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AN; Each stanza dictates a different person, Starting with Ciel, then Sebastian, and back to Ciel. Do not forget this.
Also, This is a Yaoi-like scene. Not sex, but a heavily passionate scene between Earl and Butler. If you do not like MxM, Leave.

Many references are made during this. For those of you that don't recognize it...

Ciel - King (Chess) , Poet ( Edgar Allen Poe), Rose...
Sebastian - Knight (Chess), Raven (Manga, Edgar Allen Poe), Blossom-Seeker.

Additional note;; Happy Early Birthday, My Young Lord. -bow-

The most alluring, tempting, and sought after things in life are those that are utterly forbidden.
Curiosity reigns supreme, Defiance dictates will, and Innocence is thrown aside to the power of dark whispers.

A kiss on the cheek. A flush of the face.
" Thank you. " He says, smiling.

"You're welcome, My Lord." The other states.
A kiss on the cheek, He leans into the kiss, savoring the warmth.
Once again cheeks turn rosy.

The kiss is smiled upon, innocence is adored.

Tailcoat is clasped in small hands, pulled gently forward.
Innocence was mistaken.

Surprise is shown on perfect features.
Gentle fingers take child-like face in hand, lifting.
Another kiss, laid upon the velvet-rose lips.

No thorn stings the blossom seeker.

There is no resistance given.
A first, it seems, but welcomed nonetheless.

Curiosity beckons, causing quick tongue to dance upon those soft petals.
A shiver, A gasp.
The Tailcoat is pulled tighter.

Lips part, encouraging.
Long fingers pull on a jacket of blue,
Pulling one to one.

Nervous feelings rise,
Yet he slowly closes his eyes,
Allowing the only one he trusts to rest against,
Body to body, yet not growing tense.

Contact raises shivers through the dark,
Roused by the touch, the quick tongue passes to the rose,
Denying any defenses the pleasure of blocking.

Fists clench and twist,
Questions rise against the foreign feeling,
A moment of shyness threatens to break the kiss.

Slender fingers snake through soft grey locks,
Bringing courage back to the fast retreating,

Soft round cheeks glow with color,
Spine tingles with new feelings,
Cautiously, Oh so Cautiously, He returns.

There is a break, a pause.
Neither pull away, yet neither will touch.
Tension slowly rises in this moment.
Breath heavy in one, Non-existent in the other.
The devilish one smirks lightly.
Exposed eye glares lightly.
Enough of this teasing.
Is the thought that is exchanged silently.

Devilish smile widens,
The kiss is reborn,
A step toward the desk,
The Knight oversteps the King,
Leading him backwards to the throne.

A kiss accepted,
Emotions rise, coiling tightly,
And then flying away, leaving the stomach turned.
It is a most welcomed feeling.
The King does not notice he's being moved by another player.

The knight puts the King upon his throne,
Exalting him with a stronger caressing of the lips.
A strong arm supports a small back, holding it close.

The King realizes where he is, shocked, yet, pleased.
Doll-like hands rest upon world-bearing shoulders.

The flower cringes, the first thorn is shown,
For he will not part-take in the fun.

Disappointment as the flower-seeker is strung.
Emotions bleed but a drop.
It would take far worse to deter this one, however.
He kneels, seeking the blossom from a different angle.

The embrace continues, but this time differently.
For this time, the boy seeks the intrusion.
A quiet noise of disappointment,
He pulls the other closer.

Encouraged once again,
The Knight throws the Kin backward to the throne,
White-hot passion burning into their lips.

The Rose-King squirms, clearly enjoying.
Apprehensively he tries the new practice, slowly, little by little,
Absent minded-ly soft, exposed knees raise,
Heels lifting from the floor,
Pretty soon
Both feet have lifted above the ground.

A devious grin, a gentle touch.
Gloved hands find their was down the raised legs,
Pulling them higher,
Pulling him closer.

A tentative lick, a Curious thought.
No resistance is given.

