Pox sat down in the Captain's chair of the Mothership.

"Crypto 136, your first task is to load up all my possessions in the Mothership" Pox said.

"You got legs that aren't broken" 136 said.

"Nice" 137 said holding out a high five.

"As your superior officer, you both must respect and listen to me!" Pox said.

"Whatever, Poxy"

"It is Commander Orthopox-13 to you!"

"Yes, sir" said 137.

"Of course, sir" said 136.

"Whatever you say, sir"

They both started laughing at Pox and making smart-ass comments.

"Oh, you both think your funny do you?" Pox asked.

"We prefer the term 'humorous Furons'" 137 said.

"Well, this mission is supposed to be serious" said Pox.

"What do you mean?" 137 said. "We were just told to kick ass and follow your orders"

"One of them we followed" 136 said, smiling.

"Well, this mission is classified and I will give you your instructions as we go, only select members of the Furon Council know the details of this miss-"

"All I want to know is, can I blow things up?" 137 asked.

"Well, most likely, yes, but only on my ord-"

"You had us at 'yes'" 136 said. "I've been waiting forever for a mission to get off that rock, let's take off!"

"You both realize, it could be years before we return to the Furon Homeworld?" Pox said.

Pox sat back down in the Captains chair, as soon as he sat down he heard a whoopee cushion go off.

Pox growled as the two Cryptos stood laughing.