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Author's Note: Abby's thoughts during Silent Night.

I Wish

I watch Ned Quinn in interrogation room and want so much for a happy reunion with his daughter. I want them to have a reunion because I wish that I could have one with my own father. My father died before I could say things a daughter should say to her father before he died. I wonder if he knew that I loved him? I wish that I could have told him before he died, but now I'll never get the chance to. That is if my Dad pretended to be dead and come back to life, but that isn't possible.

I had called his daughter knowing that Gibbs said not to. He just didn't understand that there should be a father and daughter reunion. I wonder if he knows that I didn't get to say the things that I wished that I could have said to my father. He probably does because he knows everything. He knows when I have something about a case and he knows when I need him. He even knew that I had called Quinn's daughter. I don't know how he knew, but he knew.

It would have been nice to see a reunion for Christmas. Christmas is the season of Miracles and it would have been nice to have a Christmas miracle this year.

I sit in MTAC watching It's A Wonderful Life. I had wondered where he was. Maybe he let Ned go to Melissa's house. I really hope so.

The End