The great one shudders,
Brought down from Demonic standing,
Suddenly feeling lost in human feeling.
This has never happened before,
Not like this.

Fragile arms wrap about unalterable shoulders,
Closer they become as confidence grows.
A playful smirk is pressed into the never ending kiss.

Restraint is lost,
The skilled tongue travels deep,
Nothing to hold it back,
The Raven finds himself lost atop this door.

Shocked, the Poet moans,
Sound is muted through their lock,
The boy twists, stomach knotting beautifully.
He cannot hold those shoulders tight enough.

The movement beneath him delights him,
Though he is unsure of whether or not the King approves.
Cautiously the lip is bitten,
Carefully he nips the roses petals.
He is greeted with a most pleasant pressure.

A shiver, A pleased hum.
A silent prayer this goes on forever.

Unthinkingly gloved fingertips slide beneath the hem of blue trousers.
A wrong move.

The King retreats.
Gasping, Jolting, He can't stop moving.
He speaks, gasping against the suffocating oxygen,
" W-What are y-you-? "
Soft voice laced with the sweat and lust of his new passion,
Marred by his fear and concern.

The Knight sighs, instantly regretting the move.
A place he does not want his own King to be placed,
Yet he, himself, placed him there.
" Forgive me, My Lord. "

The boy is confused, lost.
No conscious thought had been formed before now,
Where were they?
What happened?
A soft kiss breaks his inquiry.
Oh... Right...
Ah, but he cannot handle that, his heart still races.
He leans away from those devilishly wonderful lips, placing chin upon shoulder.

Regret swells.
Too fast, too strong.
Too soon his move was made,
Backfiring horribly.
He manages an embrace, soft, warm.

Slender grey brow raises above ocean eye,
There is a fear that he's displaced the Knight's emotions...
" What's...the matter?"
He offers a light kiss to the ear.

A smile, A confession.
" I went too far, My Lord. "
A slight shiver to the kiss.

Realization sets in, a challenging statement made,
" Go ahead... I'm not a -child- ... "
He places another, stiffer kiss below the dark locks by his neck.

A dark, thin brow raises, not quite sure.
No objection is given when the gloved hand is returned.
The Dark Crow Smiles.

Breath quickens, Eyes close, Jaw drops.
This is no fair game,
He thinks.
Composure must be kept, lest he be taken advantage of.
Small fists tighten around black fabric.

Dark hair falls before his crimson eyes,
A dark chuckle befalls his lips,
Right onto the boy's ear.
Fingertips grace the skin of his thigh lightly,
Teasing, tickling, raising gooseflesh on the boy.

All he can do is shiver and fall further into the chair.

Razor edged teeth scarcely touch the Young Earl's ear.
He pulls away, then,
Gloves betray his intentions,
So by teeth they are removed.
Faustian marking shows in full radiance.

" A-Ahh! "
The King clamps his jaws shut,
Embarrassed by the noise that escaped them.
His cheeks flush furiously.
The butler's gaze cannot be met.
Even as heels and stockings are pulled away,
He does not flinch.

" How Cute. "
A Cheshire grin runs from ear to ear of the Demon's face.
Bare fingertips slide up from the ankle,
Black fingernails lightly drag across the skin from the knee up.

" Sh-Shut up. "
The king orders, Yet with nay enough confidence to meet the Knight's eyes.
He glares to the side, but the look is broken.
Pleasantly he shivers and squirms at the sensation.

Marked hand glides higher,
The right pulls one to face the other.
Gently the soft and small nose is kissed.

Still the King shifts on his throne,
Pleasure stealing away control.
Teasingly he states,
" How cute. "
A smirk is tossed to the other.

Accusingly a brow is raised,
One tease for another,
Dark flame's tongue kisses the boy's lips.

He is lost in the notion.
Only half a smirk can be formed as his stomach fills with butterflies.
A moment later, He licks his own lips,
A devious stare given.

Surprised, the knight shows intrigue.
He leans in to kiss those licked lips, but hoovers above them,
Breath is exchanged a moment,
Curious and tempted hand slides between raised legs.

