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It isn't the easiest thing to hear one's own mother finally confess the truth. Much less to hear her say that she hates you and she only had you for the money.

My mother only wanted a way in; she only wanted the Cullen fortune. Esme Platt only had me because she wanted to be associated with the power that came along with being a Cullen. I was nothing to her; nothing but a means to an end.

And when it wasn't going her way, she tried to skim money out my trust fund from under me.

That takes a while to come back from. The whole truth burned me more than I thought it would. She even went as far as to fuck James while we were in high school to have him at her beckoning call to keep tabs on me. She controlled every aspect of my life expect for my adoration and growing love for Jasper at the time.

It was my guiding light even when I didn't know it.

I am now hell bent on spending the rest of my life with Jasper Whitlock and showing him how much I love him whenever I can. He saved me, even when neither of us knew it. He didn't hate me when I was a jerk, he pitied me. I hurt him every day, and every day, he forgave my stupidity. I was blinded and dumb. And my fiancé was the wisest man I knew. He lived and loved wholeheartedly and his small family had more love in than I could have fathom.

I'm happy to be apart of that now, because I need them now more than ever.

It's been four days since the planned party for my mother's confession and it still hurts. I knew it would be it burns to know you weren't wanted.

My head throbs every time I think about what she said to me. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around her hate for me. I love her so much, and I spent years, wanting to be whatever she wanted, and all that time, she was deceiving me.

My friends have tried to be there for me. My dad has tried, and Jasper…he's still trying.

I broke down the same night and disappeared to my room at the mansion to wallow in the dark. But Jasper wasn't having that. He found me and called Jeanne.

I was lying in bed, motionless, when he came in, kissed my forehead and gave me the phone.

As soon as his mom's concerned voice hit my ear, I started to cry. She was so loving and devoted to Jasper and Rosalie, I envied that. I told her and she said it was nonsense. I had no reason to feel that way anymore, because I had her. She would be my mom too. She joked and said, mother-in-law to be exact, but she'd be a momma to me all the same.

I cried even harder.

Jasper, who wasn't far away, came into the room while Jeanne continued to say soothing words to me. He climbed into the bed and wrapped his arms around me. Rosalie was next. She crawled in and lay in front of me. She took my free arm and wrapped it around herself, letting me know she was here for me.

My friends and my dad and even Carmen, weren't far behind either. Everyone filed into the room, and stayed there until the next morning.

I told Jeanne all the horrible things my mother said to me, and Jeanne begged me, in time, to forgive my mother.

"She's dumb, baby," she had said. "You're a wonderful man and if you were mine, I would've been extremely proud of you for finally standing up and being who you were met to be. But, Edward, I'm so sorry she said those things to you. You didn't deserve that."

I cried myself to sleep and when I woke up the next morning, the sight on the floor and the bed shocked me.

Everyone had stayed in my room with me. Jasper was sound asleep behind me. Rosalie, in front of me. Alice and Bella were curled up on the small couch in the corner. Emmett was on the floor next to the bed on Rosalie's side, and my dad and Carmen were on the floor by the fireplace.

I felt so loved, sobs left me and they woke Jasper; who immediately took me in his arms and coaxed me while whispering his love.

But now, four days later, my fiancé has gone out for groceries and I'm lying here on the couch with my emotions on my sleeve and my feelings threatening to choke the life out of me.

My mother's words are playing on a reel in my mind. I can still hear her voice in my head.

"I was everything she wanted and still she denied me the one thing I wanted," I say to myself as Jasper walks through the door, "a mother."

"Hey babe!"

I quickly wipe away my tears as Jasper comes into view. His hands are filled with grocery bags. "I thought we'd pig out tonight. Just some good old fashion comfort food and some damn good movies, baby. What'd a think?"

I want to answer but all I can do is cry. I feel like an idiot. I'm a blubbering mess.

"Babe?" Jasper's voice is closer and I can hear the bags being set down on the table before I'm enveloped into his arms.

"She didn't love me," I cry into his shoulder, gripping it tight. "Esme fuckin hated me, Jasper." I pull away to look in his eyes as they glisten with unshed tears.

"I'm sorry," he whispers. His love knows no bound. My mother fucked with his life and he's sympathizing with me.

