rex pov
It was a cold morning and I had slept peacefully but my leg was killing me.I think i'll go get a painkiller from denal. I left my room limping slightlyAs i entered denal's room he was helping another trooper by the name of was the weakest troop in the 501st.I took him in to save him from reconditioning."Poor little scrap,"Denal muttered to then I came up with a plan."We could put someone else in charge of him."" True,who do you have in mind?" "." "Why him?"Denal questioned."I think it could help his social skills."I sighed ,"I disagree but if you think so i'll help you." I moved toward the small trooper sleeping in the bottom bunk he was skinny enough to see each of his ribs.

Denal soon returned with Chopper in tow."You wanted to see me,Sir?" "Yes,I have a task for you." Sunny whimpered in his sleep,and Denal moved to check on stood waiting paiently for me to speak."This is Sunny and he's not gonna make it if he has too live his life in a cage he needs to be loved.I'm trusting you to take care of him and nurse him back to health.I'm not gonna let the kaminoans take him again." Chopper was tense remembering his on history with the kaminoans."I'll do it,Sir."

Sunny was relocated to Slick's platoons barracks later that evening,Denal giving specific instructions to Chopper. Chopper was watching Sunny as he was quite peaceful for men lined up at attention as i walked into the room."At ease,"I said giving them a look of strugged innocently."What are you singing Trueblood?"I asked because he was singing and must've forgotten to turn his comlink hesitated before answering,"Elmo Gots a Gun."He looked up at the sound of 's when he saw was sitting upright a small smile sat on his lips."Sing it again"he said his voice sounded like it was half sleep I had to laugh as Trueblood started singing

Elmo's got a gun,Elmo's got a gun
Big birds on the run ernie's dialing 911
What made elmo snap was he tired of big birds crap
they say when elmo was arrested they found oscar headless in the trash
i hear that gordans really runnin'
now that elmo's got a gun the streets are never gonna be the same
Elmo's got a gun Elmo's got a gun
Grovers head has come undone Sesame streets not real fun
You want me to walk around sesame street without a bullet-proof vest
Forget about it

We laughed til we cried."Alright boys go get ready for bed curfew's in an all groaned."Hey you can have alot more fun if you not well.
Chopper's POV
It's almost time for bed and i have to a shower and bath Sunny as I bath Sunny he stayed completely still with the exeption of playing with a rubber ship that rex had given i finished drying him and helping him dress I put him to others had gone to the messall for I wasn't hungary and Sunny was on a strict liquid diet,so I lay down beside him shirtless as always.I was holding Sunny in my arms and was dozing off when sunny had begun to suck my nipple i was all set to push him away but instinct told me not to.

cliffhanger!review and i might continue and nothing mean please i'm more of a sing not a writer its jus something to do to pass the time i've been writing this for a month.