A gasp and a suppressed sound.
Teeth are clenched tight, emotion surging through him like lightning.
Knees bend slightly together as body tenses.
This is most definitely foreign.
This is most definitely enjoyable.

Lips press down to suppress the sound further.
With a combination of a rough and gentle touch,
He pushes the knees apart, leaning closer.

A soft reactive noise is softened further under the kiss.
Further he flounders beneath the pressure.
Such a blissful and new feeling.

The blossom seeker thoroughly enjoys making the rose twist and turn.
He brushes teeth with tongue,
Heat with palm.

The King throws his head to the side,
Lips pursed tightly to push down a noise brought on by the touch.
Flourishing red color finds the blossom.
Instinctively thighs pull together, tightly,
Knees press together,
Trapping the hand.

Long fingers spread and return twice, Teasing.
Smile spreads,
Into the King's ear the Knight whispers;
" My Lord... "

Stifled Gasp. Body tenses.
All the efforts of his conscious mind finally releases the hand.
Slight fingers grip tighter on Black-clad shoulders.
The King begins to shake lightly,
Breath ragged and passionate.

His touch slides up, reaching the stomach,
Pressure applied before the move, eliciting another gasp.
He cannot help but smile at the way the Rose writhes beneath him.
Gently he takes the end of the necktie, undoing the ribbon in a simple move.

All attempts are made at not squirming,
Shaking, Blushing, Heavy breathing,
It's all fought for the sake of Pride.

Dark-nailed fingers lead small hands to the tie about the Raven's neck.
Undo it, set me free.
Unspoken request, silently shouts between the two.

He's caught. He can't move passed the shaking.
Face reddens deeply.

Sweetly He kisses the boy's forehead.
He leans to the other's ear, Whispering,
" Relax, My Lord. "
His tone soft, Alluring, Smooth.

Calmness befalls the King.
He takes a deep breath,
Eyes close for a moment before he attempts Undoing the Windsor.
Embarrassment, Discomfort.
Inability is noticed.

He understands.
Carefully he leads the boy through the process,
A deep breath. A slow release.
Small fingers grace his neck.
A jagged sigh.

The King relaxes, reveling in how his touch effects the Knight.
The motion continues.
The second hand flows to his stomach,
A fist clenches about the Tailcoat, pulling closer.
A question to proceed.

Eyes are closed, a smile emerges,
Pleasant feelings rising.
The Knight relents his pride, leaning back,
An encouraging gesture to continue.

Confidence is regained.
Nails trail lower, where the heart may lie, yet doesn't.
This followed by tentative lips.

Eyes open only to quickly flutter shut once more.
" Hnn "
A soft purr.
His lean threatens to drag them both backward.

There is enjoyment in eliciting such a reaction.
Light pink tongue flicks out,
Sweeping a teasing touch against the junction of throat and collar bone.

The knight's breath catches,
He gives a disbelieving look.

The King sits back in his throne,
Regal, Royal, Haughty.
A stare indicating the Knight's turn is given.
" Check. "

The Knight rises, standing above the King.
"Your challenge has been accepted"
Says his eyes alone.
A dark smile crosses his face.

The King's confidence falters.

He sweeps the tip of his nose against the Earl's ear.
Teeth find a familiar cord, tugging it loose.

The boy shivers as the cover falls.
The Audacity.
His eyes widen, Contract shining brightly in the uncovered.

Very lightly the Raven brushes his talons through the Poet's ashen locks.
Encircling the ear, tracing a path to the chin,
He smiles, it shows his affection.
" Checkmate. "

The King looks up, confused.
Realizing, He smiles, lightly relieved.
Weariness settles in.

Lifting the King from his throne, The knight smiles.
" It's late, Let us continue this game another day. "

The Earl relaxes,
Soundly nestled in his Butler's arms.
His eyes close.

A warm, loving smile passes over Sebastian's face as he carries the now sleeping Ciel to bed.

" Goodnight, Young Master. "