"No, you have nothing to be sorry about, love," I plead. "You're perfect. I was wrong to do things I did to you. I thought if I was powerful she would love me more. I didn't stop to think about the people I hurt. I thought that being on top was all that mattered. It's what I was taught. But I listened for nothing, Jasper. I fucked with you for nothing. You shouldn't want me. I'm a fuck up. I thought I was changed, but I can't change." I cry. "What if one day, I think about being like that again? Be that asshole? You should run, Jasper. I don't want to hurt you, baby."

Jasper looks at me long and hard before he responds in a strong voice, filled with conviction. "First of all, we're fuckin' getting married and I'm not about to get cold feet." He looks me dead in the eye and goes on, "When you were pursuing me, trying to get me to see that you've changed, did you let up after my first refusal?"

"No," I croak.

"Why should I?"

"Because my family fucked with your life," I reply, sniffling while Jasper wipes away my tears.

"You didn't," he counters. "That was all her. Esme was greedy and wanted all she could get and more. I was just a part of her game."

"She shouldn't have been playing in your life," I tell him.

"No," he smiles, "but I don't care because I have you, Edward. And I love you, don't you love me?"

"With all I am," I cry to him.

"Then we're in this together," he says, leaning forward and bringing my quivering lips to his in a sweet kiss that forces my tears to stop. When he pulls away, Jasper has a beaming smile on his face and then he playfully grows serious and says, "And don't let me hear you talkin' shit about me leaving you again. It's us against the motherfuckin' world, baby. Say it."

"It's us against the motherfuckin' world," I genuinely smile.

He pulls me in his arms and holds me a little longer until he pulls me up from the couch and takes me to the bathroom; where he bathes me and then makes love to me.


"So what do you want to do, son?" Dad asks me over speakerphone.

I look up at Jasper for affirmation and he nods, but I'm still not sure. "I don't know, Dad," I mumble.

"They want to charge her with fraud," he says, his tone angry. He's very disappointed in my mother and he wants her punished.

But me, I can't do it. I don't know why, but I just couldn't. Jasper thinks it's okay. We talked at great lengths about it while preparing dinner and came to a decision before calling Dad.

But now Dad is on the on the phone and I can't do it. "Do you want that? Do you want Mom to go to prison?"

He sighs solemnly. "A part of me does, especially for what she said to you, and another part…" he trails off.

"Just wants her to disappear, but she broke the law and she isn't even sorry about it," I state, recalling my mother's unremorseful behavior.

"Exactly, so what do you want to do?" Dad says, taking us right back to where we started.

"Charge her and then we'll settle out of court," I say, giving him Jasper's suggestion. Jasper squeezes my hand in support and I sigh in relief; happy that we've reached a decision.

"I just want her to disappear, Edward," Dad says. "She's not to be trusted. And prison might be beneficial for her. She hurt you and I can't forgive her. I know I hurt you too and a part of me will never be able to fully forgive myself for that. I should've been stronger. I shouldn't have neglected you."

"I know that now, Dad."

"Well, Esme doesn't," he insists. "I know what you and Jasper are saying, and I want that. I don't want a long and drawn out battle to recover your money. I just want to move on and I want you happy when you guys get married," Dad continues on with a small chuckle and it warms my heart that he's happy about me being happy. It's great to have at least one parent who loves me.

"Well, let them charge her and we'll move on from there," I say in finality.

"Okay, son," Dad says. "I'll speak to you soon. I love you, Edward."

"I love you, Dad." We hang up and Jasper sighs. "What?" I ask him.

"I just feel like it isn't over."

We don't say anything. We just leave at that and went back to trying to enjoy our evening together.


Last night was a lot of fun. Our down and comfortable dinner and tons of horror flicks was exactly what I needed. Jasper laughed at me whenever I cringed at something on the screen.

Nothing frightened him and I hope he'd instill that courage in our kids. I wanted to be a Dad. It's been resting on my mind for weeks now, but with all that has happened, I've been ignoring it. Not today though. Not with what I want to speak to Jasper about.

"Hey, babe?" he calls from the bathroom.


"Have you seen my toothbrush?" I love the sound of that. I love hearing him rambling about in my bathroom, searching for his stuff.


