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"Did you all know?" I ask over the music. My friends and my mom along with my sister are all standing around me. Emmett is particularly too close to Rose for my liking and I smack his hand off of her shoulder, but he just laughs it off. Mom is holding my left hand, examining my ring while wiping the tears from her eyes.

"We all knew was going to down and we couldn't miss it," Bella says with a broad smile.


"Yeah, congratulations, Jasper." Bella pulls me in a one armed hug, whispering how she is for me and Edward.

When we parted, I turn to my mama, kissing her on the cheek. "You definitely knew!" I laugh, looking down at her.

"I absolutely knew." She smiles back.

"From the beginning?" I ask incredulously. Edward is good at keeping a secret.

"Yep!" Mom says proudly. "I knew everything from the absolute beginning because…" She sniffles as more tears roll down her cheeks before I wipe them away. Mom has been crying since I laid eyes on her standing beside Rose and Alice after I said 'yes' to Edward's marriage proposal. "…Edward came to me that day we all went out to taking in the sights Seattle has to offer, and he asked me for your hand in marriage."

I did remember that. We had all went out. It was in Pike Place market and Rose and I were just walking back over to Mom and Edward, who looked like they were in deep conversation.

"I do remember," I tell her. "And then on, your eyes kept telling me that you knew something, but I didn't want to pressure you."

"Funny, you pressure everyone else for information." Rose jokes.

We all laugh. "Yeah, but this is my mama."

Mom laughs but goes on, "Baby, it was so sweet and honorable how Edward asked me for your hand," she says with a watery grin. "It was so beautiful, darlin'. He just stood there and basically told me that you were his world."

"Wow." I'm lost on words tonight. I don't think I can even think, and Mom takes it as an opportunity to go on.

"When Rose picked me up from the airport, I thought she was going to be alone, but she had the ring with her, because like Edward promised me, I had to see it." Mom sobs and I nearly cried with her as to how wonderful my fiancé has been to my family. "Jasper, I nearly cried my eyes out when I saw it."

I hold Mom to me, and turn my attention to Rose, and she's quick to answer my unspoken question. "I got it back to him before you guys came here. I think you were in the shower or something, and I basically raced to you then back to my place to get dress and get over here to Alice's."

"Wow." I say again. My vocabulary is seriously lacking tonight.

Looking over at Edward as he speaks to his dad, Alice, and my mom's friend, Carmen, I smile when he meets my eyes, and whisper to myself, "God…"

"So, good surprise?" Emmett questions with a happy grin.

"Awesome as hell surprise!" I exclaim, making them laugh.

Rose grows serious. She looks like she doesn't want to say what she's about to, but I nod for her to go ahead. "You're gonna forget about Demetri now, right?"

"Right." I smile at her and she instantly relaxed. I hated how Demetri's re-appearance in my life is causing my sister to doubt herself around me; I don't want Rose to feel like she can't talk to me.

"What about your ex?" Bella questions as my friends take keen interest in what comes out of my mouth next.

"He called over at Edward's the other day and I was upset about it," I tell her.

"You guys are taking care of it though, right?" Emmett asks next. "Remember, we're all here for you two."

"We are." I smile, happy that Edward's PI is looking into things. "The PI is on top of it, and he gave us some news the other day and we're waiting to see how things play out."

"That little prick better not set foot back into my bar," Heidi says from behind me, and Mom lets me go so I can spin around and hug her. Lifting her up in my arms, Heidi laughs while Felix chastises me to put down his girl.

"Hey hey, hands off, Jazz." He chuckles. "This one is mine."

"Hey man!" I place Heidi back on the ground and Felix and I give each other a manly hug.

"Hey man, your fiancé is hot," Felix says. He's a crazy fuck. "I mean…I love chicks but that boy has got me seriously reconsidering some things."

"Ha Ha very funny," Heidi says. "Don't make me go threaten Edward. I just met him and I really like him." I laugh at the two of them while my other friends look on. I introduce Heidi and Felix to Bella and Emmett since Mom and Rose already know them. Pleasantries are exchanged and then Bella, Rose, Mom and Heidi disappear into the party.

"So I don't mean to dampen your mood, but what's up with this Demetri and his book thing?" Felix asks. "Edward filled us in."

"I don't know, man." I sigh. "I don't even know how he got Edward's number."

"Someone is helping him," Emmett concludes. "You've told him to stay away from you and all we can do now, is wait and see whose name Jenks comes up with." Emmett has been my advisor for the last three days since I called him after Edward left and I was freaking out.

Emmett was more than willing to listen to me and offer his advice. Since then, Emmett has been bent on saying that it's Edward's mom who's helping Demetri. She's got the money and the connections. I told him about how she had to return the money to the Cullen foundation, but Emmett trumped my argument by saying Esme was rich without the Cullen's cash.

