sunshine chappie two

This is a special chapter. answer to sompeoples question yes chopper is a mommy.
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Choppers pov

Okay,okay I know this sounds weird but I went to see Coric only to find out that i'm breastfeeding. maybe i'm going crazy. He'll be bottle fed. Put that aside for now today is Sunny's birthday. I had spoke with the captain also. He was planning a party. Only to try and make him feel happy. I'm glad the others don't know about last night,and Sunny is being bottle fed so I don't have to do that again. The party is at 1400 (2:00). Hmmmmm i'm gonna go talk to the captain again.

I walked down the hall to Rex's room. I knocked waiting for Rex to answer the door. He opened the door a moment later. "Hello,again Chopper." He guestured for me to come in which i did. There was a large white box that nearly took up all the space on his desk."What's in the box?" He looked at the box then back at me before answering,"A cake and Sunny gets first piece." I gave him the sad face,"now don't look at me that way its his birthday." "Drat," I muttered." Are we gonna have icecream too?" I looked up at him clearly wanting something sweet. He sighed at my behavior. Then reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a 3 'musketeer' which he broke in half and handed me a piece. He sat down in one of the chairs at his desk and I took the other still eyeing the other half of that candy bar that was now sitting on the desk. "Sir what are we going to eat?" He sighed again."You'll find out when it's time." He stated simply. He looked at the chrono then looked back at me, "Isn't it time for you to feed Sunny?" I nodded and stood to leave.

I left and picked up sunny's bottle from Coric. Lucky for me Sunny didn't object as he leaned against me,and i held the bottle to his mouth. Rex had given everyone the day off. With an exception of those who were helping with the decoration. Because of his condition Sunny had a relatively small stomach which couldn't hold much. I kept my free hand on Sunny's back gently rubbing it. It was true I loved him because he is my brother. Even though I may not get along with some of the other troops they're my brothers and i'm proud of it partly anyways.

I woke around 1:00. I hadn't realized I'd fallen asleep. I looked around the barracks. Slick was reading a magazine,Jester was listening to the MP3 that Rex had given him for his birthday last month,Sketch was drawing on his new easle, Gus was sitting on his bunk staring at his ant farm,and punch was playing solitare. I looked at Sunny who was awake but curled up as though he were cold. Hmm maybe I can get the rest of that candy bar for Sunny. I am so evil if I'm thinking of even breaking into the captain's room that would be a beat down for sure.

Yes Rex does beat his troops if they get on his bad side. I've gotten in trouble with him ore than once but he normally made me write 400 lines and that made my hand hurt to the point that I can hardly hold my blaster. I'd much rather take the beating. On the other hands I only get in trouble if I start it because once Rex had said," if he punches you in the face i ain't gonna do nothin' about it." He had said that to kevin when he kept teasing me about my scars. And I punched him too I was sick of hearing his crap anyways.

Sunny sat up and leaned back agaist my chest. He was shivering slightly. Well it was kinda cold in here. It would be warmer in the mess. I was broken from my thoughts when Sketch all of a sudden sneezed. Punch left and came back with a damp towel which he handed to Sketch. Sketch's nose must've been bleeding. Jester was looking at Sketch's unfinished drawing. "That's awesome." He said simply. I stood pulling sunny to his feet. "No it's a mixture snot and blood." Sketch looked at him as if he was crazy. I looked at the drawing that Sketch's sneeze had now colored he had been drawing a Giant flower which now had splots of red in the center. "It is kinda cool." I heard Slick sigh and stand up before looking over my shoulder at the picture. " They do have a point" he said before returning to his magazine. I knew he was hiding another magazine under the boys life magazine because he had that goofy smile on his face.

Sketch continued on the outside of his flower. By the time it was finished it was time for everyone except for me and sunny to go to the mess for the party. Captain rex would comm me to tell us when. We waited for another 15 minutes when rex finally commed us.

We headed down to the mess where the lights were off and then they came on and then everyoone jumped out and shouted "Surprise Happy Birthday Sunny." Sunny looked like he was going to faint with all the loud noise. But he didn't. He looked happy.


It's time to cut the cake. I kept trying to get Sunny to tell me what he wished for. To no avail he wouldn't tell. Then it was time to open the presents. From Sketch (well what else) a box of pencils. From punch an Mp3, from echo a book oh i'm sorry nook, fives a blaster cleeaning set, Harry, a broomstick cleaning set?, jester some deoderant? (it was the best i could come up with.),gus a piggie bank? and from me and Rex we got him a kitten which sunny named sunshine of course. He was yellow. that night after that when the troops got tired we went to bed.

Well that concludes this chapter i'm going to bed."night sunny" "night chopper"

Good night boys *lowers voice* please r&r sunny wants something for his birthday from you. Good bye to all my readers.