Ichigo Kurosaki walked into the math classroom to find it in utter chaos. As usual.

"Ah, shit!" Tagoku yelled laughing as Grimmjow once more lunged forward to attack his nipples, twisting them painfully upward. "Fuck, that hurts!" he cried dashing away from the smirking boy. Now, Ichigo was not one to miss out of fun.

"Oi, bitch!" Ichigo spat, landing a joking punch on Grimmjow's arm.

"AAH!" The blue-haired teen shrieked, toppling over in mock pain while clutching his sides. "I-I'M DYIN' OVER HERE YOU HIT ME SO HARD!" he continued to cackle, rolling on the floor in fits of giggles.

"Sigh… Mr. Jaegerjaquez … get up." Their stoic math teacher, Mr. Kuchiki, said, pointing a long finger in the direction of Grimmjow's desk.

"Yeah, yeah…" The teen grumbled, pushing up his sleeves as he sank back into his desk.

"Better." Mr. Kuchiki continued, taking a red Expo marker in his grasp. "Today, we will continue our lesson on Absolute Value equations. First I will give you a practice equation." He stated, taking the marker and beginning to write.

"Nice going, dumbass." Ichigo whispered, leaning forward in his desk to smirk into Grimmjow's ear.

"Hey, shut up bitch," He said whirling around in his seat. "Unless you wanna take this outside, and believe me, your ass is gonna be waaaay -"

Ichigo was staring at him now, eyes wide in fright and amusement, holding back the words he so wanted to scream.

Turn the fuck AROUND.

The ignorant teen eventually did turn around to see a very angry looking math teacher staring at him.

"Mr. Jaegerjaquez, I am not going to ask nicely anymore. Shut up." He snapped before turning away to face the rest of the class.
The equation that was now written on the board was this: 4 │x+3│= 19

"Now, can anyone tell me the first step? How about you, Akimitsu."

"Uhh…" He stuttered pushing up his glasses. "You… distribute?" He guessed looking nervously around him. Mr. Kuchiki then let out a long sigh, raising a cool hand to press his fingers to his temples.

"No, Akimitsu, that is the one thing you do not do. You do not put that," he said pointing to the '4', "in there." He continued, sliding his finger to rest upon the enclosed equation.

Now, as he seems so eager to prove, Grimmjow was not very mature. And he just couldn't help himself. It slipped out, truly! He didn't mean to but-

"That's what she said." He blurted, a little too loudly.

"Excuse me, Mr. Jaegerjaquez?" Mr. Kuchiki asked coldly, turning to glare at the now quite flustered teenager.

"Nothing…" Grimmjow whimpered, not making eye contact with the intimidating math teacher.

"Ah, of course," Mr. Kuchiki continued. "Nothing. Step outside, if you will."

Grimmjow could not keep his jaw from going slack at sheer astonishment.

"S-step outside? But I didn't even-"

"If I recall," the math teacher interrupted, placing a pale finger to his chin as if to 'ponder' for a moment. "I believe I told you to STEP OUTSIDE."

Grimmjow looked around at his peers for help, but only received the nervous glances and glares saying: Just fucking DO WHAT HE SAYS. Finally, he gave up and decided to play it cool.

"Whatever." The annoyed teen huffed as he pulled his somewhat lanky figure from the annoying can't-decide-whether-it-wants-to-be-a-desk-or-a-chair thingy that they make children in high school sit in. He strode towards the door, but of course, right before reaching the doorknob, he turned around and showed his bitch of a math teacher his middle finger.

"Actually, you co-" Mr. Kuchiki began to state, spinning around to meet Grimmjow's eyes. Grimmjow whisked his finger away and froze in place. Oh, shit. It was too late. He was so beyond dead. Mr. Kuchiki had seen him. Flicking him off.

"Well." The man said dangerously, striding over to where Grimmjow stood petrified. He drew his face to the frightening width of a mere five inches away from Grimmjow's. "Since you seem to be so fond of me," He spat, staring across to meet Grimmjow's icy blue orbs. "I'll see you in detention on Friday."

Ichigo practically let his jaw unhinge. Grimmjow getting detention? That wasn't a surprise. Nearly a weekly occurrence in fact. But for that? Ichigo had something to say.

"Wait a minute, you're going to p-"

"You as well Mr. Kurosaki!" the math teacher hissed; spinning around to glare at the carrot- topped boy.

"WHAT?" Ichigo practically screamed, beginning to rise from his desk.

"I will see you both at 7:30 a.m. SHARP on Friday morning. If you happen to fare one minute late, another detention will be in it for you both! And sit down Mr. Kurosaki!" The now slightly plum-cheeked math teacher spat. Ichigo looked down to find that he was indeed standing, fists clenched at his sides.

"No way! You're actually giving me deten-"

"Then go OUTSIDE and stand with Mr. Jaegerjaquez and think about what you've done for once! I shouldn't have to treat you like a preschooler!" Yes. Two exclamation points. He was that mad.

"Alright…" Ichigo said, shredding his last ounce of confidence. He angrily stomped towards the door, walking outside and closing it behind him with a mighty 'BANG!' On the inside, Mr. Kuchiki could be seen with his head bowed, rubbing at his temples before letting out a long sigh.

