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Summary: Jasper Whitlock spent his high school years being tormented by Edward Cullen. When their paths cross again years later, could the boy he once hated become the man he loves? Mature themes. For mature audiences only!


The plane touches down and we bounce with the movements while Jasper tightens his grip on my hand. He hates flying, and had admitted it to me right after he told me that he wanted to go see his father. So I've kept a good grip on him since the pilot announced his preparations for descend onto Richmond International tarmac for almost the last leg of our journey to see Jasper and Rosalie's father in prison.

Mr. Whitlock is being housed at the James River Correctional Facility in Goochland County, Virginia. He is serving the last few years of his twenty year sentence for his fraudulent deals which landed him in prison.

It wasn't an easy decision for Jasper to want to see this man and I was more than happy that he wanted me to come along to support him and his sister. I have my own adversity toward the man, but I've mostly kept them to myself. Having knowing the Whitlocks now, how could Mr. Whitlock have walked out on his family?

They're amazing people, and I love them. Jeanne is the mom I never had. Rose is the crazy, overprotective sister I've always wanted, and Jasper, well, he's my life.

So I want to meet the man that was foolish enough to hurt them. I want to look in his eyes, and if I get the chance to, I want to ask him 'why?'

I know I'm not the best person to judge another for his mistakes, especially in regards to Jasper, I was a fucking asshole to him, but he's never left my mind. I was always wondering about him. Wondering what he'd become after he left Forks. And if I was thinking that, wasn't Mr. Whitlock's conscience bothering him? Didn't he miss them?

"Hey, let's go," Jasper says, pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah," I smile, and followed him and Rosalie off the plane.

I can't see my life without Jasper. I can't think about another day starting without the possibility of leaving him.

We are on the road in no time in the rental I got. It's a silent ride for most of the journey and I don't do anything to interrupt Jasper or Rose. They seem lost in thought. The music is my company and that's okay; it gives me time to think.

Jasper didn't share his decision with me to go and see his dad until four nights ago after our engagement party. I was shocked when he said it, and I was more than happy to say 'yes' when he asked me to tag along. I'd go anywhere with him.

"What about Rosalie?" I'd ask. "How are you going to get her to agree to visit him?"

I know that Rosalie didn't want anything to do with her father. If you brought it up with her, you'd see it. She despised the man that walked out on her and her family. Rosalie was very protective of Jasper and Jeanne and didn't want anyone hurting them.

"She'll go." Jasper said.

I didn't ask how he would convince her and Jasper didn't share. But I had faith in him. He could get his sister to do anything he wanted. Rosalie would go with him. I was sure of it.

We started to plan the trip the next morning over breakfast where I shared that we could use my family's jet to go. To which Jasper asked if we couldn't just use a normal plane and I flat out told him no. He laughed and called me an ostentatious asshole. And I told him he loved me either way.

"This is true," Jasper smiled while I nibbled and kissed his ear as he washed the dishes.

"You're going make me drop this fucking plate," he groaned.

I pushed my hardened length up against his ass, letting him feel the effect he had on me. "Fucking isn't exactly the right word to use right now, love." I pushed hard against him, loving the feel of my oversensitive member rubbing up against his jeans clad ass.

I bite his ear a little harder making Jasper groan and his head fell back on my shoulder. "Another benefit of having your own jet is why fuck in a tiny bathroom on a commercial flight when we've got our own bedroom in the back of our own plane?"

He started to circle his hips as I opened his fly, and pushed my hand down the front of his jeans and wrapping my hand around his hard length. "Mmm…you're all kinds a dirty, aren't you, darlin'?" He moaned.

"You know me," I whispered. "And you've got forever to cure me."

We didn't talk much after that, and the dirty plates were forgotten until after I fucked Jasper over the couch.

The decision to visit his father, with his sister tagging along, or Jasper joking that he'd kidnap her if he had to, didn't come up until she and Emmett came over for dinner two nights ago. And just like I thought, she was apprehensive.

"Fuck no!" was the first out of her mouth when Jasper brought it up. Not even telling her that I would be catering for the entire journey to Virginia and back could calm her down. She was adamant that she wanted nothing to do with her father.

