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"LET ME DOWN!" The girl shrieked for the thousandth time.

I swear, I've never met a louder, more annoying woman before her.

If she doesn't shut up soon, I may lose it.

On top of that, she's stubborn. She's been fighting, and screaming at me all night. You'd think such a spoiled brat would've given up and passed out by now, but, no. I had to find the odd-ball.

"Aniki, are you sure you won't use the poison Mukotsu suggested?" Renkotsu asked.

Oh, yeah. Each of my brothers has taken their turn to complain about this wench over my shoulder.

Even Mukotsu's complained, and offered to use his slowest-working poison; which causes sore throats as a side-effect; on her.

Renkotsu is the last to make a comment. That's it. It was time to drop her.

I ran ahead, so that we'd be hidden in the trees, and dropped her right beside me...

Mori-hime's POV:

Before I could scream again, he slid me off of his shoulder, and dropped me on the ground.

I landed hard on my bottom, and my head slammed against a tree.

I cried out in pain, and leaned forward to hold onto my head.

"Finally." My captor sighed.

My eyes began to get warm, and a lump grew in my throat. I had never been hurt so badly before...

They all began gathering around, and seating themselves around me.

"It's about time she shut up." One of them said.

"Don't worry. We'll have her sitting quietly like a good hostage in no time." My captor said.

My body began to shake.

I leaned my head down against my knees, in an attempt to steady myself.

"Wow. You were right, Oaniki." I heard someone say. "She's already shaking with fear."

Me? Scared? How dare he?

I sat up straight still holding my head.

"Fool! I'm not scared!" I snapped. "Your animal of a brother made me hit my head against this tree!"

They all stared at me for a moment.

Then, they looked at each other, and began to snicker.

The next thing I knew, I was sitting in the middle of a circle of cackling beasts.

What was so funny? I was hurt!

"STOP LAUGHING!" I screamed. "IT HURTS!"

They only laughed harder.

I looked around at all of them. How dare they refuse me? I am a princess!

As my eyes went just past the womanly man, I spotted a gap in their circle. An escape point.

They were all distracted, too. What a stupid bunch.

I jumped up, and ran out through that little gap.

All of a sudden, something crashed down in front of me.

I gasped, and turned to my left. Someone was already waiting on me there.

I turned to my right, and the man that'd carried me out here was right beside me.

He grabbed me by my neck, and raised me up to level our eyes.

"Listen up, wench." He said. "While you may be of noble blood, you're just another woman to us."

I glared at him, brought my right hand up, and tried to slap him.

He caught my hand, and put me down.

Suddenly, he raised his fist, and slammed it in my face.

I fell to the ground, holding my face in agony.

"Women, to us, are worth very little." He went on. "They are weak. They are whiny. And we show them no pity. You are no different."

He came to stand over me.

I could only lie there, crying in pain, and shaking with fear.

"So, you'd better watch yourself." He said. "You're next move could end your life."

This was ridiculous. Completely humiliating. How could they be so cruel?

"You wouldn't kill me." I said. "You still need that treasure from Otou-sama."

The man chuckled as he reached down, took hold of my yukata, and pushed me up against a tree.

"I figure your old man will be just as happy having your body back, so that he can bury his pathetic daughter." He said. "Understood?"

I turned away from him, not even bothering to answer his question.

I was not going to cooperate with him for very long. Just until they fell asleep...

Bankotsu's POV:

She looked away, pouring tears, sobbing lightly, and shaking like a leaf.

I let go of her yukata, and started back into the trees.

"Come on." I said. "We can't stay in the same place for too long."

I put Mukotsu in charge of making sure the girl stayed with us.

He was bound to make her the most uncomfortable, of all of us, and she would be quick to move if she didn't want to deal with him.

That didn't seem to stop her from complaining.

"I refuse! I will not walk through such filth!" She yelled.

We'd come across a deep mud puddle the size of a large pond, and the quickest way across was to wade through it.

We were already half way through it. There was no point in trying to go around now.

"Jakotsu, go pick her up." I said.

"EH? Why me?" Jakotsu exclaimed.

I looked at him. "Because I said so." I said.

Jakotsu groaned, went back to the edge of the puddle, and picked up the brat.

He brought her over to us.

"Good. Now, drop her!" I said.

Her eyes shot wide open.

Jakotsu smirked, and tossed her down into the mud.

She cried out in shock, and looked at her mud-covered body.

"There. Now you don't have to worry about getting dirty." I said. "Get your prissy ass up, and walk with us."

She glared up at me, picking up a hand full of mud.

I swung Banryuu down, pointing it right at her neck.

She gasped, and swallowed, looking down at Banryuu.

"Yeah. I dare you to finish that action." I said.

She glared up at me, as she dropped the mud, and slowly stood up.

We got through without another peep out of her.

Only a little while later, she began whining about being hungry.

We put up with it for a while. But, eventually, we stopped to make lunch.

Renkotsu, the one in charge of cooking this time, placed a bowl in front of her.

She looked down her nose at it.

Wow. She's absolutely rotten. She won't even eat it knowing that we don't have anything to make one of the fancy meals she might have had at the castle.

And later, as the sun began to go down, her worst fit happened.

"I want a bath." The brat said. "I want a bath, now."

Now, none of us trusted her. She'd made several attempts at getting left behind, and escaping all day. This was probably another trick.

You'd think it would be easy to talk her out of it, too.

"Alright, this way." I said.

I led her to a nearby river.

She leered down at it, like she'd done with her meals before.

I sat down, and planted Banryuu down in the river bank.

"Well, get in." I said. "We can't stay for too long."

She looked down at me. "This is not a bath!" She said.

"Not yet." I said. "So, drop the yukata, and get in."

The brat let out a demonic scream.

"KIRAI!" She screamed. "I want to go home! I want real food, a change of clothes, and a real bath!"

The brat turned, and stalked off into the forest.

I grabbed Banryuu, and went to follow her.

To my surprise, she went right back to the group, sat down against a tree, and didn't speak again for the rest of the night.

She sat there, with her knees against her face, sobbing noisily.

As annoying as this was, she was quiet, and no one wanted to disrupt that.

After a while, everyone started dozing off.

Since the brat had fallen asleep a while ago, I decided I'd let myself close my eyes for a bit. I wouldn't sleep, though. She'd gone to sleep so much earlier, there was a chance that she'd wake up before me, and try to run. And I didn't need my hostage getting eaten by a youkai before I got my treasure...

(O)Aniki - Older brother.

Kirai – Hate(I hate this).

Otou-sama - Father.

Yukata - A thin kimono meant to be worn while bathing, or when going to bed.

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