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I smiled, watching the movers set up all my furniture, and other such belongings.

My name is Himeko. I am 15 years old. I have just moved to Nerima, Tokyo, and I'll be attending my new middle school in an hour or so.

My father is a well-known archeologist, and my older brother studies to follow in his footsteps.

My mother died of illness not too long ago... and I miss her.

I don't know what I might do with my life. As I am, I can just get married, and never worry about anything again. But, something, in the back of my mind, tells me I can't be that lazy.

"Ojou-sama! You must be off to school, now!" I heard my Bayaa calling me.

"Haaaaiiii!" I called, picking up my bag, and running for the door.

Bayaa and I stepped out, and she walked me to school.

Once there, Bayaa handed me my lunch, and patted some dust from my skirt.

"Are you sure you'll be alright?" Bayaa asked. "There are boys in this school."

I laughed lightly.

"That's the point, Bayaa!" I said. "I want to try dating! Don't tell Papa, though. He'll surely pull me straight out of school, if he ever finds out why I picked it!"

Bayaa sighed. "As you wish, Ojou-sama." She said. "Well, have a good day."

"I will!" I replied. "Ja ne!"

I started onto the school grounds.

As I started looking around at everyone there, I began to notice how nervous everyone looked.

Surely not everyone on this campus was a freshman, or a transfer student? Some of them had to be students who'd been attending for a while?

Some of them looked at me strangely. Like I was in for something they'd all faced. Something unpleasant.

My previous school'd had a rumor about the freshman being cursed for their entire first year of school. I'd evaded that with no effort in the least.

Whatever this was, it wasn't going to happen to me, and I was certain!

I hurried on into the school.

I'd gotten my schedule, and map of the school the day before, so, I knew where to go to find my first classroom.

I went right in, ready to look for the coolest boy in the class.

However... even the coolest boy in class... wore big square glasses, had a greasy-looking hair-cut, and wore his uniform pants all the way up to his rib-cage.

All the boys in my class had similar details. Perhaps the freshman curse came back to haunt me after all... however late.

I was seated in front of a short, fat 'boy' who looked more like an old man than a middle-school student.

Through the whole class, I felt watched.

This didn't surprise me. After all, I was the prettiest girl in my old school. With long dark hair pulled back with a red, heart-shaped barrette, perfectly white skin, made more obvious by my naturally bright pink lips, and dark eyes that sparkled, and didn't need the emphasis of make-up, I would've been breaking hearts if there'd been boys in my school.

People watching me was nothing new, but, to think that the boy behind me was watching me... I shivered slightly.

A couple of classes passed, and I hadn't spotted a single boy of interest to me.

Not to say that all of them were ugly, they just didn't interest me.

I sighed, walking through the hall to the home economics classroom. Many boys to pick from and no boys who fit my bill.

I raised my wrist to look at the charms on my favorite bracelet.

I bought a new charm recently. It looked like some kind of sword, and the lady selling it to me said that this charm had a connection with me.

This charm was going to lead me to someone precious from my past life, according to her.

I wasn't so sure about the 'past life' part, but, if this charm would lead me to someone precious, that would've been the perfect moment to do so.

All of a sudden, my hair was grabbed, and pulled backwards.

I gasped, falling backwards.

Instead of hitting the floor, though, I was whipped around to hit the wall.

My eyes came into focus on a big pair of dark blue eyes, glaring at me.

"Hmm. You're a spoiled one, aren't you?" came a dark, taunting voice. "He won't deal with you for long, then."

I started taking in more details, in case I needed to involve police.

Dark tanned skin. Black hair, seemingly braided from what I could see. A purple four-point star painted on his forehead. And he looks to be a Senior-year student, at the oldest, even though he's humongous.

"You're that new student in my brother's class, right? Hinako, was it?" The boy pinning me to the wall asked.

"Himeko." I whispered, timidly.

"Whatever." He said. "My brother, Mukotsu, is in your class, and he wants a girlfriend. I'll give you one guess who the lucky girl is."