Jasper and she talked until they started to argue and Emmett and I had to jump in. It was a little stunning to watch my fiancé sit back and let Emmett take the lead in calming his sister down. And I questioned him about it.

"She's happy, Edward," Jasper told me. "I'm happy with you, and I can't deny my sister her happiness because it's what I've always wanted for her."

"But…" There had to be one coming.

Jasper smirked and kissed me. "If Emmett breaks her heart, they'll never find the body," he drawled, kissing me again.

Rosalie and Emmett came back to the table and she said yes. I mouthed thanks to Emmett and he nodded. "They need to do this," he said and Rosalie scoffed, but didn't object. "If they're gonna move on with their lives, they need to close the book on their past."

"Emmett is right," I think to myself as the drive takes us closer and closer to the prison.

"What are you, a speed demon?" Rosalie asks, moving up from the backseat to mess with the radio. "I need to hear something other than this shit."

"I don't see anything wrong with the song." I like a little soft rock sometimes.

"Yeah, well it's not helping me and I need all the help I'm going to do this. So oblige me alright?" Rosalie says and I nod, letting her change the station.

Rosalie finds a country music station and sits back. It's not really my favorite type of music but it's being growing on me. Jasper loves it and I've been learning to tolerate it. But listening to Rosalie and Jasper softly sing along to this song makes me see why it's worth it.

He looks away from the window and turns to me, smiling while he sings in that beautiful melodious voice of his, and then turns to his sister in the backseat, who isn't bad herself. Their voices really blend well together.

Jasper reaches for my hand, making me smile as my ring glistens in the streams of sunlight coming into the car. As the singer sings about the love of another, Jasper tightens his grip on me. I lift his hand, kissing the back of it, making Rosalie groan.

"Oh, quit that shit," she comments. "I miss Emmett enough, assholes."

Jasper and I laugh. Emmett has to work and he couldn't get the time off for this trip, and Rosalie has been a sour puss for it. Even though, they've been texting each other through the entire trip, and her phone just chirped with a new message.

"Then who's that?" Jasper asks. "The tooth fairy?"

"Fuck off, lover boy," Rosalie replies, making me laugh out and she turns her attention to me. "Don't fuck with me, Cullen. I know you got some sexy shit planned to make Jasper feel better." I did. "I'll just sit and miss Emmett."

"You'll see him soon," I tell her, catching her smile through the rearview mirror.

The rest of the drive is filled with lively conversation and jokes passing between us. Jasper is in a far better mood. Rosalie is laughing, and the energy in the car is a happy one.

I can't wait to marry Jasper. Looking at him beside me, I can't help but think how much I love him. Our wedding has already started being planned. Alice and Jeanne are on top of things. Alice already has the wedding planner who worked with her and Bella, and our wedding planner and Jasper are having a good time; a good time arguing over what he refuses to do and me parting them, while Jasper taunts her and tries to make me leave our meetings with her for a quickie.

But Barbara takes it with a smile. In a way, her no nonsense attitude reminds me a lot of Jeanne. Neither of them takes Jasper's shit and he can't play around with them. It makes me laugh at times how one look from Barbara or when she moves to speed dial Jeanne, makes my fiancé sit and behave himself.

The prison comes into view and Jazz's grip on me tightens on me while Rosalie mutters out, "Fuck."

I drive through the gates after being instructed where to park. Jasper lets me go long enough so that I can park and kill the engine. And then we sit there for a while. I won't move until they're both ready to.

"Are you guys ready?" Jasper asks with a sigh after what seems like forever. We've already checked on days we can visit a prisoner, and today is perfect.

"As ready as I'll ever be," I say.

"Let's do this." Rose says quietly.

We all climb out of the car, and I can see other people filing out of their cars, preparing themselves to go visit whoever they have behind those walls. Jasper takes my hand, lacing them tightly, and Rosalie, laces her arm in mine on the other side. I'm their rock today.

