Summary: What would happen if Danny had gotten his powers at the age of 10 and his parents had been present and made tests to see if any damage had been done? What if they had taken it wrong and had tried to kill him and he had been found by social welfare? What if his supervisor turned out to be Jinx who is actually a spy of the government?

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10-year-old Danny Fenton was walking steadily down the street with his dog Cujo. It had been a week since that weird accident in his parent's lab. That day his parent's had made weird tests on him and had gasped at the results.

Then, his father had stopped smiling at him and his mother now ignored him. Danny was pretty sure it was temporary; hopefully they'd be better by next week.

"I'm sure they'll be fine, what do you think Cujo?" Danny asked his dog, said pet barked happily waging its tail.

He smiled to himself reassuringly. Then he heard the unmistakable sound of his dad's driving. He turned around to see a small blue car driving madly towards him. And before he could do more then gasp the car had gone right over him and had crashed on a street lamp.

Danny lay on the sidewalk in a puddle of his own blood.

"W-what?" He inquired innocently, not knowing that his own father had attacked him. His small body refused to move as he whimpered. Cujo whimpered by his side as he licked his owner's hand, even though he was dying as well.

"C-cujo." Danny whispered affectionally. The dog gave one last tortured whimper as it toppled over.

"C-cujo." Danny's eyes filled with tears for his friend. He let out a silent sob of pain and sorrow as he petted Cujo tenderly. Just as he was ready to join his pet, a miracle! Footsteps could be heard.

"A car accident?" A male voice said. Then more footsteps.

"Are you okay sir?" The male voice said.

"José-san." A calm feminine high-pitched voice said.

"Henrietta?" The male voice asked.

"Look." She said. Then the man gasped, and ran over to Danny. He moaned and whimpered slightly. He closed his eyes but the man slapped his cheek gently. Danny moaned and looked up at him.

"Stay with me, okay? You can sleep later, what's your name?" The man asked.

"D-Dan-ny F-Fen-t-on." Danny said weakly.

"Did you see who ran over you?" The man asked. Danny shook his head.

"I-I th-ou-ght it w-was m-my dad-dy beca-use of h-how he d-drove, but my d-daddy would n-never run m-me over." Danny said. The man looked thoughtful.

"Tell me Danny, does your daddy wear an orange jumpsuit?" The man asked.

"Y-yeah, h-how did y-you k-know?" Danny asked, the man seemed troubled but smiled.

"Don't worry about that." The man said, then the ambulance arrived.

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