almost match Alice's exuberance, who's always up for conversation, but tonight, she's oddly silent as she offers us our menus and quickly scampers off with a giggle. Edward looks toward her retreating form and sighs.

"What is going on?" This is weird.

He sighs, closing his eyes and rubbing his temple before meeting my questioning gaze. "Edward, what's up?" I smile. "Why don't you just tell me? I know something is up. I know you're hiding something. Just tell me. Is it good or bad?"

He's stunned. "It's very good...I hope."

"Okay, so just tell me, baby." I reach for his hand, lacing our fingers. "I'm sure I'll love it." I want to reassure him that whatever it is, I'll love it no matter what. And I would, because I'm sure Edward must have put his whole heart in it, if it's got him this nervous.

"I wanted…" He takes a deep breath to steady himself. "I wanted to do this differently."

What's he talking about? "What? Did you help Alice with her customer appreciation thing?"

He takes another deep breath. Edward looks so on edge. "There is no appreciation thing. You're right…"

"The place would've been packed," I finish for him, glad we got that out of the way.

"Exactly." He chuckles shakily.

"Edward, did you plan some sort of dinner just for the two of us?"

"In a way." He sighs, still being cryptic.

"So…" He's so fucking adorable. He probably planned this because I have been agitated since Demetri's call and he just wants us to have fun. "…this is really nice. Thank you."

Edward looks at me skeptically. "Why do you think I did this?"

Well, that's simple. "Because I've been driving you crazy since Demetri's call two days ago and I've been so worried about what he has planned that you thought a night, just the two of us would be great. No Esme, No Demetri, just us."

A bit of anger flashes across Edward's face at the mention of those two. "Nothing that I'm doing now…has anything to do with Demetri or her." You can hear the hate in his tone. "This…" he motions between me and him. "…is about us, and only us."

"Then thank you." I smile, wanting to calm him down. "I'm glad it is."

"You don't even know what it's for yet," Edward says, chuckling.

Leaning forward, I bring his lips to mine. "Thank you anyways."

He kisses me once…twice before his hands shake in mine. Jumping back, I look at him. "What's wrong? Are you okay?" I frantically ask, looking down at his hands.

He moves to get up and I follow him. "No, love, please sit." I'm worried, but I try not to show it. What does Edward want to say?

He closes his eyes and then opens them. When they meet mine, he gives me that crooked grin and relaxes back in his seat without letting go of one of my hands; his fingers playing with mine. "I've always loved your eyes, you know." I say nothing. I want him to say what he needs to say. "They're so beautiful, soulful. It's like I can look at you and see life unfold in the depths of them. They're never empty; just full of life. Staring into your eyes is like looking at crashing waves; the wondrous blue of the water and how it hypnotizes you. That's how I feel when I look into your eyes. You've captured me and I never want to be free."

I want to ask what he's up to, but I stay silent. The loving words he's just expelled, has me lost in their meaning so Edward goes on, "Sometimes when I was in your face at school..." I nod, remembering those days. "I just wanted a reason to be close to you. I couldn't figure why I felt the things I felt for you so I blamed you. But mostly, I was staring in your deep blue eyes for my answer. It was like you were my only salvation, and without you, I'd be lost..." He chuckles darkly. "I was lost." He meets my eyes, smiling. "But you found me, didn't you?" he says in reference to his tattoo.

"I guess I did," I whisper as I start to ponder something. Can this be what I think is, is he saying what I think he is? But why else would he be bringing up the past?

"You're wondering why I'm saying this, huh?"

"I can't help but to."

"I want you to know just how much I love you," Edward simply says. "I was so afraid of everything I was feeling, and one look at you could give me immense peace. It still does. Everything about you is magnificent. Your face, your voice, that little southern twang that escapes when you're really turned on or very angry; your body is…beyond words, coupled with the tattoos adorning your skin, you're an incredibly sexy guy." I smile at his admiration. "I love how you love me, Jasper, and I'm happy that you gave us a chance, because I don't know what I would've done if you didn't. I just know that I would've fought tooth and nail until you saw me for the man I am. The man that I was meant to be. The man, my love for you, caused me to be."