We only separate to go through the procedures and given our name tags before we're allowed to go inside the visiting area. We each take a seat at a table in the far right hand corner of the room. Jasper's leg is bouncing in anticipation, and Rosalie keeps wringing her fingers while she looks around at the other families. At first, I figured we might be in for a wait, but I'm mistaken when a buzzer goes off, and the big metal door across the large room, opens.

The prisoners begin to file into the room, guards leading them over to their visitors. Many are having what seems like a teary eyed reunion and I'm caught in their moment for a second until he comes through the door.

He's the splitting image of Jasper. It's like I'm looking at an older version of my fiancé.

His eyes are searching the room, and he almost looks sad when he doesn't spot us right away. I look at Jasper and Rosalie and both of them are wearing hardened expressions and remain unmoving. This might not have been a good idea, but we're here already so we have to get this over with.

Mr. Whitlock continues to scan the room, and I stand, watching the guard eye me and bring him over. I chance a look at Jasper and he looks grim as he glares at me. But I'd deal with it. If he's strong enough to want to make this trip then he has to be strong enough to want to see his intentions through. And I'll remind him of that if he blows up at me later.

The guard walks Mr. Whitlock over and removes his chain and handcuffs. He looks nervous as he stares at his children. A cough leaves him and he quickly covers his mouth, but I'm doctor mode and can't help but be suspicious by the sound of it.

When I glance at Jasper out of the corner of my eye, I can see that he's thinking the same thing.

"Hello," Mr. Whitlock says, his voice trembling a bit. It's weird to hear a strong looking man sound so terrified. You almost taste his fear. But I guess if I were seeing my children after so long, and I had done all he did, I would be nervous too.

"Hello," I say to him, holding my hand out for him to shake when Jasper and Rosalie don't answer him.

He looks at my hand, and then hesitantly takes it. "Hi there, umm…who are you?" There is a look in his eye when he says that, but I can't put my finger on it.

"Let's get this over with," Jasper snaps, and Mr. Whitlock and I let go and take our respective seats after the interruption.

Mr. Whitlock places his elbows on the table and looks between Jasper and Rosalie, almost in admiration. "Wow, you two are so big. You're all grown up."

"No thanks to you," Rosalie says snidely.

"No, and umm…I apologize for that, Rosalie," he says softly. He turns his attention back at me. "I didn't get your name."

"I'm Edward Cullen," I tell him. Again, that look. It's like he wants me to say my name. But why?

"Oh, are you with Rosalie?" he asks.

"No," Jasper answers harshly. "He's with me. He's my fiancé. I'm gay."

Mr. Whitlock looks a little stunned. But I'm not sure if it's from the harshness of Jasper's voice or the statement. "Oh…" he clears his throat and coughs again, making me want to ask what's wrong. He doesn't address his son. He addresses me. "Well, it's nice to meet you, Edward. I'm sure you and my son are very happy."

"Yes, Sir, we are." It's really uncanny how much he even sounds like Jasper; the same southern twang, and the same twinkling deep blue eyes are staring back at me.

"What?" Jasper hisses; his anger boiling over. "Are you unhappy about that? Are you a homophobic?"

"No." Mr. Whitlock answers immediately. "I just want you happy. Are you happy, Jasper?"

Jasper rolls his eyes, drumming his fingers on the table. Mr. Whitlock looks down at his left hand. "That's a beautiful ring."

Jasper lifts his hand. He eyes his ring and chuckles darkly. "Yeah, and it's real expensive too. What to steal it?"

Mr. Whitlock chuckles softly. "I guess I deserve that."

"You deserve a helluva lot more," Rosalie sneers. "You walked away. You didn't even look back. You just took all we had, and walked the fuck away. What do you expect? You want me and Jasper to hug you and shit? Well, fuck you."

Rosalie looks like she's about to burst into tears, her anger has blown the lid and she wants to express herself. This is why we're here.

"I'm deeply sorry for what I've done," Mr. Whitlock drawls. "What I did, I can never take back, but I hope that one day, it doesn't have to be now, but I hope that you and Jasper can forgive me. I was wrong. I was selfish, but I never stop loving you both. I still love your mama. But your lives are better without me." He looks at Rosalie. "You have your garage…" Rosalie looks shocked that he knows that. "And you, Jasper…" He eyes his son. "You're an amazing surgeon. I read how you saved that little girl's life back in Chicago and I know I had nothing to do with your upbringing, but I was damn proud of you."

