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Anyway, this is probably only going to be a two or three chapter long story, I haven't decided yet... But I hope you enjoy it! I'm certainly enjoying writing it...

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Lately, the smell of smoke had been infused in Roxas' clothes. It bothered Ventus. He knew that for all their external similarities, he and his twin were very different people and he didn't expect Roxas to change. However, ever since they had started at high school Roxas had been deviating further and further away from the brother that Ven knew and loved. He barely showed up to classes, although Ventus knew that he was somewhere on school grounds because they always came to school together in the same car. At lunch, Roxas wouldn't sit with Ventus like they had always done in middle school. Instead, he loitered in the corner with some older students, the kind of people Ventus made a point to avoid.

It saddened Ven. Roxas was smart, and so much better than the person he chose to be.

He hadn't spoken to their parents about it; he didn't want to get Roxas into trouble. Their brotherly bond was already stretched pretty thin by the distance Roxas was putting between them, and Ventus knew that if he ratted his twin out then Roxas would probably never forgive him. He didn't even say anything to their older brother, although he knew that Cloud was aware of the issue; Cloud was in his final year of high school and even though he was often busy with classes and school council duties, he wasn't blind to Roxas' chosen group of 'friends'.

Still, Ven didn't know if he could let it carry on much longer. Roxas still had a dream to become a lawyer, and Ven wasn't about to let him throw away that dream because of peer pressure. He only wanted what was best for his twin.

Which is why one day about halfway through the spring semester, Ventus skipped class and followed Roxas and his friends.

He kept a safe distance away and made sure they didn't see him as they made their way across the athletics field towards the fence that surrounded the entire compound. At the fence, they followed it around to the left until they were between it and the wall of the gym. Peering around the corner and watching them cautiously, Ven saw Roxas take a cigarette off his red-headed friend and spark up.

In total, there were six people in Roxas' little friendship group. There was Roxas himself and the tall red-head, as well as a boy with long silvery hair, another with dark hair that fell heavily over one eye and a blond who Ventus knew was called Demyx because he did the morning announcements on the school P.A. system. There was also Vanitas, who happened to be the older brother of Ventus' friend Sora. He was the most intimidating of the group with his well-built body, dark hair and disturbing amber eyes.

For some reason, it was Vanitas to whom Ven directed all of his hatred. Whilst the older twin knew that it wasn't just Vanitas' influence that had caused Roxas to change, he felt like the boy was still to be held responsible. He was evidently the leader of the group and made the decisions. And Ven didn't like the way he was always hovering over Roxas, whispering sweet corruptions in his ear. Vanitas was like a demon, slowly feeding Ven's brother with poison.

Right now however, Roxas had distanced himself a little from Vanitas and was talking in lowered tones with his red-headed friend. Ven could tell that Vanitas didn't like this from the way he pursed his lips every time he glanced over at them, his strange eyes narrowing. It was as though Vanitas considered Roxas to be his tortured possession, and like a child he was loathe to share.

Ventus wasn't sure what he planned to do now that he was here. He hadn't skipped calculus and followed them all the way here just to watch them smoke and chat amongst themselves. But what could he do, exactly? His first instinct was to reveal himself, snatch that wretched cancer stick from Roxas' lips and throw it as far as he could, but he was terrified of the reaction that it could incur. He didn't want to make Roxas hate him; he was trying to get his twin back, not push him even further away.

He backed away quietly around the corner so that the group was out of his sight, wandering a little back towards the school and kicking at stones thoughtfully. It was a hot day even for spring and his white shirt was sticking to his torso. He wished that shorts were allowed in high school because his trousers were far too warm for him.

He came to a stop next to one of the windows that looked into the sports hall of the gym. It was early morning, so the building was empty and the lights were off, giving him a good view of his reflection. If he pretended hard enough, he could almost be face to face with Roxas. Everything from the shape of their eyes to the unruliness of their blond hair was identical. The difference between them was in their demeanours; although Ventus was the older twin, he had a younger, more innocent expression. He was always smiling, his eyes shining with happiness. Roxas had a permanent frown on his face, a scowl that reflected his angrier personality. It was the only way people were able to tell the two of them apart.

Right now though, Ven wasn't smiling at all. His expression was one caught between sadness and frustration, reflecting how helpless he felt in the situation. He didn't know what to do that would make Roxas realise he was making bad choices. He knew that it was selfish; trying to almost control his twin's life like this, but Ven didn't want to watch Roxas pave his own path to destruction. Roxas had the wits and intelligence for something much better than this; he just lacked the motivation.

"What's this?"

Ven whipped around at the deep voice. He hadn't heard anybody coming, and for one minute he was terrified that it was a teacher and he was in trouble for playing hooky. But it was much worse than that. Somehow, Vanitas had managed to sneak up on him and was now towering over him with his arms folded over his chest and a dangerous smirk playing at the corners of his mouth.

"Ventus Strife, skipping class? This is a surprise."

