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Again he smiles, and gently squeezes my shoulder, "No David. You have nothing to worry about, honest. Your mother is never going to hurt you again.

I lean back against the seat. A reflection from the sun hits my eyes. I turn away from the rays as a single tear runs down my cheek.

"I'm free?"

A Child Called It –David Pelzer


Harper sat under the ramp running through engineering working on the coms system. It was short circuiting again. His face was just a few fading buries from 'accidentally falling into the floor' a week ago. Beka hadn't left him and Bobby alone in the same room since. It was going to be a long haul. Harper had finally come to the decision that he was jumping ship at the next space port. Good or bad the space station couldn't be as bad as Bobby.

Harper looked up as he heard the heavy pounding of boots over-head. It had to be Bobby; Beka was much lighter on her feet. Part of being a girl and part of being a good thief, she had told him a couple of her heist in the month before Bobby. She walked slower these days though, dragging her feet. It was as if the thoughts in her head where starting to get too heavy for her.

"What you doing down there mutt?"

"Working on the coms"

"That was suppose to be done an hour ago"

"Beka didn't realize how much work was evolved; she is giving me more time to finish it."

"You mouthing off to me mudfoot"

"No sir" Harper muttered under his breath. He was sick of being Bobby's punching bag, if the man wasn't twice his size. But everyman was twice Harper's size one of the joys of earths fine home cooking or lack there of.

"What was that?"

"No sir" Harper yelled out. He quickly turned back to the repairs. Where was Beka, Bobby was in one of his moods again. He was also blocking the only exit out of engineering. Harper looked up as he heard Bobby's boots land next to him. Bobby had jumped off the ramp and was now standing next to Harper.

Harper scrambled to get up; he grabbed the handrail on the ramp and started to pull himself up. Bobby was too fast though and got a hold of his shirt pulling him back to the hole he was working in.

"Bobby what is going on in here?" Beka yelled walking into engineering. Harper breathed a sigh of relief Beka was here the beating would be over. "I thought I told both of you to stay away from each other."

"His mine Beka, I can do what I want with him."

"What do you mean?"

"Why don't you tell her mudfoot." Bobby said still holding Harper by the back of his shirt. "Go on tell her" he yelled shaking Harper to prove his point.

"He bought me from some slave traders on earth."

"And were where you when I bought you"

"Prison, but it was cause they grabbed me for slave trading. I didn't do anything wrong, you have to believe me Beka. The trader just tak…" He was cut short by a slap from Bobby.

"Shut up Mudfoot"

"Bobby, put him down. Let's go to the mess and we can talk this out." Bobby dropped Harper who quickly scrambled up the ramp but as he got up Bobby grabbed his again. Harper felt and heard something in his arm snap. Harper's face paled and he started seeing black spots fill his vision.


Beka heard the crack. She had only heard that sound one other time in her life, when one of the crew hands broken Rafe's arm for mouthing off to him. It was a sound that Beka would never forget. It was like nothing else because it not just a noise but the knowledge that someone had done that damage to her brother. Without thinking she pulled her gun and pointed it at Bobby.

"That's it Bobby, let go of him and the next planet, spaceport or midsize meteor we pass you're staying on.

Before Beka knew what had hit her Bobby had knocked the gun out of her hand and pulled her off the ramp. She landed and fell on her butt. Bobby grabbed Beka's arm and got down into her face and yelled, "I'll do what I want to Beka. You are not thro…"


Bobby didn't finish as Harper jumped off the ramp hitting Bobby with flying tackle. They both went down. Bobby shoved Harper off of him and strangled his small frame punching him in the face and chest. "I'll kill you for that mudfoot"

Harper looked around and saw Beka get up and run out of his field of vision. He was disappointed that she didn't come to his rescue but Bobby could easily beat both of them. He didn't blame Beka for running; it was no longer her fight. At least she was safe.

Harper struggled against Bobby but he was no match for the large man. His arms where pined and he knew he was not going to be walking away from this fighting. As the darkest started to descend on him he heard the charging of a pulse pistol.


"Off him now Bobby" Bobby turned to look at Beka. His face held surprise like he never thought his precious Beka would turn on him. He didn't have her wrapped around his fingers as well as he thought he did. "Off him or you will not be walking off this ship." Bobby slowly stood up and turned looking at Beka with puppy dog eyes. "It's not going to work Bobby, pick him up. Carry him to mess and lay him on the cot there." Bobby slowly picked up the boy and gave Beka a disgusting look.

"Why do you care, he's just a mudfoot."

"I don't care where he came from. Shit, Bobby you almost kill him."

"He's my property. I can do whatever I want to him."

"Not anymore."

"He's mine Beka there is nothing you can do about that."

"You are leaving this ship and Harper behind at the next spaceport and you are never coming near us again."

"How are you going to manage to keep me away?"

"Simple, you damaged my crew, your slave or not, you are both members of my crew and therefore I will press charges."

"They would never stick."

"Look down at the mess in you arms that use to be a human, I think they will stick. I'll make sure of that. You're leaving and his papers and Harper are both staying. You got that?"

"Beka don't do this. You're mad, you're not thinking straight."

"No Bobby for the first time in weeks I am thinking straight."


"Come on Harper open your eyes." Harper stayed in the darkest for a few minutes. He was alive. He thought for sure Bobby was going to kill him with that last beating. It was bad though, his whole body was sore and he didn't want to open his eyes. "Come on kid, you can't sleep forever. We need to get out of here."

Here? They weren't on the Maru? Where were they? Harper slowly opened his eyes squinting in the bright light. "Where are we?" Harper croaked out. His voice was scratchy like he had been out for a while.

"We at a clinic on a planet, I flew here after the accident." Harper couldn't help letting out a groan when he heard the well used excuse. "Don't worry there isn't going to be anymore. Bobby's gone. I kicked him out."

"What about…"

"Don't worry about that anymore, you're free."


"Ya free, and I am looking to hire an engineer, if you are interested. I promise Harper, Bobby isn't coming back. I won't let another accident ever happen to you again. What do you say?"

"Free?" Harper muttered the word again working it over in his mind. He wasn't indebted to anyone. What had Beka done for him? He was too tired to care, clearly he was still indebted to her, but she would never call in the favor. Beka wasn't that type of person. "When do we get out of here boss?"


"The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater." – Lord of the Rings (J.R.R. Tolkien)


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