He made a good point and one that Edward agreed with after I shared Emmett's idea of who's helping Demetri with him.

"Well, I say watch out for that asshole," Felix suggests. "He's up to something and whoever is helping him is just as sick."

"I agree," Edward says, kissing my cheek.

Lacing our fingers together, I pull him to my side. "Demetri is my past, and it doesn't matter what his plan is, he's not fucking with my life anymore. Not ever again."

"Let's see if he can accept that," Peter adds. "I don't want some idiot fucking this up. I've known you two too long and I want you guys to be happy."

"Thanks." I pull Peter into a hug. "It means a lot to me to hear you say that."

"It means a lot to me that you want me here."

Pulling back, I grow serious. "Peter, I'll always want you around. You were a good friend to me…even then." I know we had not spoken at great lengths about our past, as Edward and I have, but I want Peter to know that I love him like a friend.

He looks down sheepishly at his shoes, and Riley rubs his back, encouraging him while Edward remains silent beside me, watching everything play out. "I should…have been stronger."

"Yeah, you both were assholes." I tell them, making Edward and Peter laugh. "But look how great it all turned out. You're happy with Riley and about to be parents, while I'm about to marry a great guy."

"Yeah, it all turned out way better than I hoped." Peter smiles.

The party goes on while I lose myself into conversations with everyone that stops me to wish me 'congratulations'. Edward doesn't leave my side for most of the night.

We all nibble at the food Alice has prepared for the party before Edward and I are persuaded to share a dance.

"Shall we?" He smiles, holding his hand out for me to take. He's been the most charming thing all night.

"We shall." A song, Edward has dubbed our song comes on as I take his hand and let him pull me close, swaying us to the music and lyrics of 'Brighter Than Sunshine' by Aqualung.

"You look perfect with my ring on your finger."

"I love you," I tell him and he leans in, kissing my lips.

Others join us on the floor, moving to the soft sounds of the song before it drifts into another and something catches my eye. Edward follows my eyes and then answers my unspoken question as Alice and Mom take our picture. "He's been talking to her all night. He can't take his eyes off her." Edward is right. Carlisle can't take his eyes off of Mom's friend, Carmen, and from where I am, he looks smitten.

"They've been like this all night?"

"All night." Edward smiles.

Our dance ends, and we're applauded but Carlisle and Carmen are what really interests me. Mom moves over to us, kissing both our cheeks and then whispers, "Is his divorce final yet?"

"Mom!" I chastise her.

"What?" she says exasperated and rolls her eyes. "I want this to work as much as Edward does." I look up at Edward, who just shrugs his shoulders and smiles as Mom continues, "He needs a good stepmother since his mama is an ass." With that, Mom walked away.

"I apologize for her," I laugh. "But that's your mother-in-law."

He pulls me close. "Well, between her and a hot little tamale for a stepmom, what more can a guy ask for?" I laugh as he pulls me close and kisses me.

Our engagement party goes on until we can't stand, sit or laugh anymore. The women start to plan the wedding almost immediately. Alice is on the food and Mom will oversee, while Alice mentions a top wedding planner she knows. Edward and I can't even get a word in as Heidi and Rose begin to talk about our suits and what type of wedding it should be. Carlisle mouths, "Good luck," to Edward and me while the girls go crazy. But I shut them up by asking, "Should we just elope?"

Edward groans and then everyone has a fit while I just laugh at them. Mom yells that I'm teasing them and Rose smacks my arm while Heidi frowns and then pouts that I shouldn't tease them.

Edward pulls me away from the bickering women while they share their plans for us. He takes a seat in a booth and pulls me down to sit between his legs. He leans in close and kisses my cheek, whispering, "Do you think it will always be like this?" He laces his fingers with mine, lifting my ring finger to his lips and kissing it.

"I hope so," I whisper back, eyeing my mom and the others while they laugh and talk. "I love it, darlin'."

"Me too."

Edward and I said our goodbyes not long afterwards. Mom is staying with Rose, and Heidi and Felix will be staying in the same hotel as Peter and Riley. Everyone else will just go home when they're ready, but I was more than ready to be alone with my fiancé. The word itself makes me feel giddy. I'm getting married. I can't believe I'm here and I'm not worried.

Saying 'yes' to Edward felt like the most natural thing. It's like my heart and my mind have been waiting on those words. Those beautiful words. The way he sees me, is fascinating and I plan to spend my life being thankful for the wonderful person he's grown into.

We drive home in comfortable silence, but the air is filled with our love. I can't wait to get Edward behind closed doors. The closer we draw to his place, the more I want him.

I'm buzzing with energy while he parks the car. I fly out before him when he kills the engine. Hastily, I make my way over to the elevator, hitting the button repeatedly until the doors opened for me. Edward slowly walks over and I almost shout at him to hurry him. I drag him into the lift with me and I'm all smiles when he pushes me into the wall of it and plants a scorching kiss on my lips.

