I am so humbled by the response this story got. For one chapter, I got over half the amount of Author Alerts, Favourite Stories and Favourite Authors than I did for my full story fiction. So thank you for reading this story, and especially those who gave up their time to review or Favourite it.

Some of the reviewers were unfortunately anonymous, and I really wanted to reply to them and thank them for their lovely words, so I'm doing it here.

Windrider1967I'm sorry you had to experience things to make you want to take your life, but I'm glad you overcame them impulses. Your profile is brilliant, I reposted your 'legalising gay marriage' post :) I do not find it odd at all for someone your age to be writing fanfiction. What is age anyway? A number. If you feel like writing, you should be given the chance to be heard.

kurtcoblaine-klainetrain I really liked that last sentence, It summed the whole thing up nicely and assured you that Blaine and Kurt would stay together. I hope you're better.

RandomPersonwholikespie- Thank you :) I love your name.

Emily Thanks. I understand, but it can be common for engagement/wedding rings to be passed down through the generations.

MrsTColferI've already answered you privately, but just thank you again. I really hope you start to overcome your past, I know it can be hard. There will be always someone who cares for you. You know I'm just a private message away if you need me.

GothGirlyGirlThank you, I'm glad you liked it.

Natvv- Just, thank you so much! It doesn't seem enough to just say thank you, but people are yet to come up with a word to express the gratitude I have for your beautiful comment. I glad you like the story, and the twist. I felt really mean killing Burt, but I thought it would put a great shock and show you why Kurt is so depressed. Thank you again :)

Fanofoldtvshows- You didn't think I'd let poor Kurt die did you! Thank you for reading.

When I Get You AloneAgain, you have no faith in me. I couldn't have Kurt die, if only for poor Blaine's sake. Thank you so much! I can't believe I provoked such an emotion. Although I'm sad you shed tears, I guess it says my writing is okay is that was kind of what I was going for. Thanks!

Steffi Star- Of course :) the title does give it away. Thank you for reading and reviewing.

xXxShannahBunnyxXxThanks so much for the constructive criticism. I really do need to work on my apostrophes, and I don't have a beta. I might think about getting one. Thank you, I really wanted it to do that, create hope and belief that it does 'get better'. Also, thank you for the lovely compliments.

The next reviewer had not put in any name, so I'm calling them 'Anon'.

Anon- I get what you're saying, really I do, and to an extent I agree with you. But I think Kurt would think the opposite. Kurt has lost what seems everyone who he loved, and loved him, so I believe he would not want to overuse the phrase. He would think if he admitted he loved Blaine, he would jinx things between them, and somehow lose him. The word 'love' these days, is also greatly overused. I believe Kurt would see it too cliché and hopeful to use the word at such a young age, even though he did believe what he was feeling was true love. Really it's your interpretation, but this is how I though Kurt would see things.