"Vanitas," Ven growled, his heart tattooing fear on the inside of his ribcage with every thundering beat. He couldn't break eye contact with the older boy for some reason; those disturbing yellow eyes were almost magnetic, holding his own blue ones fast in chains. He backed away a few steps but his back was met almost immediately with the window he had been staring into just moments before. Great, cornered by the person he feared and despised the most.

Vanitas didn't make any move, his grin only widening. "Ventus, if you wanted to join our little group you only had to ask. What, you decided that you were bored of being the goody-two-shoes and wanted to have some real fun?"

"You're wrong," Ven muttered, his hands balling into tight fists. His palms were sweaty. "I came here to get my brother back."

One black eyebrow rose in a perfect arch and Vanitas cocked his head to the side in a strange, almost animalistic way that unnerved Ven and entranced him at the same time. Vanitas was like... like a panther in a human body, strong and agile and feline, and dangerous to boot. "Get him back? What makes you think that Roxas wants you to get him back? He's a big boy, he can make his own choices."

"You're just messing with him," Ven spat, "You're feeding his mind full of crap, making him think that school doesn't matter! You're screwing up his future!"

Vanitas snorted and shifted a little, kicking a stone and transferring his weight to his other hip. Every movement was deliberate, lithe and controlled. "That's cute, Ven, really."

Ven clenched his teeth. "Don't call me that." He was getting angrier by the second, and Vanitas was only adding fuel to the flames. In fact, he was fairly sure that Vanitas was deliberately pissing him off. "Leave my brother alone!"

"Or what? You'll score higher on the SATs than me?" Vanitas chuckled, a dark sound that made the hairs on Ven's arms raise despite the heat. "What are you gonna do, Ven? You can't make me or your brother do anything."

"I said don't call me that!"

Vanitas moved. It was so fast that Ven's eyes could barely keep up with the movement before a hand was slammed into his shoulder hard enough to make him crash back against the window. Pain shot down his arm but he barely noticed because Vanitas was right in his personal space, one leg between Ven's and his free hand splayed out on the glass right next to Ven's head.

"I'll call you whatever the hell I like." Vanitas' eyes were so terrifying and yet so mesmerising when they were this close. Blood thumped in Ven's ears, louder with each passing second of eye contact. The hand on his shoulder was squeezing it tightly, the fingers digging sharp bruises into his skin. "I decide when I'm done with your brother, not him and certainly not a pathetic little nerd like you."

"You..." Ven could barely muster the strength to speak. For some reason, he could barely breathe when Vanitas was this close to him, their chests only separated by their shirts and a few inches of air. "You son of a bitch...!" He swung his fist out at Vanitas.

He almost caught the older boy off guard. Almost. The hand on the window moved at the last second, catching Ven's fist moments before it came into contact with Vanitas' face. The older boy's hands were much, much bigger than the blond's, and Ven grunted in pain as his fist was enveloped in Vanitas' hand and squeezed hard enough to make his knuckles crack.

"Well, you may be a nerd but you've got guts at least." Was that... approval in Vanitas' voice? The smirk was still plastered firmly on his face, his eyes blazing with dancing amber flames that made Ven recoil, trying to tug his fist free without much success. "I might play with you for a while."

"Like hell!" Ven groaned in pain as his arm was pinned to the window above his head, Vanitas letting go of his shoulder and doing the same with his other arm. "I'm not some toy you can play with, and neither is Roxas! You're sick and twisted!"

Vanitas was ignoring him, wrestling with Ven until his wrists were crossed and held firmly in one of Vanitas' larger hands. The free hand then dragged down the window before moving to grab Ven's chin harshly, tilting his head back to look Vanitas properly in the eye.

"You still don't get it." Vanitas' voice was quieter, but Ven heard every word as crisp and clear as a summer's day. "You don't have a choice. Roxas doesn't have a choice. You're playthings, I call the shots here."

"You're just a bully," Ven growled, wincing when Vanitas' fingers dug into his jaw roughly.

"What makes you think I care?"

Ven's breath caught in his throat as the older boy pressed closer, shoving his leg between Ven's thighs and moulding their chests together. Vanitas was a good few inches taller than him, his breath hot and heavy on Ven's face and a pleased flush spreading over his tanned face. "It's weird, you and Roxas are so similar but so different. I think I like you better. You're more defiant."

"Pervert," Ven hissed, tugging futilely at the grip Vanitas had on his wrists. He flinched when a calloused thumb brushed across his lips, tugging the lower one down a little and baring his small, evenly spaced teeth.

"Heh, that's what they all say." The hand released Ven's chin, trailing down his side and tugging his school shirt out of his trousers before dipping underneath it. Ven bit his lower lip as he felt nails dragging down his torso, catching on every rib on the way down and carving red painful lines in their wake. He shuddered when Vanitas leaned in, breathing heavily in his ear. "But they never seem to complain when I make them feel good."


"Wow, you're just full of compliments Ven."