Rosalie and Jasper are silent. Mr. Whitlock nods and a tear falls from his eye and he quickly wipes it away and starts at pick his fingers – the same nervous tick Jasper has.

The silence seems to go on forever as I look between the three of them. No one says a word and it's getting a little unnerving.

"How did you know about Jasper?" I ask. All eyes turn to me. "Aside from an article, how or what else do you know about him?"

Mr. Whitlock chuckles. "Con artist, remember, Edward?"

"So you conned your way into getting information on your children and then you contact Jasper for what?"

"To see them," he replies.


"You wouldn't understand," Mr. Whitlock scoffs. "You're a rich boy. You never had anything to regret in your life. Your life was handed to you on a silver platter."

"What do you know about me?"

"I know I've spoken to your mother," he smiles. So, that's what the knowing smirk was about. "I know she wanted to pay me and even put in a good word for me with the parole board so that I'd show up at the hospital so she could probably launch into this bullshit about Jasper being related to a con artist."

I know my mother hates losing but this shit is getting absurd. I'd deal with her when I get back to Seattle. "So what do you know about the Cullens?"

"I know you can give my son a good life and that's all I ask."

"What gives you the right to ask?"

"Not a damn thing," Mr. Whitlock counters and coughs again. "But I'm asking anyways."

"Good. But what makes you think I'm perfect?"

Mr. Whitlock laughs. "Oh, come on, what can you do?"

Maybe he needs to learn a little bit about me. "I tormented your son all through high school. I was afraid to admit to myself that I was gay, and worse, I had feelings for him so I made his life a living, fucking hell. And I regret that, every single day, I regret that." They're all silent and I go on, "It still hurts. Because if I had spent less time being an idiot, I could've had Jasper's love long ago," I tell an astonished Mr. Whitlock. "But I'm glad he's a fucking smart ass and he saw right through me, and I'm over the moon that he's agreed to marry me."

"Well…" Mr. Whitlock sighs.

But before he can say anything else, Jasper bluntly asks, "Are you dying?"

"Jasper…" I say. He glares at me and doesn't back down. He looks back at his father and goes on when we notice that Mr. Whitlock gets a little jumpy after Jasper voices that. So Jasper leans forward, and grins slyly. "If I were to be granted an audience with the prison doctor, what would your file tell me?"

"Jasper…" I try again.

And again, Jasper ignores me; keeping his eyes on his father, but his words are directed to me. "No, you're a doctor, babe, look at him. Really look at him. His eyes are weak. Look at his skin."

He makes a point and I take a closer at Mr. Whitlock, noticing the weak pigment of skin color, the extremely dark circles under his eyes, something is definitely wrong.

"So what is it?" Jasper asks his father. "Your liver?"

Mr. Whitlock chuckles, and then sighs, relaxing back in his chair. "Wow, you're as good as that article said," he says to his son. "Yeah, it's liver failure."

"So if I hadn't decided to come then…" Jasper starts.

"I would've died without telling you and your sister how sorry I was for fucking up your lives."

"Why wait until now?" Rose asks. The raw emotion in her voice isn't lost on me. This has got to be taking a lot out of her. There is only so much a person can take.

"I didn't intend to wait this long, Rosalie," Mr. Whitlock answers her. "I wanted to call but I didn't know how you'd…and then I came across that article about Jasper, I found your garage online. You're really good, darlin'," he smiles. "I'm so proud of you. You and Jasper are everything I couldn't be." He's starting to look tired.

"What about Mrs. Cullen?" Jasper asks, taking my hand. "What did you tell her?"

Mr. Whitlock laughs. "After she told me her shit, I waited, I listened to what she wanted me to do and then I told her to go fuck herself. I've already fucked your life up enough, Jasper. I'm not about to do the same thing to the man you love."

"So you knew who Edward was?" Jasper chuckles.

Mr. Whitlock looks at me with a grin. "I just wanted you to introduce yourself."