I frowned, understanding the situation perfectly.

"I'm not interested." I said. "Now, release me! You're pulling my hair out!"

"Did I say you had a choice?" He asked, shaking me roughly by my hair.

I cried out in pain as my head hit the wall, and I felt a couple of hairs come out.

Tears came to my eyes, merely because my hair was being pulled out.

But, I had to admit, this situation was frustrating. I'd never been handled so roughly before. Of course, I'd never dealt with bullies much, before.

Because I had my father and brother's reputation to back me up. No one wanted to mess with the girl with a family known for having mastered a good handful of martial arts.

Here, no one quite knew them... or, at least, they didn't know I was related to them.

"You have no right to take away my free will, and choices!" I said. "Release me! Or, I shall call a teacher!"

"Mouthy little brat." The man said. "Doesn't matter. You'll learn like the rest of them."

He reached back, and stuck his hand in his pocket.

"You can't fight Shichinintaino Bankotsu." He said. "Everyone loses when they face me."

He pulled out a knife.

I gasped, putting my hands out in front of me, franticly pushing at him, trying to get free, or stall, or something.

"Stop! Please! It's not worth this, PLEASE!" I cried out.

I stared at that knife in horror, seeing my whole life reflected in that blade, and flying by.

I blinked. As I was opening my eyes I felt my weight return to me all at once, and I was in no position to support it.

I fell to a sit, gasping for breath, as I realized I could still do so.

"Wow. It's so soft." The man said.

I looked up at him.

He was admiring a handful of shiny, dark brown hair... with a red, heart-shaped barrette clipped in it.

I swung my hands back so fast they hit the wall before I could touch my hair.

My hair... was barely long enough to touch my neck... he'd cut my hair...

"You are spoiled. To have hair like this, you must've wasted a lot of time on it." The man said.

My hands and shoulders began to shake. My face got hot. My chest began to ache.

These feelings... I was sure I'd never felt like this before... and, yet... they were all so familiar.

"Consider this a warning." The man kept on. "Next time, you'll be bald."

My face contorted into a glare like no glare I'd ever given in my life.

With a force I'd never felt in my body before, I jumped to my feet, putting my face inches from his.

"BANKOTSU NO BAKA!" I shrieked, not even sure if this was his name. "YOU FILTHY BARBARIAN! I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS!"

I was vaguely aware of the footsteps off to the side, indicating that someone was coming.

But, I didn't really care. I was rather focused on this strange new emotion filling my chest, and beckoning me to scream, even though the damage was already done.

"Iishinzo-san! What've you done?" came a shocked voice.

The man before me made a face of annoyance, as he turned away.

Now, the emotions going through me were telling me to stare him down. But, that wouldn't really do anything unless he was looking at me. So, I had to see who'd pulled his attention away from me.

I turned to see a female teacher and a couple of students standing just a few feet away, looking absolutely horrified at the sight of us.

"It's Shichinintaino." The man in front of me said. "How many times do I have to say it? My name is Shichinintaino Bankotsu."

"Yes, well, your student record says your name is Iishinzo Sunao!" The teacher said. "So, you'll just have to get over it!"

I scoffed at his name, reached over, and unclipped my barrett from the hair he'd cut.

"I will thank you to punish him thoroughly for this!" I said. "I'm late for class, and my father will want an explanation for this hair cut!"

I pinned back the longer sections of my un-even hair cut, and stomped off to my next class.

Within a few minutes of class, I began to calm down, and was now wondering how I came to feel so awful... I'd never known such anger.

I was one to cry when somebody came close to hurting me that bad. I suppose, since he didn't stop short, that it became too much... but, he's a complete stranger to me! I don't get out of control around strangers!

Shichinintaino Bankotsu... that's what he said his name was... hmmm...

I NEVER SAID THAT! DAMN IT! ... I don't want to kill you... You're a pain in the ass. You're a headache. You're a danger to anyone's sanity... I'd trade mine to let you live, though...