"Don't call me that- aah!" Ven's head fell back against the window with a loud smack as he felt chapped lips grazing against the side of his neck, pursing in light, almost affectionate kisses as they tracked their way down the column of his throat, before retracing their route with teeth and tongue and a trail of burning bruises. Soft golden lashes formed crescents on Ven's flushed cheeks as he clenched his eyes shut, his mouth opening to accommodate his heavy breathing.

"Hmm, that's better..." Vanitas' voice was a dark purr, seeping into Ven's skin like a shroud and making his knees buckle. The hand under his shirt trailed back up, exploring his chest blindly with teasing scratches and pinches, as Vanitas' lips began to brush up over the curve of Ven's jaw and he started to roll his hips against Ventus' in a slow, tormenting circle that ripped a loud moan from the blond's throat. Vanitas chuckled. "Now who's the pervert?"

"Sh-shut up! Get off me!"

"Hmm, not yet..." Vanitas' tongue slipped out to wet his lips, brushing against Ven's cheek briefly. "I've got a few more minutes to play with you..." He jerked his hips forward, smirking at the second, slightly more defeated groan that the action elicited. "And I don't think you really want me to stop."

Ven shook his head, eyes still screwed shut. He was slowly losing the capacity to think beyond the friction between his and Vanitas' hips, every breath that passed his lips now being voiced as a quavering whimper.

"No? You want me to stop? What about if I do this?" Ven choked out a gasp when two warm calloused fingers closed around his nipple and pinched roughly, and then Vanitas' mouth was on his and a slick, pierced tongue was wrestling its way past his lips, tracing the ridges of his teeth and forcing his own into submission so fast that he barely had a chance to fight against the intrusion. Vanitas tasted like smoke, making Ven screw up his face in aversion. His whole body was writhing against the larger boy, trying to get away from the assault of sensations and at the same time begging for more abuse, abuse that Vanitas was perfectly happy to administer. Ventus' body was like a blank canvas that Vanitas was determined to mark, with his teeth, his nails, his bare hands as his pallet.

Ven was mortified to find that in the chaos of sensations, he had started to kiss the older boy back, and what was worse, he wasn't doing anything to stop himself. Everything felt too good, too intense, he didn't know if he wanted Vanitas to stop or keep going until he burst.

Just as he felt he would rather the latter, Vanitas stopped, stepping away and releasing Ven from his clutches. Without the support of Vanitas' leg between his thighs, Ventus' knees gave out and he slid down the window to the floor, heart pounding so hard he thought it was going to smash right out of his ribcage. There was a raging storm of heat swirling low in the pit of his stomach, burning with the need for more of that delicious friction that Vanitas was now cruelly denying him.

"Why... Why did you stop...?" he panted, craning his neck to look up at the tall, shadowed figure who had now shoved his hands in his pockets casually, as if they hadn't just been pressed together from lips to throbbing groins.

Vanitas was still smirking, the sunlight catching his eyes and making them seem to glow, a powerful contrast against his jet-black hair. "Because I know that you'll come back for more. Lust is like a drug in some ways. You'll hold out for a while, I reckon, 'cause you're stubborn, but in the end you'll give into the cravings. And I'll be more than happy to give you a fix."

"I'm not your plaything," Ventus snarled, pushing his hair out of his eyes to show a defiant glare. "And I refuse to be controlled by you!"

"That's the spirit. We'll see how long you can hold out, shall we? Tell you what." Vanitas surprised Ven by suddenly dropping into a crouch, a cigarette already dangling from his lips and reminding Ven of how his kisses had tasted. "If you can hold out for two weeks, I'll leave your brother alone. If not, well, you're both mine." He grinned toothily, the smoke caught between his teeth. "Sound like a deal?"

"You're lying. You'll never hold up your end."

Vanitas did that strange, panther head-tilt again, before straightening up again. "Contrary to popular belief, I'm not a liar Ventus." The cigarette left his lips briefly as he flicked the ash off the end, and then it was replaced. "Two weeks. Let's see if you can hold out that long. I'm interested to see how strong your willpower is."

He gave a little salute, his eyes ablaze with intrigue. "See you around. I had fun." He turned and began to walk away, back towards the group who hadn't seemed to notice his absence because nobody had come looking for him.

Ventus slumped back against the wall and covered his face with his hands. Two weeks of avoiding Vanitas sounded easy, but the burning in his stomach made him dread every moment of those two weeks. But if Vanitas really was telling the truth, this could be the perfect opportunity to make Roxas see sense. If Vanitas held up to his end and left Roxas alone, surely then Ven would be able to make him see that school was more important than smoking behind the gym?

If it would help Roxas, Ven would take whatever Vanitas threw at him.

So yeah... There's the first chapter for you all. I hope you enjoyed it! I'm a bit rubbish at updating stories right now, so I apologise if this isn't updated as soon as you would like, but I will try to write the next chapter as quickly as possible! Until then, many thanks for reading!