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This is a series of drabbles based on songs I know. Dedicated to Doctor'sgirlcompanion. I know I said you inspired two stories, but I lied. You inspired MORE than two songfics. So they're all here.

Keep On

Song: The World Is Mine (I Don't Know Anything) by Alex Day

They say time's a healer but my watch can't tell the time

The left hand's stuck six months ago and I can't find the right

I don't know anything

The Doctor always traveled. Usually with a companion, occasionally on his own.

He was arrogant, cocky. Boasting his Time Lord status. But he knew his limits.

Time. Time was his limit.

He knew that his companions left him in the end. All of them.

And then Rose came along.


She promised forever. And he believed her.

He was an idiot.

They always leave him. Always.

But it still hurt.

Dammit. It hurt like HELL.

He should've known. He should've seen it coming.

At least she was safe. In a parallel world, yes, but safe.

That's what kept him going. He was miserable without her, but he kept traveling, saving the world.

But he missed her. HE MISSED HER DAMMIT.

Everyday he was tempted to jump worlds and see her. And everyday he reminded himself what would happen if he did.

He was the Last of the Time Lords. Traveling the universe, saving millions. He couldn't risk it. But he could imagine it. He could imagine her back with him. Back in his arms.

But he always opened his eyes to disappointment afterwards.

It got to the point where he stopped caring what would happen if he went to her. He didn't care about protecting the universe anymore.

But he knew she still would. So he never stopped.

He kept going. He kept going because even though he'd destroy his universe to be with her in the other one, he would never let her down and do just that.

Wherever he went, he kept as many people alive as he could, because he knew how it felt to lose someone. Oh, he knew that feeling. And he'd be damned if anyone else had to feel it.

So he kept going on.

So let's pretend for just one minute

The world, the world, the world, the world

The world is mine but you're not there