"Smartass," Rosalie mumbles and Mr. Whitlock smiles. "I take it, so are you?"

"Is there another way to be?" she says with a slightly smile and then asks when her father coughs again and holds his chest. "When are you getting released?"

"Soon." His breath is getting ragged. It's time to end this. He's getting very tired. "Umm…they're paroling me."

"To die," Rosalie comments. "They're paroling you to die and you wanted to make amends."

"Presumptuous, huh?" Mr. Whitlock chuckles and then coughs again.

"Yeah, you can say that," Jasper adds. "What do you want from us?" he asks his father. "Because I've got nothing to offer you."

"Jasper…" Mr. Whitlock whispers.

"No!" he shouts and a guard looks over at our table. "I want you to understand that. Why should we care?" He is caring. Jasper is one of the most compassionate persons I've ever met. "You walked out on us and I think you have enough sense to understand how this looks to me."

"I get that," Mr. Whitlock says in a weak voice. He is losing his energy. He probably needs to lie down now. "So what if you're fucking dying? Everyone dies!" Jasper yells, and a guard moves to make his way over but Mr. Whitlock holds a hand up to him. Maybe this is someone who takes care of him.

"Jasper, calm down," I hiss. "I don't want us to get kicked out."

"Jasper…" Rose tries too.

"No, it's okay. I deserve this," Mr. Whitlock says. "If we weren't in here, I think Jasper would've kicked my ass."

"You damn right I would've!" Jasper seethes. "You dropped us like a bad habit, stole from our mother and left us to the mercy of the world and now because you're dying, and you fucking want forgiveness?"

"Yes," Mr. Whitlock bravely says. "I want you to accept my apology. I don't want you to go on with hate in your heart. I want to free you. I love you, but I was an asshole; a thieving, disgusting asshole."

Jasper raises suddenly, his chair scraping back against the floor and causing everyone to turn their attention to us. "Well, fuck you." With that, he walks out, and Rosalie jumps up and follows her brother. Jasper had tears rolling down his face.

"It's time for you to go," I tell Mr. Whitlock, getting up, and calling the same guard that had looked at us, over. "You need rest." The guard walks up and I explain that Mr. Whitlock needs to be taken to the Sick Bay after telling the guard that I'm a doctor.

He helps Mr. Whitlock up and he stops the guy. "Thank you, Edward. Thank you for loving my son, and I wish you two all the happiness in the world."

"Thank you, Sir." I watch as the guard leads him away; Mr. Whitlock hunching over, and the guard supporting his weight.

When I make it back outside, Rosalie and Jasper are already in the car. I climb in, my heart breaking to the loud sobs I hear coming from Jasper as he rocks back and forth with his head in his lap.

Rosalie's eyes are filled with tears and she wipes them away, looking at me through the mirror. "Maybe you don't agree with my brother because you hear that my father is sick, but you have to understand. Jasper had to be the man of the house. The bullshit at school wasn't the only thing he was dealing with. He had to be everything to us, Edward."

"I know," I whisper to her.

We spent no time in Goochland County. We headed back to the airport and are tiredly boarded before we're back in the sky. Jasper hasn't said a word to me and I'm worried. I've arranged with Jeanne for us to come straight to her. I think they all needed to be together. And when I had shared this with Jeanne, she agreed.

I'm about to ask Jasper if he's okay when I hear him sniffling and see him roughly wiping his eyes. He mumbles, "I won't cry over the bastard anymore. I won't do it." Tears fall from his eyes, betraying his words as he says that. I look over at Rosalie and she's fast asleep.

"Jasper…" I sigh.

He laughs a little, his eyes red and swollen. "I won't even get to punch him in the fucking face for leaving us. He doesn't have that long, does he?"

"Not from what I'm looking at, no, and this is just a rough estimate, but it looks like end stage Liver failure."

Jasper moves out of his seat and crawls into mine with me. I wrap him in my arms and wipe his tears away. "Love, when he's released, do you want us to help him?"

Jasper doesn't answer right away. He snuggles into my chest, and just when I think he's asleep, he says, "He may not have been there for me, but I'm going to be there for him. Yes, Edward, let's help him."

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