"Now that we have that under control…" he continued, looking up to gaze at the class with a pressed smile. "On with our absolute value equation. As you can see, after you…"


Ichigo leaned against the cool school wall, letting out a string of curse words as he pressed his palms to his forehead. How dare that bastard of a math teacher send him outside, and give him detention! I mean, that just wasn't fuc-… Ichigo suddenly noticed a certain aqua-haired teen balancing on the wall across from him, seeming to intently study his fingernails.

"Jesus, Ichigo, it's just fucking detention…" he suddenly spoke up, looking away from his fingernails and straight up at Ichigo. Ichigo felt his fingers go numb and his face go an unpleasant red. He had always been strangely attracted to the boy. If not sexually, then emotionally. There was just something about him. Something that irked Ichigo to the point of borderline insanity. It attracted Ichigo to him like a little orange moth to a big blue light. But, needless to say, they were good friends. Weird emotions could not get in the way.

"Well, sorry for trying to defend your position." Ichigo scoffed, turning his head away from the amused blue-headed boy.

"Well, thanks for tryin'. But as you can see-" Grimmjow swept his arms out in front of him, as if to mention the narrow hallway, "it was kinda futile. But hey, I'm not gonna hold it against you or anything. Now I've got a little company~" He strode over to Ichigo's side of the wall so that he was facing him, stooping over the slightly shorter teen, pressing his palm against the wall above Ichigo's head to keep his balance. "If you don't mind me, I sure as hell don't mind you." Grimmjow slowly said, trailing a long finger up the side of Ichigo's face. It sent sparks through Ichigo, long after the fingers were gone.

"Um… Wait, man…" Ichigo said, trying not to stammer and failing miserably. "We're just friends. This isn't cool… Right?" he continues, tilting his face up at Grimmjow with wide eyes. Grimmjow looked down at the stammering carrot-top with an award-winning pout on his face.

"Well, if that's what you want, I'm cool with that too." Grimmjow said, coolly removing his arm from Ichigo's head and stepping a safe distance away.

"Wait!" Ichigo exclaimed, sounding just a bit too desperate for his liking. "I mean…" he said more confidently, clearing his throat. "I've known you forever and I never thought… Well, I never would've guessed…"

"Yea, Ichigo," the blue-haired teen interrupted, looking down, the little bits of silky blue hair that always seemed to escape from the rest of his gelled-back head falling into his face, momentarily shading his eyes. "I'm gay. And I know you are too, so you can't give me any of that shit." He hissed, gaining more confidence. Ichigo was taken aback. Wait a minute. How did Grimmjow know about that? He had never directly told him… "It's written all over your face, Ichigo! You seriously think the entire world doesn't know?" Grimmjow exclaimed, as if he could read Ichigo's thoughts. He chuckled darkly. "And…" he continued, once more coming close to Ichigo. This time, close enough to whisper in his ear. Which is exactly what he did. "I know you want me…" Grimmjow growled, biting the flushed teen's ear for good measure. Ichigo gasped and moaned out loud. Much too loud. "Now that." Grimmjow smirked. "that was a better response." He said, diving back in to nibble lightly on the other ear, curling his long tongue around the shell.

"Nngh…" Ichigo panted, getting way too turned on for math class. Thank god this was last period. "Wait, Grimmjow…" Ichigo said, slowly pushing slightly away from the taller teen. "Do you really wanna… make this work? Cuz I won't do it if it's a onetime thing." He said defiantly, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Of course I wanna make it work!" Grimmjow reassured him, playfully tugging at Ichigo's still crossed arms.

"Then do something for me." Ichigo suddenly growled at him. "Something to prove it…" he whispered lustfully at the impatient teen.

"Anything." Grimmjow snarled back, getting even closer to the blushing Ichigo.

"Then… then…" Ichigo looked up at him with a pink blush scattered across his features. "Kiss me." He whispered. And kiss him he did. Grimmjow kissed him with everything he had, pressing soft pink lips upon their match, both of the boy's heads spinning as the kissed each other like they had been together for years. Just as Grimmjow swooped up for air, Ichigo grabbed his tie and roughly pulled him down again, slamming their mouths together, clashing teeth painfully. But they didn't care. Ichigo intertwined his slim fingers in feathery blue locks of Grimmjow's hair, forcing them even closer. Grimmjow then decided (in his head, mind you) that it was time to make his move. Now or never. All without pulling away, the teen slowly slid his hands up Ichigo's shirt, pausing to graze a nipple. Ichigo gasped sharply into Grimmjow's mouth, pulling away to moan loudly and push himself against the hand.

"You horny little bitch…" Grimmjow growled, grabbing the nipple and gently tugging on it, bringing their mouths to meet once more.

Just as Grimmjow had convinced Ichigo to let his tongue into his mouth, his hands still up his shirt, tweaking his nipples, he heard a very light cough. They both immediately paused. It hadn't come from Ichigo… his mouth was currently being excavated by a certain blue-haired teenager's tongue. And it hadn't come from Grimmjow… he was too busy memorizing every crevice of Ichigo's mouth. So who could've… They both swiftly pulled away from each other, turning to face a slightly angry and very embarrassed math teacher… Oh, god. Mr. Kuchiki.

"You may both come inside now…" He said softly, not making eye contact with either of the boys.

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