"And I love him," I tell him sincerely; touched by his kind words.

"He loves you too," Edward replies and then sighs while he stops playing with my fingers to tighten his grip on my hand as he stares me dead in the eye. "I want a life with you, Jasper Whitlock."

Oh my God. "I want that too."

"Maybe you don't understand," he laments. "I want to spend the rest of my life with you." Oh God. "I want you with me…for as long as we live." He can't be doing what I think he's doing, can he? "I want kids with you. I want…I want you to know that I realize the truth now."

"What truth?" I can hardly find my voice as tears well up in my eyes.

"Hold on." Edward gets up and moves to the kitchen. He disappears behind the door, and I quickly wipe my eyes. Edward isn't gone long, and when he reappears out of the kitchen I nearly faint.

My hands fly to my mouth and I start to tremble. I don't think I've ever been this shock in my life. I can feel tears streaming down my cheeks and a strangled sob escapes me as my blurry eyes dart between Edward and what's in his hand. "It's...that's..." I try to say; I can hear my heart pounding my ears. It's my painting. The painting from my project in high school. The one of Mom and Rose. It's right here in front of me.

I fly from around the table, making my way over to Edward. I want to see the painting up close. I wipe my eyes to see it as I stand before Edward, who hasn't said a word, and examine my painting.

There is nothing on it. No damage. No spray paint. Nothing. It actually looks brand new. "How...when...how?"

"It's an exact replica," Edward explains. "I had taken a picture of it all those years ago before Vicky destroyed it, and I kept that picture with me as a reminder of one of my greatest mistakes."

"So...what did you do?"

Music suddenly fills the restaurant and Edward beckons to his chair behind me as the sounds of 'A Thousand Years' pervades the space. Edward has been listening to songs like these over the last two days. When I asked why and he just shrugged and said he liked the lyrics.

I step back and take a seat, because if I didn't, I would've fallen to the floor; my knees are buckling. "I had an artist do it over," Edward says softly. "I asked Alice to help me find someone to do this..." he gestures toward the painting before he leans it up against the wall beside us, and then kneels down before me on one leg. "...because I was wrong to hurt you. Because I was wrong to sit aside and let it happen. I should have done something. I should have been less selfish. I know you hate it when I apologize, but Jasper, I'm so sorry."

I sob and he grabs my hand as I fight to get my words out. "I accept your apology, and thank you. You said you realized something, what was it?"

Edward pulls out a small box from his right jacket pocket, and opens it up. There is a gorgeous ring inside it; black with silver lining. I meet his eyes, only to find them as watery as mine. He smiles and takes my left hand. "I did realize something, Jasper. I realized that I've been in love with you since high school." He chuckles. "It didn't make any sense to me back then, but it's as clear as day to me now." I choke on my tears as Edward goes on. "I have loved you all my life; even when I foolishly thought that I hated you. You have meant more to me than anything in my entire life and I want to spend the rest of it loving no one else but you. My first love. My only love." The song hits the bridge and I sob as Edward sings it to me. " 'I have died everyday waiting for you. Darling, don't be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years'. Jasper, I love you, and it would mean the world to me to call you my husband. Would you do me the greatest honor of accepting my hand in marriage. Jasper Whitlock, will you marry me?"

I don't have to think about it. I don't even have to hesitate as the simple words fall from my lips amidst my tears. "Yes. Yes, Edward Cullen, I'll marry you."

He lets out the breath I didn't even know he was holding and places the ring on my finger. He laughs and moves closer, laying a kiss on each of my cheeks and then finally his lips brush my own. I grip his face, molding my lips to his as we lose ourselves in the kiss.

A loud cheer comes from behind us and we part. Edward pulls me up and holds me close as our friends and family cheer. He then leans in and whispers, "Welcome to your engagement party, love," as cameras flash.

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