AN: dis chapta wuz brot 2 u by da AFCA. da americin fried chikin associashun. Hahaha. This is soo racist it's not funny. If anyone reading this is black, please comment with your thoughts on fried chicken.

"wut r we gonna do about dat nigga" sed vadermort. he wuz sittin in his evil lair havin dinna wit dracula an hitler. dey were eatin babies. I love this League of Doom. Or Committee For Evil Doings, or whatever they're called.

"i say we kill him!" sed dracula Good call, Count.

"gutantof gutantof chocolate choclate gutantof" lolwhut sed hitler wich wuz german 4 "i agree we shud kill him" Anyone German here? Comments, please?

"ive tried dat u fool!" Sigh. sed vadermort "hes such a great blak magicon dat he keeps cumming Malapropism which made me giggle bak 2 life" He hasn't done that much magic. He's just said Chicken and Dragon.

dracula tok a bit of his baby. "den how r we gonna kill dat nigga" This is so very puzzling.

"i dont know" sed vadermort. den hitler screemed.

"KINDERGAREN" A place for pre-elementary school children? he sed wich wuz german 4 "deres sumden rong wit mi baby" Fail.

den dracula lookd ova "wait dat isnt a baby... dis is fried chiknin!11" OH THE CALAMITY!

den vadermort had an idea.

"i no" he sed. "ill go bak in time an make sure dat FRIED CHIKIN WUZ NEVER INVENTED!111" How exactly will this help? And how would you un-invent it, stop the creation of fire itself, or just kill of the chicken population?

"daz a good idea" sed dracula an hitler clappin dere hands. Standing ovation for the dumb idea.

dracula finished his meel. "my my wut an enjoyable meel" Wasn't it made of fried chicken?he sed dabbing da sides of his cape.

den vadermort starded speekin "by tomorrow everythin in hogwart is gonna BE ALL WHITE!1111111" With the lack of fried chicken? How will that work?

AN: ohhh dat wuz scarry... i wundda wuts gonna happen next!11 Oh, the suspense is killing me.