He sticks his head out and peers at me on the bed, going through his sketch book. Jasper has been sketching a lot recently. Especially this morning, I woke up to find him sketching me again. I loved how detailed his drawings are. The resemblance to me is uncanny.

"Bought a new one, gonna replace that one," he says with a wink and goes back in there.

"Hey Jasper?"


"I want to talk to you when you get out, okay?" I say with a nervous sigh. I hope he won't say no.

"Sure, babe!" And then the shower is turned on.

I close my eyes and push away my desire to jump up and run in there and ravish him. I can almost feel his smooth skin against my lips and his hard cock in the center of my palm while I stroked him.

But not yet, maybe later when we've hopefully have something to celebrate.

Jasper comes out of the bathroom some minutes later and gets dressed in front of me. He's a fucking tease and I love him even more for it. God, I can't wait to grow old with this man!

When his cock bobs between his legs while he puts on his pants, I can't help but look and lick my lips before biting the bottom one.

"See something you like, Edward?" he smirks.

"Yes," I breathe. "But I can't have it yet."

"Oh yeah," he says in a husky tone as he walks over to me and leans down for a kiss. "You want to talk, right?" I love when he lays on his southern accent of his, thick. It makes me so fucking horny and clouds my thoughts.

"Umm…I did?" I ask; wanting only to hear him speak again.

"Yeah, darlin, you did." Fuck! I think I just come.

"Oh! Yes, umm…can we go out to the living room?" I ask, jumping up and running from the room. If I stay, Jasper would've found some way to get us to have sex. I swear, he'll never tire of sex. I'm marrying a sex demon.

"So what are we talking about, baby?" he asks as he waltzes into the living room behind me, pulling a shirt over his head.

I scowl at the movement, hating that those lickable abs of his and his tattoos are hidden from me.

Jasper smiles while I go for it. It's now or never. I have to ask. "Jasper, I want you to know how much I love you and we're going to get married."

"I know that, darlin'. What's this about?"

"Whatever I have is yours," I say. Shit! I'm fucking this up. It doesn't go this way in my head. I ask if he wants to move in, he says yes, we kiss and then we make love. How's that hard for me to handle? I save human lives on daily basis. What's wrong with me?

"Edward, I know you'll probably want a pre-nup or something like that with all that has happened with your mom, but hun, I ain't after anything you own. I've got my own."

I shake my head profusely. "No! I don't mean it that way, Jasper."

He furrows his brows and sits down beside me on the couch. "What do you mean then, babe?"

I take a deep breath and close my eyes. I'll never get this entire speech out if I'm staring into his eyes. "I want you to move in with me. We're gonna spend our lives together and I want us to start a little sooner. I want us to live together. I want to wake in your arms, Jasper. Whenever our shifts at work allow it…" I open my eyes to look at him then and I smile at what I see there.

Bliss. Happiness. Tears. "You sure?"

"Yes," I sigh in relief. "We can live wherever you want. If you want a bigger place, I can get it or we can get it together. I don't know. But I love you and I want you with me. I can't wait until we're married. I want you here. Now."

Jasper doesn't say anything for a while. In fact, he gets up and paces the room. "I want to be here with you…but…"

I don't wait. I come up with another alternative. "I can move in with you!"

Jasper laughs. "Baby, your place is far bigger than mine."

"No!" I don't want him to say no. "I'll sell most of this shit. All I need is you."

Jasper looks sad and I don't know why. I want to know if he's rejecting the idea. But why would he? We're going to get married and live together.

As if he's reading my mind, Jasper says, "I'm not rejecting the idea, Edward. And I thought I told you that it's us against the motherfuckin' world, babe."

"You did."

"Good," he smiles and takes back his seat next to me. "Then I'll be the one moving…in here." I feel like my heart is beating again. "And I'll give my place to Rose. She loves it. And as for somewhere bigger, we'll see. But for now, yes, Edward, I'd love to move in with you."

I sigh, laugh and shout. "Fuck yes!" and jump my fiancé.

We fall back against the couch, laughing and kissing until things grow too heated and move to the bedroom. We make love until we're too tired to move and I drift off to sleep, securely wrapped in Jasper's arms.

It's us against the motherfuckin' world.