Title: Hold
Erin, Danny, and Jamie; Frank's POV
Tag to 1x22, The Blue Templar
None, other than an abundance of pronouns, with a side of fluff. ;)
Genre: Family
Length: 297, just three words shy of a precise triple drabble. :P
Following the events of the finale, Frank watches his children sleep.
A/N: Just a little scene that wouldn't let me go. It might be a little touchy-feely for the Reagans, but hey, they had a rough day. ;)

Frank enters the room and stops, his breath catching in his throat. He just wants to hold this memory forever. If he could stop time and hold all his children here, safe, he would.

They're all three spread out on his couch, holding on to each other, being the anchors for each other that he's always taught them to be.

Erin's head is resting on Danny's shoulder and his arm's curled protectively around her shoulders. She has one arm partly raised, just high enough to hold onto his wrist. Jamie's stretched out across both of them, his head on Erin's lap and his knees resting over Danny's legs. One hand reaches up to clutch the hand Erin's laid on his shoulder. His free arm's flung over Danny's arm, like he jerked in his sleep and no one dared to reposition him for fear of waking him. Danny's right hand is lightly touching Jamie's knees, as if to reassure himself that his kid brother's still there. His head's resting on top of Erin's and Frank's amused that they've come full circle.

He studies their faces, looking with a father's practiced eye for any signs of trouble. In their sleep, there's almost an innocence; just a little of the wear from the day has faded from their faces.

Frank can't help a small smile, a wave of emotions rolling over them. He's so proud of them and he loves them so much. And if he ever lost any of them...

He shakes his head to clear his thoughts. Tonight, he can't worry. Tonight, they're alive. He surveys the precious scene one more time, not wanting to forget one detail.

Then he dims the lights and goes upstairs to bed, more at peace than he's been in a long time.