My toes curl and my cock springs to life at the feel of his sweet mouth on mine. I'm on fire and I want to be with him…right now. Our lips move over each other in hunger and desire. Our hands roam, fighting to pull our bodies impossibly closer until the elevator thankfully dings on our floor without interruption and we stumble to his door.

I don't know how he got the door open, but he did. I slam his back into the wall as soon as we walk in, slamming the door shut and locking it. I've wanted him all night, and now, I can finally do something about it. He pulls my face to his, biting at my bottom lip until I open my mouth to him. He sucks on my tongue, making me moan while I unbutton his pants. I want him in my mouth. I want the velvety skin of the underside of his cock running along my tongue.

I want to taste him.

Dropping to my knees, I push his pants and underwear down, gripping his cock and stroking it. "Gah…ungh…fuck, Jasper!" Edward throws his head against the wall, his eyes close with me pumping him hard. Moving closer, I take a long lick of his hardened member from base to tip, taking it in my mouth and sucking hard. I sweep my tongue around the head before licking the slit to taste him. The pre-cum hits my tongue and sends a pleasurable shiver down my spine as I get reacquainted myself with Edward's sweet and salty taste. "Jasper…love you."

I moan my love around his pulsating cock, bobbing my head along his length, enjoying his loud moans as he thrust his hips forward. "Fuck yes, suck me, baby."

Moving from his cock, I take one of his balls into my mouth, sucking on it, wanting him to him to come. "Mmm…love you too…mmm."

Edward moans a little louder, bucking his hips while I stroke his cock with long, slow licks of each of his balls before moving back to the leaky, bulbous tip of his dick.

Taking my time, I look up at him while licking the length of him from the base of his soft curls to the reddened tip of his dick before sucking it into my mouth and deep throating him.

"Jasper! Want to come!" I look forward to hearing my name bouncing off the walls like this for years to come. I let him push himself in and out of my mouth until he stills and shouts his love for me while filling my mouth with his essence.

When I pull away, he yanks me up in a heated kiss, moaning against my lips as he tastes himself on them. We continue to kiss while blindly making our way to the bedroom. In there, we lose our clothes quicker than anything, and I drop down on the bed, he moves over to me, falling to his knees, and taking me into his mouth. His lips engulf me, and my hands find his tousled bronze hair as he works his mouth over my dick, stroking, sucking and licking. He even grazes it with his teeth, making me yell out for him. Watching his head bob up and down while he sucks me, my head reeled as I approach that peripheral edge.

When I finally fall, it's with Edward's name on my lips. He moves back and gets up, giving me time to catch my breath. Watching him walk back to me, my eyes linger on his long, thick dick swaying between his strong legs. He drops the lube beside me. "Make love to me."

I pull him down into a lingering, heated kiss and then lay him down beneath me. His leg hitches over my thigh, as I prepare him and then me. In no time at all, we're both hard and wanting...again. We kiss as I place myself at his puckered entrance and groan in ecstasy when I push inside of him. "I'll love you forever," he whispers then moans when I start to move within him.

Pressing him into the bed, my pace picks up until I'm erratically pumping in and out of him with powerful thrusts. "Ungh…Edward, you feel so good, baby."

"You feel good too." He moaned out. "Don't…ungh…don't stop. Never stop!"

Our speed picks up until we're slamming into each other. I'm on the edge, and Edward is lost in the pleasure he's feeling. His blunt nails dig into my back as he stills and spills his come on our stomach without me even stroking him. With him clenching around me, the aftershock of his orgasm pulsates through me and makes me come.

I almost collapse from the force of the orgasm as it throttles through me. "Ungh!" I manage out in a strangled cry before Edward pulls me down to him, kissing me.

"That was…" he says breathlessly when we part.

"Tell me about it," I comment, breathless myself. "I don't think I can feel my legs."

Edward laughs. "I love you…so much."

He's growing tired, and I want to clean us up and talk to him about something that has been in the back of my mind all night. This is the happiest time of my life, but there is one last thing I need to do before I can truly look forward to the rest of my life with Edward.

Slowly pulling out of him, Edward groans at the loss and I kiss him. "Baby, please stay awake."

He looked at me perplexed though it's laced with fatigue. "Sure." His drooping eyes say otherwise.

Quickly, I run to the bathroom, grabbing some wipes he has in there and rush back to the bedroom. Edward is dozing, but I wake him. "Hey, baby…you promised."

He smiles a lazy grin and opens his eyes while I clean him up, kissing him awake in the meantime. "Love you."

"I love you too," I reply. "Edward?"

He opened his eyes, and focuses on me while fighting the sleep. "I want to go see my father and I want you to come with me." His eyes open more clearly now. He smiles and doesn't even hesitate when he says, "Let's go see your dad."

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