His voice rang so clearly in my head, saying things I knew he hadn't said to me. His voice was so easy to remember, and I could hear him saying so much... mostly threats on someone's life, and vulgar comments on how clumsy they were.

Finally, school was out.

I stared at my charm bracelet, wondering about my situation.

The way he stuck to my head, he might've been a distant memory.

"Ojou-sama!" someone cried out in shock.

I looked up, and saw Bayaa staring at me with her mouth open.

I sighed, knowing she was looking at my hair.

She'd helped me take care of it for many years, after all. She had every right to be upset.

I walked up to her.

"Your hair! Don't you hate haircuts? What happened?" Bayaa asked.

I piddled with one of the strands falling over my ears, as I found myself thinking about whether or not I should say what happened.

Stupid, I know. But, I did it. For some reason, the thought of telling on him... it made me feel like he was going to call me a tattle-tale. And this mattered. His thoughts of me mattered a lot.

I shrugged. "It was getting in the way, so, I cut it." I said.

"Sou ka na?" came a voice.

My back stiffened, and anger returned to me, as I recognized that voice.

I turned, glaring. There he was. Shichinintaino Bankotsu, and six other boys with him. Including the 'boy' who sat behind me in my first class.

"Funny. I took you as the tattling type!" Bankotsu said. "Are you trying to suck up, or something?"

I could feel my face going red with rage.

"Who would ever suck up to you?" I growled. "I've got no reason to suck up to you, anyway!"

"So, why're you lying to the old lady?" He asked, smirking darkly.

"How dare you!" Bayaa spoke up.

I looked at her.

"Have you any idea to whom you are speaking, boy?" Bayaa asked. "You speak to Morikawa Himeko! Daughter of Morikawa Hoa! If you wish to keep your sorry hyde, you will show some respect!"

Both of us just stared at her for a moment.

I was simply shocked at my Bayaa's behavior. I'd never seen her behave so aggressively.

Slowly, I turned to Bankotsu, somehow expecting to see him laughing at her.

Instead, I saw him staring at Bayaa with a look of recognition.

His lips moved slightly, forming two words: Mori-hime.

Somehow, I could remember him screaming 'Mori' in desperation.

He looked at me.

We stared at each other, both trying to make sense of the situation.

A precious person from my past life... could he...

He looked me over slowly, but, he didn't speak.

I looked him over, and I couldn't find it in me to break the silence, either.

Slowly, we lowered our heads at the same time.

I no longer felt the need to fight with him, somehow.

"Ototou-tachi, ikuze." Bankotsu said.

All of them moaned and groaned as they followed him across the street.

"Bayaa, okaeri-mashou." I said.

"Hai, ojou-sama." Bayaa said.

We started back toward my house.

"Ojou-sama," Bayaa said. "It may be none of my business... you lie for good reasons... but, why did you lie for him? You're so proud of your hair, and he cut it without any remorse, whatsoever."

I continued walking on, at first, not even thinking about the question.

But, as I finally let that question sink in, I cast my eyes up at the sky.

Or, rather, into the heavens that exist in the present, the future... and the past.

He was someone precious to me, wasn't he? Perhaps... in my past life... I loved him.

I smirked, and turned to look ahead.

We were almost home, now. I could see the start of our neighborhood.

I would soon see my brother and father returning from their evening run.

Somehow, now… my life was seeming all too familiar… like I hadn't seen it in a while. And Bankotsu's presence today only strengthened that feeling.

"I suppose... you could say I hate him..." I said. "But, then... you could say I love him... Bankotsu and I... we're Lovey-Shovey, that way!"

Ojou-sama - Mistress (as in the lady of the house).

Hai - Yes.

Bayaa - Nanny.

Ja ne - See you later.

Iishinzo - Good heart.

Sunao - Gentle.

Ototou-tachi - Little brothers.

Ikuze - Let's go (usually an InuYasha or some other vulgar character's choice of word).

Okaeri-mashou - Let's return (Very formal, I'd imagine).

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