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"I can't believe we're all in New York!" Blaine exclaimed in delight. He threw his arms out into the air and twirled around, gazing into the sky.

The Warblers had finally made it to Nationals, and they were prepared to take New York City by storm! …as soon as Jeff and Nick stopped swimming in Central Park's fountains.

"Get out of there, you idiots!" Kurt chastised them, though he could not help but be amused.

"What are you, our mother?" Jeff teased the brunette. Nick laughed at his best friend's antics and stuck his tongue out at Kurt. They both folded their arms across their chests, and pouted where they were standing- knee deep in water. Kurt rolled his eyes at them.

"No, guys! Kurt here has a point," David defended his friend, gesturing at the boy to back the boy up. Wes nodded his head in agreement.

"He does. He does." He added unnecessarily. "A dumb totally untrue point he didn't need to share!" Wes shouted before he and David ran into the fountain to join Nick and Jeff. Soon, all four boys were absolutely soaked. They splashed each other with water, and stood underneath the water flowing down from the mouth of the fountain.

Blaine looked at Kurt eagerly, silently begging his boyfriend for permission to go into the fountain with his friends.

"Kurt?" He began to pout as his boyfriend ignored him. "Kurt, please!" He started to bounce up and down slightly where he stood. "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me in the fountain!" Blaine sunk to the ground and grabbed his boyfriend's leg.

All four Warblers in the fountain fell to the ground in an imitation of Blaine and repeated his plea.


Kurt was impressed by how synchronized they were; it was almost worrisome, actually. He looked between his boyfriend, who looked so eager he seemed like he needed to pee, and the rest of the Warblers before nodding his head reluctantly.

Blaine pressed a huge kiss to his boyfriend's lips- leaving Kurt momentarily dazed- before hopping into the fountain with the rest of his friends. Kurt watched them play about like children and scream like little girls. They were imbeciles, that's what they were. He wanted nothing to do with them.

Kurt walked up to the fountain, so the boys could hear him better when he snarked at them. In hindsight, it was not Kurt's smartest move.

"You guys are going to get arrested!" He raised an eyebrow and tapped his foot at them, to no avail; they would not leave the fountain. In fact, they were having so much fun, that without Kurt realizing it, they had planned mutiny against him.

Within moments, he had been dragged into the fountain; his designer clothing was soaked completely through, and he felt like a drowned cat.

"Ugh! Guys!" He whined and fumed at them simultaneously. He could not make up his mind as to whether he wanted to cry or punch someone.

He flipped his hair out of his eyes, and looked between the five culprits. "Who dragged me into the fountain?" He seethed, through his teeth.

The five boys looked between each other, shrugging their shoulders and shaking their heads. Kurt could feel himself getting angrier and angrier before… he suddenly laughed. And they laughed with him.

Soon they were all hysterically laughing. And getting mouthfuls of water because Kurt was splashing them for revenge. Then he was being tackled into the water. And so and on and so on.

Kurt felt freer than he had felt in months. He felt alive and young and loved and… freaking terrified.

"Oh, crap! Are those police!?"