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Chapter 13:

"Phantom! You're with them?"

Phantom barely turned his head to the shocked Titans, transforming into Danny.

"Has Jinx contacted you?" He inquired turning to the girls.

"No, we haven't heard anything from her since we split when we came here." Claes handed him large sniper rifle. He stared at her, raising an eyebrow.

"You want me to play sniper this far into the mission? Wasn't the plan supposed to be more stealth than the direct attack?" Danny questioned as he adjusted the gun in his arms.

"We're still on that, but it's possible that we might need you to shoot a few people when Jean comes to get us on the helicopter, you can be sure that Jinx already completed the mission though." Triela absentmindedly predicted. Danny tilted his head, but nodded accept the logic in his coworker's words.

Rico turned to the Titans who had stayed silent and gaping throughout the foreign conversation.

"Danny has been working with us about four years now, this was his first long term mission with Jinx." She explained with a smile.

"JINX IS WITH YOU TOO?" Robin exclaimed his eyes wide and his expression full of shock and disbelief mirrored by the titans behind him. The girls stared at them, before nodding hesitantly.

"Yes, agent Jinx has been with the organization for almost 12 years, the longest anyone of us has lasted, now let's get moving before the other Hive members start looking for us." Claes answered curtly before walking off in the direction of the faint light of day that made it inside the dark tunnel

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