CH.2- The second chapter

They ran from the zombie women for a long time before accidentally running into a spooky, dark forest.

"I think we can stop running" said Sir Bedevere gasping for breath and out of breath "I'm very sure we lost them when they fell into that volcano.".

"are you sure sir Bedevere?" said Sir Robin "I thought only a wooden stake through the heart was the only thing that kills zombies.".

"That's not zombies idiot!" said Sir lancelot as he smacked Sir Robin on the back of the head "That's were-wolves!".

"Oh ya." said Sir Robin rubbing the back of his head.

"Hey what's that?" said sir not appearing in this film while he pointed to a moving bush with feet.

they all took out there swords and walked over to the bush, except for Sir Robin who was hiding behind a tree, then all at once they jumped on the bush.

"Get off of me you stupid english-man!" shouted the bush in a french accent.

"what the-" shouted sir Galahad before the french bush punched him in the face.

After that all the knights stepped away and a man stepped out of the bush, he was dressed in the same outfit as the the leader of the knights of ni except instead of massive horns on the helmet there where massive alligator tails he was also the same height as the knights of ni leader.

"OH NO!" yelled king Arthur in terror "IT'S THE KNIGHTS OF NI!"

"AAAA!" yelled the man who was hiding behind the bush "Why did you say the word!"

"Ha" said Sir robin proudly "we've got you now! IT!IT! IT! IT!"

"That's not the cursed word" said the man who was hiding behind the bush "the other word is."

"you mean ni?" inquired sir Bedevere "I thought you where with the knights of ni.

"Of course not you idiot english boar!" said the man who was hiding behind the bush "I am the leader of the knights of it! The knights of ni are our sworn enemies!"

"In all my days I have never herd of a a group called the knights of it" said King Arthur "how strange!"

"Silence pig-dog!" shouted the knight of it " I have wondered too far from the base and I must find a way back!"

"why did you just say that?" said sir Bedevere "it didn't make sense and seems like a bad plot device!"

"It is" said the knight of it "the author wanted me to be in this and now doesn't know where to go with me! Darn english stupidity!"

"ah well shall we escort you back to your base?" asked sir Gallihad

"fine you toilet gatherers" said the knight of it "but you shall be our guards! No more!"

"why can't you defend your selfs?" asked sir robin "I mean you are knights."

"the word of it doesn't work well on the undead. Stupid english fire spitter!" said the knight of it.

After that they skipped along the corpse bricked road to the land of o- I mean the knights of it's base